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HEAL General Assembly 2022

For the first time since 2019, HEAL members came together in person in Brussels again, for the HEAL Annual General Assembly in October 2022. The HEAL secretariat and members spent…


The curious case of PFHpA and why this and all forever chemicals should be banned under REACH

PFHpA, a member of the hazardous PFAS family, is increasingly being found in our bodies and the environment. HEAL supports the Dutch proposal to identify PFHpA as a substance of very high concern under REACH, which would constitute the first step to put an end to our exposure to this toxic chemical. However, all PFAS need to be regulated as a group to truly get at the root of the problem to prevent further harm.

The indisputable case for an EU hazard classification of lithium salts as known reprotoxicants

In July this year, the hazard classification of three lithium salts was discussed in a meeting of the CARACAL expert group, which brings together representatives from EU member states, the European Commission and stakeholders. Shockingly, industry representatives used this meeting to bring up misplaced arguments in opposition to the proposed classification, including socio-economic considerations which have no place in scientific discussions about hazard classifications.
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