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To raise awareness about the presence of hazardous substances in food contact materials and why we need more protective regulations to address them, HEAL has teamed up with Zero Waste Europe and CHEM Trust to launch a new website on toxic-free food packaging:

Have you ever wondered whether harmful chemicals are present in the plastic wrappers around the vegetables and cheese you buy in your local supermarket? In Europe alone, some 8,000 chemicals can be used in food packaging and other food contact materials. Not all of them have been comprehensively tested for toxicity.

Current legislation is outdated and does not sufficiently protect the health of people or the environment. In fact, most materials used for food packaging are not covered by existing EU laws. At the EU level, only a handful of materials – such as plastics and ceramics – are actually regulated. Other materials such as paper, cardboard, inks, coatings and adhesives, are not covered by specific EU regulation. This creates a system of varying national rules and g levels of protection from harmful substances depending on where you live.

The Toxic-Free Food Packaging website offers a hub for information and resources about harmful chemicals in food contact materials as well as updates about the upcoming revision of EU legislation on food contact materials.

Visit the website today to learn how you can take action to call for toxic-free food packaging!


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