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All the latest news from HEAL on its various policy work.

The following is a chronological list starting with the most recent – you can also explore a specific subject area by using the search field.

Date Title
26/05/2016 HEAL in Poland: Scientific conference on economic costs of air pollution
26/05/2016 HEAL in Turkey: Break free from fossil fuels
26/05/2016 Book launch: Why women will save the planet
26/05/2016 Health impacts of glyphosate highlighted at EU Parliament workshop
26/05/2016 World Health Assembly weighs in on air quality, chemicals and sustainable development goals
20/05/2016 Endocrine disrupters: the secret history of a scandal
22/04/2016 Endocrine Society 2016 awards recognise outstanding scientists
21/04/2016 HEAL in Poland on air quality and renewable energy sources
21/04/2016 German doctors calling for divestment from fossil fuels
17/03/2016 Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution in the UK
17/03/2016 Info-graphics: Coal pollution and health
23/02/2016 HEAL in Poland: Meeting with EU Environment Commissioner Vella
23/02/2016 Germany consults on climate ambition and measures for 2050
23/02/2016 Germany: Conference on soot and other climate-related pollutants
23/02/2016 Chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) classified as toxic
23/02/2016 Dutch consumer program highlights work of HEAL, WEMOS and WECF
23/02/2016 Paris International Environmental Film Festival 2016
27/01/2016 HEAL submission on BPA Roadmap and food packing
27/01/2016 Healthy Energy Initiative appears in peer reviewed journal
27/01/2016 Construction permit for Polish power plant revoked
27/01/2016 HEAL in Poland starts media year off well by talking about health and air quality
27/01/2016 Sustainable Development Goals – 17 environmental health opportunities for Europe
27/01/2016 What does the Dutch EU Council Presidency mean for environment and health?
26/01/2016 EU Environment Ministers water down draft NEC law
19/01/2016 Get involved! Pesticide Action Week 2016
17/12/2015 Successful webinar on smog in Poland
17/12/2015 EU takes Poland to court over air quality
17/12/2015 Turkey: Promoting integration of health evidence in energy decisions
17/12/2015 COP21: Tackling climate change means boosting health
16/12/2015 Commission breached EU law by delaying criteria on EDCs
15/12/2015 Europeans continue to call to ban glyphosate
24/11/2015 Call for Action on climate delivered to German Health Minister Groehe
23/11/2015 HEAL’s Annual General Assembly discusses current policy challenges
23/11/2015 HEAL welcomes EP Committee vote on DEHP
23/11/2015 Plans to build new Polish Leczna coal plant abandoned
16/11/2015 Webinar on mercury and health in the Balkans
13/11/2015 Health groups call to end fossil fuel subsidies
21/10/2015 HEAL promotes Lancet Commission’s findings on health and climate change in Germany
20/10/2015 New materials on the health threats from coal power generation
16/10/2015 Turkey: Increased engagement for cleaner air ahead of Istanbul G20 Summit
16/10/2015 First-ever anti-smog bill in Poland signed by President
16/10/2015 Roundtable discussion with EU Health Commissioner
16/10/2015 HEAL at fourth International Conference on Chemicals Management
29/09/2015 HEAL invites signatures to German Call for Action on climate and health
22/09/2015 Générations Futures EXPPERT Survey 5: Pesticides that are banned or suspected to be EDCs are found in green salads
17/09/2015 Endocrine Society awards for outstanding public service announced
17/09/2015 What future for European biomonitoring?
