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Celebrating 20 years of HEAL

Twenty years ago, I realised that environmental pollution is linked to ill health and serious acute and chronic diseases, like cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases. This is when I launched into my environmental health journey and founded HEAL. It became clear to me that our ways of living and the environmental pollution resulting from that impacted our health. I wanted to know more about the impacts and the extent, how much of it was preventable, and what role and power policy-making could have in it....

Promoting health and well-being in urban environments

A new EU funded research project, the Urban Burden of Disease Estimation for Policy Making (UBDPolicy), to which HEAL is a partner, aims to respond to this need by providing decision-makers with health impact assessments and socioeconomic costs and benefits analyses, for application in urban planning and design policies, including transport and environmental measures.

The myth of “clean coal”: why coal power generation is always unhealthy / “Temiz kömür” efsanesi: neden kömürden enerji üretmek her koşulda sağlıksızdır

A new HEAL analysis shows that even coal power plants using the latest filter technology would still create significant (and avoidable) health impacts and costs in Turkey. This analysis adds to the body of evidence on the health burden from coal power generation and underlines that in order to protect health, Turkey should set a coal phase out date of 2030, and shelve all coal plants remaining in the pipeline.

The long-neglected health impacts of fossil gas

While much of the public and political attention has been on coal power generation and its impacts on climate and health, the health threats from burning fossil gas have not been part of the discussion on future-proof energy production and deserve greater attention.

HEAL General Assembly 2022

For the first time since 2019, HEAL members came together in person in Brussels again, for the HEAL Annual General Assembly in October 2022. The HEAL secretariat and members spent…

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