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Results from a new survey published by the Belgian Independent Health Insurance Funds (Mutualités Libres / Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen) reveal nearly half of Belgian citizens have little knowledge of what endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are and how they can impact our health, despite having daily habits like heating up food in plastic containers that could increase their exposure to these harmful hormone disruptors.

This is why the Mutualités Libres and the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) have teamed up to bring you 10 tips on how to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals in and around your home. This infographic is available in English, French and Dutch.

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For more information about the survey, please visit our press release.

Les perturbateurs endocriniens sont une matière complexe et de nature technique. Mais ceci ne devrait pas être une raison pour considérer que cela ne nous concerne pas. De petits actes de la vie quotidienne permettent en effet de réduire l’exposition aux perturbateurs endocriniens.

The Mutualités Libres and the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) have published an easy-to-use infographic with 10 tips on how to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals in and around your home. Download in EnglishFrench or Dutch.

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De materie van de hormoonverstoorders is complex en technisch van aard. Maar dat mag geen reden zijn om het als een ver van mijn bed show te beschouwen. Want men kan wel degelijk met kleine ingrepen in het dagelijks leven de blootstelling aan hormoonverstoorders verminderen.

De Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen en de Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) hebben een handige infographic gepubliceerd met 10 tips om hormoonverstoorders in en rond je huis te vermijden. Download in EngelsFrans or Nederlands.

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The Mutualités Libres / Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen brings together four apolitical and dynamic Belgian health insurance funds. With more than two million members, Mutualités Libres is the third largest insurer in the country. Their ambition is to be a proactive and innovative healthcare player. More info at

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) is the leading not-for-profit organisation addressing how the environment affects human health in the European Union (EU) and beyond. HEAL works to shape laws and policies that promote planetary and human health and protect those most affected by pollution, and raise awareness on the benefits of environmental action for health. Find out more on

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