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Organisation: Association Air For Health (Bulgaria)

Denitsa has dedicated her life career addressing social challenges and environmental changes. She is a co-founder of Air for Health – an NGO with the specific goal of increasing awareness in Bulgaria around the poignant topic of air pollution, and more specifically to engage the medical community as an ambassador to carry out sustainable solutions. She actively works with medical and government stakeholders to achieve higher recognition of air pollution as a public health priority.

Recently, Denitsa acted as vice-chairperson of the Type 2 Diabetes Association and has worked for the largest Bulgarian patient organization, which gave her the opportunity to attract the patient movement’s attention to issues surrounding air pollution.

Denitsa is currently working for the Bulgarian Trade Union as an industrial relations expert and her focal point is protecting fundamental human rights. Apart from her work, she focuses on implementing Green Collective Bargaining and employees training programs to provide a better understanding of the harmful impact of air pollution and climate change on human`s health and the economy.

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