17/09/2015 Victory for farmer Paul Francois in lawsuit against Monsanto
17/09/2015 HEAL supports appeal for a ban of highly hazardous pesticides
17/09/2015 Impacts of coal on health in Serbia highlighted
17/09/2015 Turkey: Using health evidence in coal lawsuit
17/09/2015 Raising awareness on air pollution through Spirometry testing
17/09/2015 EUPHA Workshop on coal and health with public health specialists
03/09/2015 Collaboration launched with German scientific journal on climate, energy and health
27/07/2015 HEAL, GHUP und BÄK veröffentlichen Fortbildungsmodul zur Energiewende
13/07/2015 EDCs and Future Generations: Time for the EU to Take Action
13/07/2015 Nature Alert: Nature, Health and well-being
13/07/2015 EU Commission Vice President talks health in climate meetings
13/07/2015 HEAL advocates for prevention of health impacts of hazardous chemicals
13/07/2015 Two more chemicals added to the REACH high concern list
13/07/2015 EFA: Allergy and asthma patients need clean air in Europe
13/07/2015 HEAL highlights health impacts of air pollution on Polish breakfast TV
13/07/2015 HEAL supports ‘More than Energy’ initiative in Poland
12/06/2015 New HEAL Webinar series: COP21 – Perspectives on how climate action can benefit health
11/06/2015 HEAL in Poland calls on Ministry of Environment for stronger support of NEC Directive
11/06/2015 EU Conference on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
09/06/2015 Civil society groups warn of TTIP risk on EDCs
09/06/2015 Strong support for Paul Francois facing Monsanto
09/06/2015 HEAL participates in Paris events on climate and health
09/06/2015 Poland: Submission to consultations on national air programme and public health bill
26/05/2015 World Health Assembly tackles air pollution for better health
07/05/2015 Breath of fresh air: World Health Organization Assembly tackles air pollution
07/05/2015 Opposing TTIP to safeguard democracy, protect people’s health and the environment
07/05/2015 Air pollution costs European economies US$ 1.6 trillion a year in diseases and deaths
07/05/2015 More science on DEHP’s negative health effects, while Commission considers its authorisation
07/05/2015 Madrid Statement on Fluorinated Chemicals
07/05/2015 Pesticide Free Towns
07/05/2015 HEAL on the road to COP21
07/05/2015 Citizens call for end of coal as support for Germany’s climate plans grows
07/05/2015 HEAL submits to Polish government health and air quality consultations
30/04/2015 Midterm review of environment and health progress in the European Region
09/04/2015 Fifth symposium of Paris Appeal to focus on chemicals and EMF
09/04/2015 ECHA EDCs group considers first phthalate
09/04/2015 HEAL participates in EU Commission meeting on EDCs
09/04/2015 Disclose fracking chemicals, EU tells firms
09/04/2015 WHO study concludes that glyphosate may cause cancer
09/04/2015 Voices of victims of Pesticides website launched
09/04/2015 Germany’s new energy instrument would mean better health
09/04/2015 UK faces European court over coal plant emissions
09/04/2015 New report on benefits of more ambitious climate action include health and jobs
09/04/2015 Poland: future Czeczott coal plant on hold
09/04/2015 HEAL on Polish Radio programme
09/04/2015 Health impacts of residential heating with wood and coal
12/03/2015 Munich workshop for health and patient groups on EDCs
12/03/2015 Event: Spain health costs associated with exposure to EDCs
11/03/2015 European environment – state and outlook report 2015 – evidence and trends to guide policy action
11/03/2015 Kolkata Call to Action: World’s public health leaders advocate for an end to coal
11/03/2015 Geneva climate talks end with draft global agreement
11/03/2015 His Royal Highness speaks out on the health benefits of climate action
11/03/2015 Pollen is in the air
11/03/2015 Air Protection as a priority for Polish Ministry of Environment in 2015
11/03/2015 Improving indoor air quality in EU schools
09/03/2015 Polish air quality programme launched
19/02/2015 New research shows maldevelopment of baby boys’ genitals linked to DEHP exposure
12/02/2015 TTIP trade talks continue – regulatory cooperation hot public health issue
12/02/2015 HEAL in Poland at 25th meeting of Polish European Respiratory Society
12/02/2015 Health impacts of air pollution breakfast meeting
12/02/2015 HEAL in Poland highlights air quality problems on Polish TV
12/02/2015 EU negotiations continue for air quality improvements
12/02/2015 Scotland agrees moratorium on fracking, UK steams ahead
12/02/2015 EFSA’s conclusions on BPA
