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HEAL Vice-President

Organisation: Régie Hainaut Analyses (Belgium)

Marie-Christine Dewolf is a Belgian scientist. She is currently working as Project Manager within Hygiene Publique in Hainaut and Hainaut Vigilance Sanitaire, Belgium.

In her work in Hainaut, Marie-Christine manages and coordinates projects at different levels (local, regional, national or international) related to indoor air quality, biomonitoring, and children’s environment and health. The objective of her work is to raise awareness of populations, field workers and policy makers with regard to environment and health and to implement changes that improve environmental conditions and health.

Marie-Christine holds a Masters degree in Sanitary Engineering and a Diploma in Applied Management. She has been working in the environment and health sector for 20 years. Initially, she focused on the environmental and health impact of waste management facilities. Later, as Coordinator of Hector (Health and Environmental Care Organisation), she contributed to the creation of processes to communicate on emerging environmental and health issue between different concerned actors (local or regional authorities, policy makers, scientists, health care professionals and civil society).

Marie-Christine provides strong support and deep personal commitment to HEAL’s mission of enhancing environmental health. She also fully supports a holistic approach for the management of the different environmental aspects (climate change, biodiversity, chemicals…) and health effects in order to tackle global and local social inequalities and ensure a sustainable development for the present and future generations.

Marie Christine has also been part of projects at the international level and has shared her expertise in the development of contingency planning and training with regards to floodings and other crisis situations related to climate change or contaminated areas in Cameroun, Morrocco and Lebanon. She therefore supports HEAL development at the international level.

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