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Find HEAL's latest press releases from all of our activity areas here, we update this page weekly.

The press releases are listed chronologically, but you can also search but subject area in the box on the right.

Date Title
19/05/2016 Reaction on postponement of glyphosate vote
04/05/2016 HEAL responds to BFR breakthrough on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
27/04/2016 MEPs Against Cancer consider relicensing glyphosate for 10 years "inappropriate" and “unacceptable”
25/04/2016 A new campaign to protect EU chemical laws
31/03/2016 Two-thirds of food-can linings contain BPA
24/03/2016 Women’s reproductive problems from hormone disrupting chemicals costs Europe 1.4 billion Euros per year
18/03/2016 Coal’s unpaid health bill in Serbia estimated at €4 billion a year
15/03/2016 €8.5 billion in health costs from Balkan coal plants prompt call for EU policy rethink
15/03/2016 Coal’s unpaid health bill in Bosnia & Herzegovina estimated at €3.1 billion
04/03/2016 Over 174,000 people call for ban on glyphosate
03/03/2016 Dutch public health institute RIVM advices Dutch government to reduce exposure to Bisphenol A
01/03/2016 Press Release - Survey findings show those living near pesticide spraying exposed to EDCs
17/02/2016 Scientists say regulation of glyphosate weed killer is “out of date”
15/02/2016 HEAL launches toolkit for a “healthy energy” future
05/02/2016 Eight year olds found out why “organic uncle” may not be so crazy
04/02/2016 European cancer groups urged to take action against glyphosate
03/02/2016 HEAL Press Reaction: Commission plans to present EDC criteria before the Summer 2016
26/01/2016 HEAL calls for coherent regulation of food packaging materials
16/12/2015 Commission breached EU law by delaying criteria on EDCs
14/12/2015 Strong climate agreement sets positive context for future health action
03/12/2015 COP21 Press release: World’s doctors tackle climate and energy pollution
18/11/2015 EU court hearing puts spotlight on Commission delay over hormone disrupting chemicals
02/11/2015 Press statement: Environmental organisations deplore ‘lost year’ for environmental protection
29/10/2015 MEPs stand up for citizens’ health in air quality vote, says HEAL
12/10/2015 Vor Pariser Klimakonferenz: Gesundheitsexperten fordern Bundesregierung zum Ausstieg aus Kohleverstromung auf
01/10/2015 Global Obstetrics and Gynaecology group warn of harm to babies from toxic chemicals in consumer products
29/09/2015 HEAL Reaction to Endocrine Society Second Scientific Statement on EDCs
23/06/2015 HEAL Reaction: Medics offer a healthy boost for a stronger Paris climate agreement
23/06/2015 Neuer Lancet-Report: Gesundheitsschutz ist zentraler Aspekt beim Klimaschutz
03/06/2015 Clean air would promote better health in Serbia
20/05/2015 Turkey’s coal expansion plans cause alarm as health costs quantified
31/03/2015 HEAL reaction: Rankings of European cities’ actions for cleaner air
25/03/2015 Media advisory - Mums and parents-to-be call for reductions in pesticide use
12/03/2015 Nineteen endocrine disrupting pesticides found in samples of women’s hair
06/03/2015 Massive health costs from EDCs prompt further calls from HEAL for regulation
26/02/2015 Endocrine disrupting chemicals: a public health problem in your shopping bag
23/02/2015 Turkish doctors say cleaner air would offer major health benefits
04/02/2015 Malta backs action on environmental pollutants to close gap in cancer prevention
15/01/2015 Green 10: Parliament support for Juncker on environment eroding over attack on green legislation
07/01/2015 MEPs discuss cancer prevention through better regulation of hormone disrupting chemicals
16/12/2014 Health groups dismayed over lack of clarity on air package
16/12/2014 Green 10: Axing of waste proposals and uncertainty about air a colossal , strategic blunder
15/12/2014 Cleaner air would offer major health benefits in the Balkans
09/12/2014 New resource by the Endocrine Society and IPEN on health threats posed by EDCs
04/12/2014 NGOs offer easy way for citizens to tell EU to stop exposures to hormone disrupting chemicals
02/12/2014 HEAL delegation brings health focus to COP20
18/11/2014 AIM calls on the EU to act on air quality
17/11/2014 Nordic countries estimate high costs from chemical exposure
06/11/2014 Air quality research suggests major benefits for children
22/10/2014 Green10 press statement: Concerns remain over Juncker Commission’s commitment to environment
22/10/2014 Joint press release : European Health Community welcomes Juncker’s decision to regulate health for the public good
08/10/2014 Press release - “SIN List” advance will contribute to reducing chronic disease
07/10/2014 Joint press release: Flexibility mechanism on air pollutants will undermine drive towards better regulation
07/10/2014 Green10 press statement: European Parliament should reject Juncker’s environmentally unsustainable Commission
01/10/2014 Blog: MEPs prioritise EDCs in the Commissioner-designate hearings
15/09/2014 Green10 press release: Why the European Parliament should block Jean-Claude Juncker’s attempt to undermine the EU’s environmental policies
22/07/2014 Climate efforts undermined by EU’s coal addiction, new report reveals
18/06/2014 €31 billion per year in EU health savings possible from reducing exposures to hormone disrupting chemicals
04/06/2014 US-EU moratorium on fracking is essential to protect public health
06/05/2014 Info release: “Know your air for health” aims to help us breathe more easily
29/04/2014 21 residues of endocrine disrupting pesticides found in samples of children’s hair
14/04/2014 Press release: EU extends life of Europe’s biggest polluter while IPCC calls for coal phase out
03/04/2014 Press release: Health organisations call for climate action on IPCC WG2 report’s publication
26/03/2014 Farmers who are “victims of pesticides” call for EU action
26/03/2014 Information release – HEAL re-launches the Chemicals Health Monitor
27/02/2014 Endocrine disruptors: a report that marks an important moment!
