Pesticides are designed to be toxic and they are found everywhere
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Everywhere we go, we are exposed to pesticides; from the parks and gardens we play in, to the food we eat and the clothes we wear. Minimising pesticides exposure and encouraging non-chemical alternatives remain priorities.

News on our policy work

Harmful pesticide globally banned
At a UN Chemicals meeting in May, delegates from more than 90 countries voted for a global ban on pentachlorophenol – a proven hazardous pesticide and contaminant in wildlife and human biomonitoring studies. Read more…

Strong support for Paul Francois facing Monsanto
About 50 people joined Paul Francois, President of Phyto-Victimes (HEAL member), in front of the Court of Appeal in Lyon immediately before a second hearing at the end of May. Monsanto appealed a 2012 court decision to compensate Paul Francois for health damage from pesticide intoxication. Read more…

Pesticide Free Towns
Moving towards pesticide-free public areas is an important step towards a safer environment for citizens and our health. Read more…

HEAL and Pesticide Action Week call for reductions in pesticide use
During Pesticides Action Week 2015, HEAL organised a photo and video action with mothers, fathers, young women, banners and bikes to call on the EU for reductions in pesticide use. MEP Michele Rivasi joined the group outside the EU Commission on 25 March. Read more…

WHO study concludes that glyphosate may cause cancer
The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has recently classified the pesticide glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans”. HEAL and several other public interest groups believe this should prompt a rethink of the EU’s authorisation of this substance. Read more…

Voices of victims of Pesticides website
HEAL joined a coalition of national and European NGOs to bring together the voices of victims of pesticides. A new website dedicated to tell their stories was launched by PAN Europe on the first day of Pesticide Action Week 2015. Read more…

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Take action

- Stop TTIP and CETA – Deadline October 2015

- Call on MEPs to keep ISDS out of TTIP

- Avaaz petition: Protect our health, Stop Monsanto


- Resource pack: Advice on impacts of EDCs pesticides on pregnant women


- YouTube video: MEP Michèle Rivasi joins HEAL to call for reductions in pesticide use

- Photos from Pesticide Action Week EU action

- 25 March: Lisette van Vliet (HEAL) interviewed about imminent dangers of EDCs and other chemicals, Euranet Plus via Soundcloud

- 25 March: Sophie Borderes (Pesticide Action Week) interviewed about traces of numerous pesticides in her body, Euranet Plus via Soundcloud

- EP studio TV interview with NFU on pesiticides
’Europe and You’ (3.24-13.32 minutes), 7 March 2015


June 2015

- 15, Brussels, Belgium: EU Environment Council

- 16: CHE Partnership Call - Identifying EDCs for Public Health Protection: The Endocrine Perspective

- 16 – 18, Brussels, Belgium: EU Sustainable Energy Week

- 18, Paris, France: Colloque - Les pathologies neuro-développementales et l’environnement

- 18 - 19, Paris, France: Conference "Climate, Health, Inequalities: Solutions?" - HEAL participating

- 22, Rome, Italy: Conference on the environment, health and economic development - HEAL participating

- 24, Paris, France: ANSES conference - ‘Health risks, precaution and innovation’

- 25 June, London, UK: Women’s Environment Network screens documentary film ’Endocrination’

- 30 June, EP, Brussels, Belgium: EDCs and Future Generations: Time for the EU to Take Action


- 1 July: Luxembourg EU Presidency begins

- 1 July, EP, Brussels, Belgium: Allergy and Asthma Patients need Clean Air in Europe – organised by EFA

- 6 – 8 July, Picardie, France: Global Conference: All actors of Rupture? HEAL participating

- 7 – 10 July, Paris, France: Our common future under climate change

- 12 – 17 July, Barcelona, Spain: Global Health Summer School on Climate Change & Health

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