UBDPolicy: the urban burden of disease estimation for policy making

This EU-funded project is aimed at estimating the health and socioeconomic costs and benefits of air quality, noise, lack of urban green spaces, heat and temperature, physical activity, inequity for nearly 1,000 European cities in the EU. The project will monitor 3-year trends and impacts of urban planning, transport planning and environmental policies.

UBDPolicy brings together a team of experts and practitioners in urban transport planning, environment and public health, economics, retail and business, education sector, policy analysis, knowledge translation and will involve citizens and NGOs.

HEAL is a project partner and leads the work package on stakeholder consultation and knowledge translation, which entails consultations with different groups of actors, to exchange knowledge across cities and stakeholders,  good practices, policy briefs and infographics for greater science-policy impact.

The consortium consists of six partners from six European countries.

UBDPolicy is also part of the METEOR cluster of EU funded research projects, on Methods for assessing helath related costs of environmental stressors, aiming to share information, create synergies and develop joint products and activities.

Project objectives:

  • Improve the estimation of health and well-being impacts and socio-economic costs and/or benefits of major urban environmental stressors.
  • Advance methodological approaches of health impact assessment and well-being indicators
  • Provide good practices for urban areas to help strengthen evidence-based policy making at city, national and EU level.
  • Effectively contribute to the development of new and existing urban planning, transport planning and environmental policies, plans and initiatives.