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This leaflet highlights how chemicals in food and consumer products may be causing obesity and diabetes. It outlines some of the evidence and how individuals and policy makers can take preventive actions.

The leaflet is currently available in English, French, Spanish and Hungarian. The leaflet will also be available in German, Dutch, Czech and Swedish.

The leaflet was jointly produced by HEAL and CHEM Trust linking obesity and diabetes with daily life exposure to chemicals.

For additional information:

See the full CHEM Trust Report (26 pages). The report gives a review of the science linking chemical exposures to the human risk of obesity and diabetes.

The Executive Summary of the Report is currently available in English, French and Spanish and will soon be available in German.

For additional information on other language versions contact

Leaflet: Chemicals in our food and consumer products

English German French Spanish Hungarian

Summary and conclusions of the CHEM Trust Report

English German French Spanish


Genon Jensen, Executive Director, Health and Environment Alliance, E-mail:, Tel: +32 2 234 36 42

Lisette van Vliet, Toxics Policy Advisor, Health and Environment Alliance, E-mail:, Tel: +32 2 234 36 45, Mobile: +32 484 614 528

Diana Smith, Communications, Health and Environment Alliance, E-mail:, Tel: +33 1 55 25 25 84

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