19/02/2014 Information release: EU decision to allow greater pollution of Polish power plants puts health of citizens at risk
19/02/2014 WHO report calls endocrine disruptors a ’’global threat’’
18/02/2014 Information release: New patient information leaflets: Air quality and heart and lung health
18/02/2014 Information release: New evidence on chemicals and children’s stunted neurological development
23/01/2014 Information release: HEAL co-hosting health and environment film screenings and debates
23/01/2014 Europe should act on BPA following health cost-tag calculation
19/12/2013 HEAL welcomes health objective in EU air quality strategy but regrets much else
17/12/2013 EU environmental assessment law must include fracking, says HEAL
10/12/2013 Joint press release: MEPs call for immediate release of air package
09/12/2013 How coal power plants make us sick – Romanian version of HEAL report launched today
02/12/2013 UK parliament urged to recognise health costs of coal
15/11/2013 Joint press release: COP19: The road towards addressing the greatest global health threat
13/11/2013 Media photo op: Delays are wasting opportunities for prevention of chronic disease and healthcare savings
23/10/2013 HEAL welcomes manifesto on breast cancer launched in UK
29/08/2013 Joint press release: New Publication on NCDs: Environmental factors one of the main causes of preventable deaths
16/07/2013 Joint letter on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive
03/07/2013 WHO report underlines need for stronger EU action on air pollution, says HEAL
20/06/2013 HEAL welcomes priority given to “health protection” in the 7th EAP
19/06/2013 HEAL joins calls for France to maintain its leadership on endocrine disrupting chemicals
27/05/2013 HEAL responds to Berlaymont Declaration on endocrine disruptors
25/04/2013 HEAL responds to vote on 7th Environment Action Programme
21/03/2013 EFSA opinion on endocrine disruptors problematic
14/03/2013 European Parliament vote on EDCs conveys urgency of protecting health
07/03/2013 Coal’s health bill reaches €43 billion a year
06/03/2013 Winner of “Health and Environment Film Prize” announced
06/02/2013 Beyond disappointment – European lawmakers on the side of automobile industry on traffic noise vote
06/02/2013 European parliament condemns European citizens to noisier cities
23/01/2013 EP Committee tells Commission “the sooner the better” on EDCs
07/01/2013 Global mercury treaty would make Europe’s children brainier
14/12/2012 Air pollution ranked as top health risk factor in Europe
05/12/2012 Doha health declaration wins major support from European groups
09/11/2012 HEAL announces “Health and Environment Film Prize”
25/10/2012 EU bio-monitoring shows mothers and children exposed to harmful chemicals
19/10/2012 Delegates Decision Prolongs Toxic Pollution
03/07/2012 Green 10: Mid-term assessment of the Commission shows poor environmental track record
11/06/2012 HEAL welcomes Environment Ministers’ inclusion of “health protection” in 7th EAP
31/05/2012 Response to European Commission’s position on chemical mixtures released today
16/05/2012 Common diseases linked to chemical exposures before birth
25/04/2012 EU citizens call for quick action to curb traffic noise
24/04/2012 Shale gas: A dangerous experiment on the environment and human health
20/03/2012 Daily chemical exposure adds to obesity and diabetes risk
01/03/2012 HEAL backs 10 guiding principles and call to tackle an invisible killer
20/02/2012 Report paves way for ban on "gender bender" hormone-disrupting chemicals
30/01/2012 Commission’s good news on health benefits should tip balance for higher EU climate target
25/01/2012 Study offers warning of negative immune effects from PFC exposure
18/01/2012 EU biocides law considered a “standstill” by NGOs
11/01/2012 How fracking threatens public health, more research needed
09/12/2011 Reaction to new EU vehicle noise limits proposal
05/12/2011 Press Release: European doctor launches warning of “grave health consequences”
05/12/2011 Media Advisory: COP17 Press Conf. on Health Leaders Call for Urgent Action on Climate
04/12/2011 Irish NGO health leader describes first-ever global Climate and Health Summit
30/11/2011 On the road to Durban and beyond: are you with us?
