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Health benefits of a Green Deal approach in Turkey

A new briefing by HEAL (in English and in Turkish), as part of the EU funded CISIP project, underlines the many health benefits that could be gained if Turkish decision-makers implemented stronger Green Deal action. Turkey’s Green Deal Action Plan, launched in 2021, sets 32 objectives and 81 actions, including on a Green and Circular Economy, secure energy supply and sustainable agriculture. However, contrary to the EU Green Deal which was adopted in 2019, the Turkish plan doesn’t set any tangible targets or deadlines.

The myth of “clean coal”: why coal power generation is always unhealthy / “Temiz kömür” efsanesi: neden kömürden enerji üretmek her koşulda sağlıksızdır

A new HEAL analysis shows that even coal power plants using the latest filter technology would still create significant (and avoidable) health impacts and costs in Turkey. This analysis adds to the body of evidence on the health burden from coal power generation and underlines that in order to protect health, Turkey should set a coal phase out date of 2030, and shelve all coal plants remaining in the pipeline.

HEAL-CPES – Follow-up comments to CARACAL 48 discussion on ECHA regulatory strategy for flame retardants

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and its member organisation the Cancer Prevention and Education Society (CPES) comment on ECHA's Regulatory strategy for flame retardants, and the European Commission CARACAL 48 discussion on the topic. The restriction roadmap released last year includes an important commitment to consider a comprehensive restriction on all flame retardants.
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