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Prescription for a healthy energy future

HEAL’s campaign Prescription for a Healthy Energy Future for Europe shines a light on the health benefits the transformation of the energy sector will bring, and bring to the forefront…


Time to action European promises on endocrine disruptors

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has committed to address endocrine disruptors as part of “a cross-cutting strategy to protect citizens’ health from environmental degradation and pollution” to reach “a zero-pollution ambition”. If Europe is serious about delivering on its promises and regulating based on science, then the current evaluation of the EDC framework is a real opportunity for health, environment and our economy, writes Natacha Cingotti in the ECHA Guest Corner.

How endocrine disrupting chemicals affect women’s reproductive health: new factsheet and infographic by the FREIA project

It is beyond a doubt that endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) impact the health of humans and the environment globally. Surprisingly, we still don’t know exactly how EDCs can harm female reproductive health. The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) has teamed up with the FREIA project to launch a factsheet and infographic - available in English, Dutch and French - to introduce this research project and to illustrate how EDCs affect women’s health.

European governments united in addressing the air pollution health emergency

Following the European Commission’s Conclusions on the Fitness Check of the Ambient Air Quality Directive from November 2019 (3), European Environment Ministers today adopted joint conclusions (4) where they “welcome the Commission's intention to propose a revision of air quality standards, and look forward to discussions on such proposals, including on a possible closer alignment of the EU air quality standards with the WHO air quality guidelines”. 

International scientists sound alarm bell over harmful chemicals coming in contact with our food

An international group of 33 world-renowned scientists published today a peer-reviewed consensus statement on the impact of food contact chemicals on human health and recommended improvements of the assessment of chemicals in a health-protective way. Civil society groups from Europe, the U.S. and Asia have issued a declaration of concern in response to this consensus statement, calling on regulators to upgrade regulatory frameworks in order to protect public health while ensuring a transition away from single-use towards safe and reusable food packaging..
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