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We work on targeted campaigns, often together with our members or other partners and with a focus on one or more of our key issues.

Act with us – more info on current and past campaigns below.

Ten ways to protect our health and the environment
Act for a healthy planet for healthy people.
EU elections 2024 – #UseYourVote
#UseYourVote during the 2024 European elections to demand a healthy planet for healthy people.
Clean Air for Health
HEAL works for good air quality that does not harm health, and to protect those that are particularly vulnerable.
How PFAS pollution affects people’s health across Europe
A campaign to shed light on the real-life consequences of PFAS pollution.
Key demands for a health-focused reform of REACH
The European Commission has announced an overhaul of REACH, the legislation that regulates harmful chemicals in the EU. But dangerous substances are slipping through the cracks.
EDC-Free Europe campaign
EDC-Free Europe is a coalition of more than 70 public interest groups who share a concern about EDCs and their impact on our health and environment.
A pesticide-free EU: an opportunity to protect health
Synthetic pesticides are harmful by design. To protect people’s health, it is crucial that the EU increases efforts for pesticide reduction. 
Glyphosate: why the EU needs to ban the popular weedkiller to protect health
The use of the popular pesticide glyphosate must be banned globally in order to protect human and environmental health.
The ABC for reforming the CLP Regulation
The CLP Regulation sets out how the EU classifies and communicates about the hazardous properties of chemical substances and mixtures.  But not all health hazards are currently covered. More…
Chronic Coal Pollution
Coal power generation is a chronic pollution for the environment, the climate and people’s health. HEAL focuses advocacy, knowledge sharing and engagement across the European region, and especially on the Western Balkans and Turkey. More...
Chemicals in food contact materials are putting our health at risk
Chemicals in food contact materials are putting our health at risk. More…
Turning the plastic tide: the chemicals in plastic that put our health at risk
The production, use and recycling of plastics are not only the source of significant pollution of our environment, but they also have consequences for our health. More…
Prescription for a healthy energy future
The climate emergency is the greatest threat to public health of the 21st century.
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