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4 demands for an ambitious Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan has the potential to mark the beginning of a new era in cancer prevention. But the EU’s response to the growing challenge of tackling the leading cause of deaths in the EU can only succeed if it includes hands-on strategies to address environmental pollutants.

Lettre : Avancement de l’application de plusieurs actions phares prévues dans la seconde Stratégie nationale sur les Perturbateurs endocriniens (SNPE 2)

Il y a plus d’un an, les autorités françaises lançaient la seconde Stratégie nationale sur les Perturbateurs endocriniens (SNPE 2). Nos organisations sont convaincues que les engagements pris dans la SNPE 2 ont le potentiel de contribuer à la prévention d’un certain nombre de pathologies, dont l’occurrence est de plus en plus liée à l’exposition aux perturbateurs endocriniens, et de préserver l’environnement des effets de ces substances.

A 10+13 agroecology approach to shape policies and transform EU food systems

This policy paper puts forward a proposal to mainstream agroecology into the policies governing EU food systems. It builds on the consensual vision of a coalition of EU civil society, farmers and scientific organizations to use the FAO ‘10 Elements of Agroecology’ and ‘13 Agroecological Principles’ as a framework to develop the appropriate instruments and targets for EU policies.

Feedback on the EU Commission public consultation on the inception impact assessment for the review of the Food Contact Materials legislation

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the European Commission’s plans for revisions of the EU Food Contact Materials (FCM) legislation. HEAL has long called on the EU authorities to close the loopholes in the legislation, which put the health of Europeans at risk through potential leaching of chemicals of concerns from the food contact articles and materials into the food.