12/02/2015 EU Council joints EDC court case
12/02/2015 Top policy makers support curbing EDC exposure to prevent cancer
12/02/2015 Over 20,000 individuals say ‘NO’ to hormone disrupting chemicals
12/02/2015 WHO Environmental Health Economics Network
12/02/2015 FIFE film festival screens Endocrination and Zone Blanche
09/02/2015 Come and meet HEAL at the Paris International festival of environmental films (FIFE), 2015
03/02/2015 World Cancer Day 2015 in Malta : Environmental Policy to Prevent Cancer-Causing Pollution
13/01/2015 HEAL to EU Commission: protect public health - use scientific rigor to identify EDCs
18/12/2014 Medical community discuss health and coal in Serbia
18/12/2014 Pesticide Action Week 2015
17/12/2014 International Chemicals talks highlight health sector involvement, EDCs and milestones to achieving 2020 goal
17/12/2014 Launch of HEAL in Poland website
25/11/2014 Join HEAL for the next International Festival of Environmental Films (FIFE) 2015
14/11/2014 A New Impetus for Europe: Actions and Priorities for the new EU Commission
14/11/2014 “Getting Ready for Baby campaign” launched
14/11/2014 Environmental Stressors in Disease and Implications for Human Health
14/11/2014 Conference on hormone associated cancers and EDCs in French Senate
14/11/2014 Several Member States urge EU action on EDCS
14/11/2014 Climate and Health Summit 2014
14/11/2014 2030 climate targets should be increased for health protection
14/11/2014 Better health and air quality event in Poland
14/11/2014 HEAL presents health evidence in the Polish Parliament
14/11/2014 Governments urged to speed up ratification process of Minamata Convention
21/10/2014 Green Climate Fund should exclude financing of fossil fuels
21/10/2014 HEAL AGA votes in Executive Committee and welcomes new member organisations
21/10/2014 37th Meeting of European Chemicals Agency Member State Committee
21/10/2014 German medical association debates health in energy transition
21/10/2014 Open letter to UN Secretary General on fracking
21/10/2014 HEAL in Poland in debate on health consequences of a coal-based economy
08/10/2014 Grave concerns on the future of environmental health in Juncker’s new Commission
29/09/2014 HEAL at UN Climate Summit
29/09/2014 Public consultation on EDC criteria
25/09/2014 Environmental protection important for vast majority of Europeans
25/09/2014 Threshold of Toxicological Concern – EFSA meets stakeholders
25/09/2014 HEAL participates in World Spirometry day
25/09/2014 EU consults on new mercury controls
23/09/2014 Positive messages are vital - but not enough
11/09/2014 Green 10 open letter: New Commission sidelining environment
02/09/2014 Want to know more about the air we breathe?
01/09/2014 Civil Society Call To Action at WHO Health and Climate Summit
24/07/2014 New European Parliament and EU Commission
24/07/2014 WHO European Environment and Health Ministerial Board
24/07/2014 Call to exclude chemicals in TTIP
24/07/2014 Chemicals, air top of UN environment agenda
24/07/2014 First German-speaking webinar on chronic diseases and EDCs
24/07/2014 New documentary film on EU EDCs policy: ‘Endoc(t)rinement’
24/07/2014 Joint letter to Japanese coal power plant investor in Poland
24/07/2014 Public discussions on Polish coal power plants
24/07/2014 French guidelines on air pollution health messages
24/07/2014 HEAL in Poland hosts webinar on domestic coal combustion
24/07/2014 HEAL at Environment and Public Health conference in Romania
26/06/2014 Fracking: a serious but still underestimated threat to public health
26/06/2014 Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly closes after passing multiple resolutions
26/06/2014 Third WHO Environmental Health Economics Network
26/06/2014 EU Commission publishes roadmap for EDCs criteria options
26/06/2014 France put EDCs on agenda of Environment Council
26/06/2014 How TTIP could harm our health
26/06/2014 Round Table discussion on EDCs and public health
26/06/2014 Poland: HEAL co-organises air quality meeting in Zakopane
26/06/2014 Health cost of planned coal power plant in Poland
26/06/2014 Likely health effects of planned coal power plant in Stade
26/06/2014 Announcement of closure of Austrian coal plant
26/06/2014 Environment Council discusses the EU clean air package
26/06/2014 Joint Task Force on health aspects of air pollution
26/06/2014 WHO on air pollution in global cities
26/06/2014 New Brochure on domestic coal combustion in Poland
18/06/2014 Health costs in the EU - How much is related to EDCs?
