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HEAL Poland joins roundtable discussions on health and climate

The threat pollution and climate change pose to human health took center stage at the expert-led "Climate for Health" debate held at the headquarters of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The event was co-organized by the think tank Medical Ration of State and "Rzeczpospolita" newspaper in April, bringing together prominent health experts, representatives of the Polish Parliament, Ministries and civil society. HEAL Poland took an active role in the exchange.

Addressing air pollution in cities can greatly lessen disease burden and health costs

HEAL and its member Belgian Independent Health Insurance Funds (Mutualités Libres) organised an event under the auspices of the Belgian EU Presidency, on pathways for achieving clean air in cities. he conference took place on the eve of the European Parliament plenary vote on updated clean air standards and brought together over 300 participants. Decision-makers, scientists, NGOs and stakeholders gathered for a lively exchange on how to address air pollution in urban environments, sharing good practices and policy solutions.

Press release: Clean air in cities for better health

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to everyone's health across the EU, and one of the leading risk factors for chronic diseases. Today, pathways to reach clean air in cities by 2030 will be discussed by more than 340 participants from 33 countries at an international conference taking place in Brussels.
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