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Organisation: International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies AIM (Belgium)

Jessica joined the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM) as a Project Manager in 2014. AIM is an organization gathering non-profit healthcare mutuals and health insurance funds from Europe and all over the world, whose members provide coverage to about 240 million people worldwide.

Trained as a linguist and translator, she coordinates the AIM working groups on long-term care and on disease prevention, environmental health and health promotion, whose activities are based on two different but complementary concepts with a common goal: improving population health, and reducing morbidity and mortality. Within this working group, she helps to identify and develop good practices which would contribute both to reducing or eliminating risk factors and to strengthen resources and potentials of good health in order to maintain and enhance the state of well-being. As coordinator of the group, she lobbies EU institutions on various issues affecting European citizens’ health. She is also the representative of AIM within the European Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control.

Apart from her advocacy work, Jessica is also in charge of communication within her organization and is constantly developing skills which could feed into HEAL’s already successful experience.


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