17/06/2014 Statement in Response to Events in Pungeşti, Romania on the Evening of June 11, 2014
14/05/2014 In the spotlight: Elections to the European Parliament 22 – 25 May
14/05/2014 Proposed plans for US/EU trade deal would weaken health, consumer, worker, environmental protections
14/05/2014 HEAL launches social media tools in Poland
14/05/2014 France launches EDC strategy with a clear message for Europe
14/05/2014 HEAL at event in Poland on environmental pollution and health effects
14/05/2014 Health costs of the planned Czeczott power plant in Poland
14/05/2014 Génon K. Jensen receives award for advocacy on air quality
14/05/2014 Analysis: will the EU air package deliver?
14/05/2014 New IPEN Mercury Guide
09/05/2014 Health costs of coal power generation in Austria
11/04/2014 HEAL participates on CHE call “Endocrine Disruption: Widening the Scope”
11/04/2014 Congratulations to the winners of the Jean and Leslie Douglas “Pearl Award” for "providing a sustainable earth for future generations.’’
11/04/2014 How TTIP could harm our health by affecting chemicals regulation
11/04/2014 BPA is toxic to reproduction says European Chemicals Agency
11/04/2014 Pesticide Action Week proves another great success
11/04/2014 EU must lead on climate action says Ban Ki-moon
11/04/2014 HEAL and EEB request EU Commission to review Polish pollution exemptions
11/04/2014 Poland: policy changes needed to improve air quality
11/04/2014 HEAL presents views at Clean Air for Europe hearing
11/04/2014 One in eight deaths are due to air pollution, says WHO
06/03/2014 Mid-term review of WHO Environment and Health process, November 2014
06/03/2014 EU Summit on chronic diseases
06/03/2014 Health at Paris’ environmental film festival
06/03/2014 Global Health and Justice in a changing environment
06/03/2014 Call for action on EDCs by the European Parliament and member states
06/03/2014 Time to act: protecting children from hormone disrupting chemicals
06/03/2014 First EDC Expert group meeting, Helsinki
06/03/2014 First time screening of ‘La Mort est dans le Pré’ in Brussels
06/03/2014 Joint contribution to Energy Community Treaty revision consultation
06/03/2014 The return of coal: German TV documentary
06/03/2014 New coal power units in Opole, Poland raise health concerns
06/03/2014 EU Commission launches legal action over UK air quality
06/02/2014 Better training for health care professionals in environmental and health medicine
06/02/2014 Global NGOs welcome WHO support for new Mercury Convention
06/02/2014 Open door for increased pollution from industrial plants
06/02/2014 New French law will ban non-agricultural use of pesticides from 2020
06/02/2014 Law case on access to information on environmental pesticide-testing
06/02/2014 Save the date! Pesticide Action Week 20 – 30 March
06/02/2014 Delays continue of EU EDC Strategy
06/02/2014 Disappointment at lack of EU legislative action on shale gas
06/02/2014 Children and EDCs: Génon K. Jensen to speak at Brussels conference
22/01/2014 HEAL reacts to Commission’s proposal on 2030 EU climate and energy policy
20/01/2014 31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE)
17/12/2013 Breakfast briefing on lung health in Europe
17/12/2013 Lancet research - Air pollution kills, even at guideline levels
17/12/2013 Polish study underlines need for reduced air pollution to protect children’s health
17/12/2013 HEAL’s Unpaid Health Bill launched in Romania
17/12/2013 Environmental revolution initiated by health study in Bosnia and Herzegovina
17/12/2013 External health cost of coal power plants presented at conference in Lubin, Poland
17/12/2013 UK parliament urged to recognise health costs of coal
17/12/2013 PAN Europe at joint symposium – ‘Yes we can feed Europe using less pesticides’
17/12/2013 French agricultural engineering students learn about HEAL’s work
17/12/2013 NGO platform: Time for EU to act on endocrine disruptors