21/11/2011 UNFCCC COP17/CMP7 HEAL Delegation & Partners
17/10/2011 HEAL signs up for urgent action on climate change
13/10/2011 CAP reform: a pale and unhealthy shade of green
30/09/2011 Fracking: A peril looming over Europe’s environmental health
27/09/2011 "Notre Poison quotidien" highlights EU’s environmental health challenges
20/09/2011 Joint press release: Fewer carbon emissions means better health and greater productivity
19/09/2011 Fewer carbon emissions means better health and greater productivity
14/09/2011 Press statement: Bedroom dust used to urge EU to act more urgently on REACH
13/09/2011 EU Health commissioner urged to bring "environment" to UN chronic disease summit
22/06/2011 Health insurance group takes up environmental health
22/06/2011 Environment Ministers shy away from a 30% reduction target
25/05/2011 EU announces plan to make cars and lorries quieter
24/05/2011 ENVI Committee vote cheered by two major health groups
03/05/2011 Hormone disrupting chemicals targeted to prevent chronic disease in the EU
24/04/2011 Banned toxics found in carpet underlay sold in EU
12/04/2011 Protect children by cutting exposure to harmful chemicals
30/03/2011 Diet change can reduce BPA levels in humans
30/03/2011 Traffic noise health impacts second only to air pollution, new WHO report says
21/03/2011 WHO prioritises environmental and occupational cancer risks
20/03/2011 Week without pesticides becomes "Pesticides Alternatives Week"
14/03/2011 Our daily poison: Film investigates the causes of our cancer epidemic
04/03/2011 Research quantifies increased life and wealth from cleaner air
25/01/2011 Hundreds of companies and local businesses back a green energy future for Europe
20/12/2010 Toxic Christmas gift: Council decides to keep hazardous biocides on market
15/12/2010 More guidance for countries on EU pesticide legislation needed
10/12/2010 European Commission falls behind on EU Mercury Strategy
06/12/2010 Doctors say: Don’t forget the health dividend
06/12/2010 Message to EU delegation: Don’t forget the health dividend
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Austria could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Bulgaria could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Czech Republic could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Hungary could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Greece could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Romania could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Portugal could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Slovakia could improve health and save money
26/11/2010 MEPs to be urged to address "missing link" in fight against cancer
26/11/2010 Health and Environment NGOs comment on Bisphenol A ban
22/11/2010 Commission confirms intentions on BPA
21/10/2010 Four-language push to link pesticide use and cancer prevention
30/09/2010 European food panel fails to protect EU citizen’s health from plastic component, BPA
22/09/2010 EP fails to protect consumers and the environment from biocides
14/09/2010 30% emissions reduction target could save public health billions
06/09/2010 Evidence of huge boost to public health from stronger climate policy
14/07/2010 European and International Health Organisations unite to call for European action to combat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
02/07/2010 European Commission delays air pollution legislation, yet again
01/07/2010 NGOs urge Commission to come forward with a second EU Environment and Health Action Plan
23/06/2010 European health group supports call for reducing exposure to BPA
23/06/2010 European Parliament Committee strengthens draft biocides law, but concerns remain
06/05/2010 Cancer: MEPs urge prevention related to environmental causes
11/03/2010 Competition rewards environmental projects that save children’s lives
11/03/2010 Wedstrijd beloont milieuproject dat levens van kinderen redt Giftig speelgoed, asbest in scholen en vervuild drinkwater
11/03/2010 Les Trophées CEHAPE attribués aux projets environnementaux qui sauvent des vies d’enfants
11/03/2010 Wedstrijd beloont milieuproject dat levens van kinderen redt
10/03/2010 Lung health under threat from climate change and deteriorating air quality
08/03/2010 HEAL takes part in ministerial talks on children’s health in Parma
11/02/2010 Study charts path for better protection from harmful "chemical mixtures"
01/02/2010 European Launch of the Year of the Lung 2010 held in Marseille
01/02/2010 Health groups call for 40% target on carbon emissions
14/01/2010 Cancer-linked pesticides used in schools - New survey
22/12/2009 Ministers worried about hazardous chemicals cocktails, but postpone action
16/12/2009 Tackling the twin threats of climate change and the global health gap
10/12/2009 HEAL and HCWH announce top-level delegation and daily briefings at COP15 Negotiations (14 - 17 December)
25/11/2009 Health impact of climate change recognised in EP resolution
18/11/2009 Negociaciones sobre Cambio Climático en Barcelona, 2-6 Noviembre 2009 Líderes del Sector Salud solicitan medidas decisorias sobre el cambio climático
04/11/2009 Health leaders call for strong measures on climate change
04/11/2009 EU Biocide Policy – Safety for Health and Biodiversity first!
20/10/2009 Health impact of climate change not recognised in Parliamentary resolution
06/10/2009 Vassiliou welcomes health community’s "Prescription" on climate change
02/10/2009 Commissioner presented with health community’s "Prescription" on climate change