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Key Demands For A Health-focused Reform Of REACH

Key demands for a health-focused reform of REACH

The REACH legislation sets out how the European Union registers, evaluates, authorises and restricts chemicals. The sorely needed overhaul of this juggernaut of EU chemicals legislation is an opportunity to strengthen its effectiveness in protecting our health and the environment through better and earlier identification of hazardous chemicals.
The Curious Case Of PFHpA And Why This And All Forever Chemicals Should Be Banned Under REACH

The curious case of PFHpA and why this and all forever chemicals should be banned under REACH

PFHpA, a member of the hazardous PFAS family, is increasingly being found in our bodies and the environment. HEAL supports the Dutch proposal to identify PFHpA as a substance of very high concern under REACH, which would constitute the first step to put an end to our exposure to this toxic chemical. However, all PFAS need to be regulated as a group to truly get at the root of the problem to prevent further harm.
NGO Key Demands To Improve REACH

NGO key demands to improve REACH

This document represents 21 health and environmental NGOs’ position on key priorities and recommendations in the context of the REACH revision and the EU’s commitment to protect people’s health and the environment, in alignment with the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and the Green Deal.