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Find HEAL’s latest letters from all of our activity areas here, we update this page regularly.

The letters are listed chronologically, but you can also search by subject area in the box on the right.

Date Title
09/07/2018 Open letter to member state Competent Authorities of the REACH Committee on the classification of Titanium Dioxide
28/06/2018 Letter to French Health and Environment Ministers: Our vision for a non-toxic environment
14/06/2018 Statement from the Coalition for Higher Ambition
07/06/2018 Letter to European Commission on the non-toxic environment strategy
06/06/2018 NGOs express deep concern at significant industry attempts to derail proposed classification of titanium dioxide
05/06/2018 ECHA favouring microplastics industry opinion over scientific evidence of environmental damage
24/05/2018 Open Letter to President Juncker on behalf of 31 business associations, civil society, think tanks and other organisations on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework
03/05/2018 HEAL receives response from upcoming Austrian presidency to call for ambition for health and the environment
24/04/2018 HEAL highlights Western Balkans coal power plants’ lack of compliance with Energy Community rules ahead of Energy Community/European Parliament exchange
24/04/2018 Seven NGOs ask for stricter standards on chemicals in textiles ahead of REACH committee meeting
17/04/2018 HEAL encourages an ambitious Austrian presidency for health and the environment
16/04/2018 HEAL urges French President to act in favour of European transition towards a non-toxic environment
11/04/2018 Open letter to MEPs of PEST committee - Glyphosate: an emblematic failure of the EU pesticides regime
04/04/2018 Letter to commissioner Vella and commissioner Andriukatis on human health and preventive action in BREFs
27/02/2018 Letter to commissioner Hahn on climate and air quality issues in the Balkans
20/02/2018 Letter to health ministers WHO European region outside EU 28 to take decisive action for clean air
14/02/2018 Letter to EU 28 health ministers to take decisive action for clean air in the EU by multiplying health sector engagement
24/01/2018 Letter on decision to challenge air pollution control measures to Bulgarian ministers
11/01/2018 Letter to Dutch Members of European Parliament: reject EC plans for BPA in food contact materials
09/01/2018 HEAL urges MEPs to reject European Commission plans for Bisphenol A in food contact materials
08/12/2017 Lettre au gouvernement français relative à la seconde demande de l’ICE Stop Glyphosate
22/11/2017 HEAL letter on EBRD on its support for thermal and coking coal in its mining policy revision
16/11/2017 Open letter to negotiators in German coalition talks – climate action means protection of health
16/11/2017 HEAL urges MEPs to support measures that promote health in EED vote
06/11/2017 Civil society and businesses demand health considerations to be given in Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
24/10/2017 HEAL and the European Cancer Leagues urge EU ministers to reject European Commission proposal on glyphosate
18/10/2017 HEAL asks the European Parliament environment committee to support proposed objection to glyphosate proposal
17/10/2017 NGOs express concerns surrounding EU actions on the evaluation of PFOA
28/09/2017 Letter to Dutch Members of European Parliament: EU Criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals will not protect health
26/09/2017 HEAL urges MEPs to reject European Commission’s unlawful and insufficient proposal on endocrine disruptors
11/09/2017 HEAL joins German NGOs to call for swift implementation of pollution control regulation
31/07/2017 Joint NGO letter to Commissioner Vella on air quality adjustment requests
27/06/2017 73 NGOs + World Alliance request workshop to end amalgam for children
22/06/2017 Open letter to Nicolas Hulot, French Minister responsible for the environment
26/05/2017 Exclusion of coal investments through ETS funds and support establishment of Just Transition Fund
17/05/2017 Medical groups call for climate to be in G20 Health Ministers’ declaration
09/05/2017 Health and cancer groups want enquiry on Monsanto’s influence
21/04/2017 Green 10 Letter to EU Commission Vice-President Timmermans: Revised standards for large combustion plants
21/04/2017 HEAL and others seek positive stance on BREF for health
29/03/2017 Joint letter on the Type Approval Framework Regulation
24/03/2017 The Europe we want: Just, Sustainable, Democratic and Inclusive
21/03/2017 16 Health and environment NGOs ask ECHA for a stricter implementation of REACH chemicals legislation
13/03/2017 Open letter on the independence and transparency of ECHA’s Risk Assessment Committee
14/02/2017 Call to implement Better Regulation principles in EU action on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
13/02/2017 Open letter to Commission President: Improved EU decision-making in the area of health and consumer protection