17/12/2013 HEAL engages with German science journalists at annual forum
17/12/2013 WHO third meeting of the European Environment and Health Task Force (EHTF)
16/12/2013 A healthy environment for a good quality of life - Green 10 EP Manifesto
27/11/2013 Zero Mercury Working Group welcomes new Mercury Convention, calls for its speedy ratification
27/11/2013 IARC says air pollution causes cancer
27/11/2013 ESCAPE shows air pollution linked to low birth weight
27/11/2013 HEAL ‘meets and greets’ EFA members at workshop on air quality
27/11/2013 HEAL speaks to Parliamentarians about health impacts of climate change
27/11/2013 Cough4coal – HEAL’s work inspires creative action in Berlin and Warsaw
27/11/2013 HEAL promotes health benefits at COP19
27/11/2013 Health and medical organisations convene successful Climate and Health Summit in Warsaw
27/11/2013 Join HEAL in wishing TEDX a happy 10th anniversary
27/11/2013 Workshop on Thresholds of Toxicological Concern (TTC) and chemicals in food contact materials
27/11/2013 Collaboration with GAHP at EP event on the global health footprint of development
27/11/2013 CHE Cafe call: Chemical Brain Drain: A Conversation with Philippe Grandjean
27/11/2013 First-ever textbook on children’s environmental health
27/11/2013 Symposium of the environmental health economics network
25/10/2013 31st International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE)
23/10/2013 Join us at the second Climate and Health Summit in Warsaw
09/10/2013 HEAL celebrates its 10th anniversary
09/10/2013 TEDX List of Potential Endocrine Disruptors
08/10/2013 Delay in key EU policies on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
07/10/2013 Living close to heavy traffic strongly linked to heart disease deaths
07/10/2013 New evidence on air pollution and lung cancer
07/10/2013 What’s disrupting you? Take Action now for an EDC-Free future
07/10/2013 HEAL meets public health stakeholders and civil society in Poland
07/10/2013 Fracking: ENVI committee backs better assessment of risks
07/10/2013 HEAL responds to EU consultation on 2030 climate and energy package
07/10/2013 Book review: ‘Only one chance’, by Professor Philippe Grandjean
07/10/2013 NGOs and academics call for RoHS methodology manual overhaul
07/10/2013 HEAL’s environmental health champions launched
07/10/2013 Potočnik outlines his health priorities to HEAL
30/07/2013 What’s disrupting you? Take Action now to let governments know you want an EDC Free Future
23/07/2013 HEAL the first health champion to demand: End the age of coal
23/07/2013 Triple wins for climate, air quality and health highlighted at EU Green Week
23/07/2013 New toolkit on health costs of climate adaptation and report on preventing health effects of flooding
23/07/2013 HEAL at EU Sustainable Energy week
23/07/2013 The seed for a Global Power Shift in Istanbul
23/07/2013 Glyphosate found in our bodies across Europe
23/07/2013 What’s in your strawberries?
23/07/2013 Member states show little effort for cutting pesticide use for better health
23/07/2013 Collegium Ramazzini position on EDCs and chemicals safety policy in the EU
23/07/2013 HEAL participates in committee deciding on six harmful chemicals including EDCs
23/07/2013 Network on environmental health economics launched
23/07/2013 Opportunities for health prevention through Croatia’s EU membership
23/07/2013 Better health through a healthier environment – celebrating 10 years of HEAL
07/06/2013 Chemicals in children’s food
07/06/2013 Global ban of flame retardant HBCD
07/06/2013 Global call to take action on chemicals in consumer products and pesticides
07/06/2013 Road traffic noise increases risk of diabetes
07/06/2013 HEAL participates at the 18th International Conference on Environmental Health in Children
07/06/2013 EEA report outlines environmental risks for people’s health
03/06/2013 Jaki wpływ na nasze zdrowie mają elektrownie węglowe?
