The Integrating Environment & Health Research project (HERA), funded by the EU.

The project aims to set the priorities for an environment, climate and health research agenda in the EU.

HEAL is a project partner, bringing in expertise on EU advocacy, research as well as communication and dissemination.

The project involves 24 partners from 15 European countries who are working to prepare the Health and Environment Research Agenda 2020-2030. Countries with participating partners are Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Greece, UK, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Poland, Belgium and Portugal.

Project objectives:

  • Establish a solid, cohesive and extensive stakeholders community in Europe,
  • Identify the research and policy needs, gaps and priorities on environment and health that will be feasible, economically viable and relevant for the European population,
  • Develop guidelines for evaluating environmental influences on health and their socio-economic impact for further use,
  • Create the European Health and Environment Research Agenda 2020-2030 that will encourage development of targeted transdisciplinary research on the basis of research gaps for major environmental exposures of humans and ecosystems and major drivers of changes in environmental exposures and policy needs integrating environment, ecosystem quality and health research.

Resources from the HERA project: 

  • The final version of the EU Research Agenda, developed by the HERA project consortium over the last two years, are now available here. It is a result of extensive reviews of current knowledge, policies and activities performed in the environment, health and climate change nexus in the EU.