08/02/2017 Open letter to Members of REACH Committee on D4D5, phthalates, and nanoforms
10/01/2017 Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals — One more way CETA endangers public health and the environment
15/12/2016 EDC-Free Europe urges Member States to reject Commission’s 3rd revised proposal on EDC criteria
21/11/2016 HEAL supports open letter to European Parliament on EU ETS revision
14/11/2016 EDC-Free Europe letter to EU Ministers on revised EDC criteria
21/10/2016 It is now time to Phase Out Dental Amalgam Use in the European Union
08/09/2016 NGOs express support for restriction of chemical PFOA to REACH Committee
30/08/2016 Leading environmental NGOs urge top EU decision-makers to prioritize people’s health and the environment during Bratislava Informal Summit
07/07/2016 European Commission crosses Parliament’s red lines on TTIP, say over 65 organisations in open letter
01/07/2016 Green10 Letter State of the European Union after Brexit: time for a new direction
20/06/2016 Need for increased engagement with the Western Balkans on their pathway to low-carbon transformation
17/06/2016 EDC-Free Coalition asks Environment Ministers to say NO to hormone disruptors
16/06/2016 CAN Europe and HEAL urge EU Climate Commissioner on climate action in Western Balkans
10/06/2016 31 NGOs ask EU President Juncker to phase out glyphosate
08/06/2016 EDC-Free letter to President Juncker to act now on EDCs
02/06/2016 Open letter to German health minister on health co-benefits of climate action
26/05/2016 Call to European Parliament to phase out dental amalgam
13/05/2016 Non-REACH Chemicals REFIT process fails to comply with Better Regulation guidelines
13/05/2016 NGOs warn European Regulators: Scientists expect increased cases of cancer if glyphosate would be re-authorised
29/04/2016 Letter to European ministers to ensure that the EU’s largest climate instrument is fit for purpose
25/04/2016 Call to exclude the ‘Good Regulatory Practices’ chapter from TTIP
21/04/2016 Statement from the Coalition for Higher Ambition for the Implementation Paris Climate Agreement
19/04/2016 Twelve Public Health and Environment NGOs Share Concerns On BPA and DEHP Ahead Of REACH Committee
12/04/2016 HEAL’s view on the Parliament resolution on glyphosate
11/04/2016 Glyphosate – Your request for publication of confidential industry studies
17/03/2016 Open Letter on Glyphosate to National Representatives on the Standing Committee on Plant Animal Food and Feed (PAFF)
15/03/2016 Open Letter to Member States Ahead of ECHA’s REACH Committee
04/03/2016 Statement from the Coalition for Higher Ambition
02/03/2016 Conflict of Interest at the European Food Safety Authority: Enough is enough!
29/02/2016 Act on EDCs: EDC-Free Europe calls on Environment Ministers
23/02/2016 Joint Call For Clean Air
04/02/2016 Open letter to national cancer organisations on World Cancer Day 2016
26/01/2016 Call on EP to reject real-world driving emissions proposal
08/01/2016 Joint Open letter on ECJ Ruling on EDC Criteria
15/12/2015 Joint letter to EU Commission: The EU and its Member States should rapidly ratify the Minamata Convention on mercury
14/12/2015 Joint letter: Public Health recommendations for strong National Emission Ceiling (NEC) Directive
11/12/2015 Joint letter: MEPs urged to reject new test on real-world driving emissions
13/11/2015 18 NGOs Co-Sign Letter to MEP regarding Upcoming Medical Device Regulation Negotiations
13/11/2015 30 NGOs call for partial glyphosate ban
09/11/2015 Joint letter: Dieselgate - EU action to protect citizens from air pollution and the manipulative and fraudulent behaviour of carmakers
23/10/2015 Open letter to MEPs - Call for clean air
08/09/2015 Open letter to Commissioner Vella to ban the recycling of materials containing toxic flame retardants
04/09/2015 Civil society organisations ask G20 Finance Ministers to phase-out fossil fuel subsidies
14/07/2015 MEPs put health first in key air vote
10/06/2015 Letter to Commissioner Šefčovič: Health benefits of Serbia’s climate mitigation ambition
05/06/2015 HEAL signs joint NGO letter on glyphosate
13/05/2015 Over 100 NGOs call for full lobby transparency
20/04/2015 Achieving better air quality with the NEC
17/04/2015 Joint open letter: TTIP blocking urgently needed reforms in food safety, farm production, workers’ rights and animal welfare
08/04/2015 Joint letter to Commissioner Andriukaitis: EU response to WHO cancer determination of glyphosate
03/03/2015 Joint letter: For a TTIP resolution that puts people, the environment and democracy before short-term
29/01/2015 NGOs call on EU Commission to end public export credits for coal
13/01/2015 Call to MEPs to continue air quality negotiations
11/12/2014 Green 10 open letter on possible withdrawal of air and waste proposals and absence of sustainability
04/12/2014 Civil Society view regarding pending EU legislation 2014 – response to BusinessEurope