31/05/2013 EU air quality measures: what should we aim for?
14/05/2013 Health risks from climate change highlighted in joint letter to the WHO
10/05/2013 Mercury exposure linked to diabetes risk
10/05/2013 Stakeholders back tighter air pollution controls
10/05/2013 Study estimates health impact of coal-fired power plants in India
10/05/2013 Changing your behaviour can help reduce climate emissions
10/05/2013 Leading scientist on EDCs speaks on “winning back” public health
10/05/2013 Why human biomonitoring is important for public health and policy-makers
10/05/2013 Winner of HEAL’s health and environment film prize recognised at international film festivals
10/05/2013 Late Lessons from Early Warnings: A retrospective look at learning about precaution
10/05/2013 European Environment and Health Ministers agree to accelerate Europe’s work to minimise environmental health hazards
10/05/2013 HEAL welcomes MEP vote for better health protection in the 7th EAP
24/04/2013 Wie schädigen Kohlekraftwerke unsere Gesundheit?
12/04/2013 Protecting health, improving well-being in the 7th EAP
12/04/2013 Watch the video to celebrate Pesticides Action Week 2013
11/04/2013 Global Mercury treaty to be signed in October
11/04/2013 Late Lessons from Early Warnings: A retrospective look at learning about precaution
11/04/2013 HEAL’s latest report kicks off coal and health campaign in Europe
11/04/2013 New WHO report reveals unequal improvements in health in Europe
11/04/2013 French committee and charter on pesticide alternatives
11/04/2013 Pesticide victims: French authorities asked to compensate farmer
11/04/2013 EDC Free campaign website launched by coalition of public interest groups
11/04/2013 EU Green Paper on 2030 framework for climate and energy policies
11/04/2013 Tctcktck interview with HEALer Julia Huscher on recent coal report
11/04/2013 Spotlight on Health and Clean Air
11/04/2013 HEAL to participate in EU Green Week: Cleaner air for all
11/04/2013 Indoor air quality: results from EU research projects
14/03/2013 Aphekom WP5 paper on health benefits of reducing urban air pollution
14/03/2013 HEALer Anne Stauffer receives a Clean Air London 2013 Award for her tireless work on air quality
14/03/2013 Air pollution increases chances of low birth-weight babies
14/03/2013 Canadian doctors urged to fight climate change
14/03/2013 ‘The Climate Bonus: Co-benefits of Climate Policy’
14/03/2013 SIN List update: more chemicals for REACH’s hazardous list, and producer information
14/03/2013 7th EAP: kick-off debate in the European Parliament
07/03/2013 The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants make us sick
19/02/2013 WHO report calls endocrine disruptors a ’’global threat’’
14/02/2013 HEAL announces entries for “Health and Environment Film Prize”
07/02/2013 EU Year of Air: strengthening EU legislation to reduce health impacts from air pollution
07/02/2013 Cutting soot mitigates climate change more than previously thought
07/02/2013 Health groups disappointment on EP noise vote
07/02/2013 New Eurobarometer: Attitudes of Europeans towards air quality
07/02/2013 Second EEA ’Late Lessons’ report draws on environmental health concerns
07/02/2013 Indoor air quality: launch of EU health-based ventilation guidelines
06/02/2013 France bans BPA in food packaging
01/02/2013 Work for HEAL
07/01/2013 Early-life prevention of non-communicable diseases
11/12/2012 HEAL’s reaction to proposal for 7th EU Environment Action Programme
11/12/2012 Quieter cars and lorries essential for improved health and more economically viable
11/12/2012 European Parliament puts Endocrine Disruptors on the agenda
11/12/2012 EU Commission announces review of pesticide chlorpyrifos
11/12/2012 Air Quality in the spotlight in 2013
11/12/2012 Breast cancer: Occupational exposure research highlights opportunities for prevention
11/12/2012 Agreement on renewal of the Kyoto Protocol at UN climate talks
11/12/2012 European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes alarming assessment of Europe’s vulnerability to climate change
11/12/2012 Exposure to traffic air pollution in early years damages lung function in children
11/12/2012 Health impacts of coal power plants in the German-Polish region Lusatia
11/12/2012 Building a pesticide free future - How to get involved in the Pesticide Action Week!
