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According to WHO, indoor and outdoor air pollution is the largest single environmental health risk, causing numerable non noncommunicable diseases, such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, stroke and lung cancer as well as increasing the risk for acute respiratory infections.

HEAL works with Global, European, national and local partners and decision-makers to decrease those preventable diseases and to protect those most vulnerable – pregnant women, children, the elderly and those already ill or poor.

Toolkit on ‘Communicating on air quality and health’

In spite of the work carried out by the EU institutions, the Member States, many…

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Citizen science investigation highlights indoor air quality dimension in air quality and climate efforts

Brussels, 19 June 2019 - Air quality inside and outside of primary schools across Europe…

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Citizen science monitoring of air quality in and around Madrid schools confirms the need to cut air pollution from transport

Brussels/Madrid, 18 June 2019 - The quality of air inside and outside primary schools in…

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Children at risk of day-long exposure to polluted air inside and outside London classrooms

The air quality inside - as well as outside - primary schools across Europe must be improved to protect children’s health and ensure optimal learning, finds a new Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL) study entitled “Healthy Air, Healthier Children”.
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Health and Environment Alliance zu Gesundheitsauswirkungen von Luftverschmutzung

Die Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) vertritt 70 Mitgliedsorganisationen auf internationaler, europäischer, nationaler und lokaler…

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