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HEAL President

Organisation: International Network for Children’s Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES) (Netherlands)

Peter van den Hazel, medical doctor and co-founder, International Coordinator of International Network for Children’s Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES), is the President of HEAL. He has been on the Executive Committee since 2004.

INCHES’ mission is to promote healthy and supportive environments that protect the foetus and child from environmental and safety hazards. As Chair of INCHES board, Peter helped ensure that children’s environmental health became an issue at the World Summit for Children and the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Peter has received advanced training in management of non-profit organisations, epidemiology, medical statistics, radiation safety, policy writing, corporate environmental care, and project management. He has worked as an Environmental Health Specialist for several Municipal Health Services in Gelderland, Netherlands and as a consultant and partner in the Bureau of Environmental Medicine. Peter is member of several working groups related to environmental health in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he is member of the Committee on Signalling Emerging Environmental Health problems within the Netherlands Health Council.

Peter was President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, ISDE, 2001-2003 and has served as an advisor to Margot Wallstrom, EU Commissioner for the Environment. He has coordinated several EU-funded projects, such as PINCHE (Policy Interpretation network on children’s health and environment), CHEST (Children’s Health, Environment and Safety Training/EU DG Sanco 2003310), PRONET, PHEEDUNET, Climate TRAP, and for a tender on Training of Professionals (TOP).

Peter provides HEAL with support in the field of children’s environmental health, chemical hazards and climate change.

Current projects:

HELIX – Building the early-life exposome

PHENOTYPE – Health from outside in

HEAT-SHIELD – a research programme which aims at addressing the negative effects of climate change


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