23/11/2012 A Sound Investment to Reduce Vehicle Noise
12/11/2012 Revising the EU strategy on endocrine disruptors: nearing a decisive moment
07/11/2012 UN organises screening of film on chemicals and health
09/10/2012 HEAL’s 2012 Annual General Assembly a success!
09/10/2012 Global consensus achieved on EDCs
09/10/2012 UK reports the health impacts from climate change
09/10/2012 HEAL Policy Workshop on Air Quality
09/10/2012 BMA launches flagship report on healthy transport
09/10/2012 EEA shows city population at highest risk
09/10/2012 How is indoor air quality in your school?
09/10/2012 Study on GMOs strongly suggests need for reform
09/10/2012 Tuna presents health risk in school lunches
09/10/2012 New study associates mercury exposure to attention deficit disorder
09/10/2012 Take action now!
09/10/2012 HEAL Policy Workshop on Chronic Diseases and Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs)
22/09/2012 HEAL has a new president
05/09/2012 September 2012: Time to take action
05/09/2012 Global Mercury treaty: it’s time for action on health
05/09/2012 EU debates measures for climate change adaptation
05/09/2012 Australian co-benefits report prominently mentions HEAL & HCWH Acting NOW! Report
05/09/2012 New scientific study reveals adverse effects of mixtures of pesticides
05/09/2012 Better policy uptake of scientific results
05/09/2012 Croatia: Environmental health prevention opportunities through EU accession
05/09/2012 Listen to your doctor: setting strict vehicle noise standards for better health
31/08/2012 Policy Workshop: EU Year of Air – how can we reduce air pollution to improve health?
30/08/2012 Policy Workshop on Chronic Diseases and Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs)
16/07/2012 European Environment Agency reviews endocrine disruptors’ impacts
09/07/2012 July 2012: The time is now to take action
09/07/2012 EU Commission off their game
09/07/2012 Health conclusions from ‘The Future We Want’ Rio+20 outcome document
09/07/2012 Health impacts from coal power plants in Europe
09/07/2012 Public Health Financing on EU agenda
09/07/2012 Special WHO meeting on the implementation of children’s environmental health commitments
09/07/2012 Health and Environment Priorities of the Cypriotic EU Presidency
09/07/2012 EU high level conference on EDCs – the tipping point?
20/06/2012 Scientists emphasize chemical and nutritional origins of common diseases
20/06/2012 Videos of presentations, workshops and testimonies of pesticides and health conference
20/06/2012 CHE: “Healthy Environments Across Generations” – the first ‘unconference’ for promoting health across the lifespan
20/06/2012 WHO conference on climate change and health: Lessons learnt in the European Region
20/06/2012 Preventing cancer incidence starts with a strong chemicals policy
20/06/2012 Rio+20: Reinforcing the link between environment & health
20/06/2012 A toxics-free future!
20/06/2012 Child Safety Report Cards: How much progress?
20/06/2012 A joint declaration on reducing vehicle noise
10/05/2012 7th EAP: Will environment ministers deliver on E&H protection?
10/05/2012 Health impacts from noise on the EU agenda
10/05/2012 Science and policy: Bridging the gap
10/05/2012 Danish presidency event on health and climate
13/04/2012 US expert warns on feminisation of boys
06/04/2012 Putting health at the centre of the EU Environment Action Programme
06/04/2012 Have your say in the consultation on chronic diseases
06/04/2012 Act now or face costly consequences, warns OECD
06/04/2012 Spotlight on noise and health
06/04/2012 EU consults on tackling chronic diseases
06/04/2012 Countdown to Rio+20
06/04/2012 HEAL speaks at French Senate on pesticides and health