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Stepping up Dutch climate action for a healthy future for our children

  • 19th December 2019
The swift closing of the 3 additional coal power plants would not only deliver the missing 9 Mt of emission cuts the Netherlands still needs to additionally reduce for the year 2020, they would also deliver very tangible and immediate benefits to health, by reducing health costs of up to 263,273 Euros, and preventing over 25,000 lost working days due to illness annually.  Nearly 1,500 asthma attacks by children would also be prevented. The government has been appealing the Urgenda verdict for 4 years - it should recognise that accepting and executing it will be a blessing. For this week, I am looking to our Parliament and our government to reconfirm a commitment to a swift and urgent coal phase out before 2030 and the pathway to it - for decisive climate and clean air action, and the substantial benefit for our children in the short and long term.

Billige Kohle kommt der Gesundheit teuer zu stehen

  • 28th December 2018
Dass Kohle schlecht fürs Klima ist, wissen die meisten. Weniger bekannt sind die Gesundheitsbelastungen durch die Kohleverstromung. Ein neues Briefing der Health and Environment Alliance beleuchtet die gesundheitlichen Folgen der Braunkohlenutzung und plädiert für einen schnellen Ausstieg.

Revamping buildings improves the climate, public health and social equality

  • 17th October 2018
If we combine the current quest for energy efficient buildings with an equal quest for better health and more equal societies, we have the chance to limit global warming to 1.5°C. That also means alleviating poverty, improving energy security and creating not only greener but healthier, more equal and enjoyable cities with fewer respiratory and heart diseases, better mental health and happier citizens.