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Joint letter to German environment minister calling for more ambition on clean air

The German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer), the German Climate and Health Alliance (Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit (KLUG)) and HEAL have sent a letter to German environment minister Steffi Lemke regarding the revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directive (AAQD). The organisations call on the minister to improve the European Commission's proposal, by upping the ambition of the legislation...

Celebrating 20 years of HEAL

Twenty years ago, I realised that environmental pollution is linked to ill health and serious acute and chronic diseases, like cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases. This is when I launched into my environmental health journey and founded HEAL. It became clear to me that our ways of living and the environmental pollution resulting from that impacted our health. I wanted to know more about the impacts and the extent, how much of it was preventable, and what role and power policy-making could have in it....

Press note: Good and bad news for health as the ENVI Committee votes on pesticides

The European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), voted on the draft proposal for a Sustainable use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR) and the non-binding objection to the renewal of the widely used pesticide glyphosate. While the objection for non-renewal of glyphosate failed, the SUR was adopted, but in order to truly protect health more ambition is needed. 

Key demands for a health-focused reform of REACH

The REACH legislation sets out how the European Union registers, evaluates, authorises and restricts chemicals. The sorely needed overhaul of this juggernaut of EU chemicals legislation is an opportunity to strengthen its effectiveness in protecting our health and the environment through better and earlier identification of hazardous chemicals.

Webinar: Reducing the urban burden of disease: from science to policy action

On #WorldCitiesDay 2023, join the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) for a special webinar on the latest evidence on how people’s health in cities is affected by air pollution, noise, lack of green space, climate change, and inequalities, and how policy makers can respond to these health threats.

Press Note: European Parliament votes to protect health with the reform of the CLP legislation

A majority of members of the European Parliament supported the report proposed by the ENVI committee on the revision of the legislation on the classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances (CLP). The reform of CLP is crucial to improve the protection of workers and citizens through more effective hazard identification, labelling and packaging of chemicals in industrial and commercial use.

Press release – Victory for health: European General Court upholds ban for chlorpyrifos-methyl

Today the General Court of the European Court of Justice ruled that the 2019 EU-wide ban of the organophosphate pesticide chlorpyrifos-methyl remains in force. This follows a legal case against the European Commission by Ascenza Agro and Industries Afrasa, manufacturers of the pesticide, which challenged the quality and the legality of the scientific assessment that led to the ban.
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