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In only a couple of years, public and decision-makers’ attention has increased on the health burden from environmental, climate threats and the opportunities for disease prevention through protective policies.

HEAL started to be active in Turkey in 2015, responding to the interest from members of the Turkish health sector on the science and communication opportunities on the impact of coal power generation on health.

The health evidence brought forward by HEAL with support from Turkish health sector experts, contributed to a shift in public and policy perception: whereas in 2015 Turkey was set to double its coal power capacity, many new projects have now been shelved, and the policy attention is on phasing out existing coal plants as part of a climate commitment. 

HEAL’s reports included: the Unpaid Health Bill – How coal power plants make us sick (2015), Hidden Price Tags : how ending fossil fuel subsidies would benefit our health (2017), Chronic Coal Pollution – The health burden caused by coal power in Turkey and how to stop the coal addiction (2021) and Curing chronic coal – The health benefits of a 2030 coal phase-out in Turkey (2022)

All of these reports brought forward new data and knowledge on the health impact of fossil fuel in Turkey. The latest data (as of November 2023)  on the number of premature deaths and the health costs of coal power plants in Turkey are available here.

In addition to these reports, HEAL published several briefings on Fossil fuel subsidies and health (2016), Lignite coal – health effects and recommendations from the health sector (2018) and the Health impact assessment Turkey (2020).

As part of capacity building with Turkish health actors, two toolkits were also developed: Coal power generation and health in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey and Coal power generation and health in three regions of Turkey: Canakkale, İzmir, and Terkirdag (2018). Bringing together evidence on the health and environmental situation in these cities, these toolkits provide information on energy policies and air pollution in Turkey. They also help to communicate on the health and environmental issues created by coal power plants in Turkey.

HEAL was also involved in various projects which included the publication of more briefings and webinars.


More information about HEAL Turkey’s work here.

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