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HEAL supports a position paper initiated by the Green Health Advocates, which calls for greater engagement of citizens and civil society in defining the research and innovation priorities of the EU.

Engagement of civil society organisations and citizens has been suboptimal in defining research and innovation priorities in Horizon 2020 and in previous EU Research Framework Programmes. Besides the EU institutions, experts and stakeholders who are regularly consulted in the design of the research programmes are often limited to industry, researchers and academics. Very few societal actors are involved. This brief proposes a two-pronged approach to increase the engagement of European citizens. First, it proposes a number of Citizens’ Conventions and second, it proposes the creation of a Civil Society High Level Group. Both should be put in place before the European Commission releases its proposal in May 2018 in order to feed into the next EU Research Framework Programme (FP9) design process.

Download: Engaging citizens and civil society to maximise FP9 societal impact (PDF – 1.2 Mb)

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