27/11/2014 Joint open letter for the Canadian government to ban triclosan
25/11/2014 Letter to EC Vice President Katainen: Civil society organisations ask Commission to reject authorisation of hazardous DEHP in PVC plastic
20/11/2014 Open letter to EC President Juncker: Protecting public health from hormone disrupting chemicals
18/11/2014 Health groups express dismay at potential withdrawal of EU Clean Air Policy Package
17/11/2014 Joint letter to EU Commission on air package withdrawal
16/10/2014 Green 10 open letter to EC President Juncker
16/10/2014 Green 10 open letter to EP President Schulz
01/10/2014 Open letter to new Polish Prime Minister on air pollution
29/09/2014 Green 10 open letter to Frans Timmermans, designated Vice-President for Better Regulation
16/09/2014 Joint open Letter to President-elect Juncker on the move of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
12/09/2014 Green 10 open letter: New Commission sidelining environment
19/08/2014 Joint letter on the position of Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the EU Commission
22/07/2014 NGO letter on ECHA consumers right to know video
10/07/2014 Joint letter on regulating chemicals in TTIP
14/05/2014 Request for internal review of the Bulgarian Transitional National Plan
11/04/2014 Joint letter from NGOs to Chancellor Merkel on EU 2030 Climate and Energy package
01/04/2014 Request for internal review of the Polish Transitional National Plan
16/12/2013 Joint letter on opposition to include ISDS in Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
13/12/2013 Joint letter on proposed Non Road Mobile Machinery legislation
12/12/2013 Joint letter to EU Commissioners: Revision of Thematic Strategy on air pollution
10/10/2013 Joint letter: NGO concerns over the Transitional National Plans pursuant to the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU
14/05/2013 Health risks from climate change highlighted in joint letter to the WHO
08/05/2013 Joint NGO letter to President Barroso and Commissioners: Call to reduce our exposure to EDCs
24/04/2013 HEAL response to EURACOAL statement
18/04/2013 Joint letter to EFSA on mercury in fish
12/04/2013 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Informal Environment Council: your exchange on air quality and urban environment, 22 April
13/03/2013 Open letter: Civil Society alarmed by the prospect of regressive Common Agricultural Policy reform
21/02/2013 Open letter on EU research funding for 2014-2020
20/12/2012 Joint letter: Last chance to develop strong treaty to reduce mercury exposure
14/11/2012 Key issues to increase the chances of the next MFF delivering on Europe 2020 priorities
09/11/2012 Open letter to Polish Prime Minister Tusk
10/10/2012 Joint NGO letter: Support phase-out of mercury use in dentistry in the EU and globally
03/10/2012 Joint NGO letter to Commissioners on EDCs
19/09/2012 Green 10 letter: EU deliberations on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)
17/09/2012 To: Attachés of the Competitivness Council working group
Re: Benefits to public health and national budgets of stringent noise standards
31/08/2012 To: Commissioner Janez Potočnik and Commissioner John Dalli
Re: NGO comments on the RAC and SEAC opinion on the Danish phthalate dossier
27/06/2012 Green 10 letter: Green Stimulus Measures needed to Exit Crisis, warn leading environmental groups
29/05/2012 To: Members of the EP’s Environment Committee
Re: ENVI discussion on vehicle noise – comments from health, transport and environment groups
24/05/2012 Energy efficiency targets for a healthy climate, clean air and healthy housing
24/04/2012 NGOs call for EU air quality limit values to be enforced by the European Commission
14/04/2012 Joint NGO letter: Turning promises into action: achieving the 20% by 2020 energy savings target
10/04/2012 Joint NGO letter on the 7th EAP to EU environment ministers
27/02/2012 EU leaders asked to ensure a high ambition level in the revised Gothenburg Protocol on air pollution
27/02/2012 Letter: ENVI vote on draft report Leinen on 7 EAP – strengthen health and environment concerns to members of the ENVI committee
23/02/2012 Joint letter: Support for phase-outs of mercury use in dentistry in the EU and globally to EU Environment Ministers
03/02/2012 Joint NGO letter: Comments to DG ENV on the analysis underpinning the review of EU air quality policy
29/11/2011 Joint letter to MEPs on air pollution from ships
21/11/2011 HEAL letter on ENVI discussion on Energy Efficiency – Indoor air quality and health concerns
13/09/2011 To: EU Health Commissioner, John Dalli; and
President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso;
European Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potocnik;
Members of the European Parliament;
WHO focal points for environment and health
Re: United Nations High-level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), 19-20 September 2011
05/09/2011 To: Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General;
Dr Margaret Chan, World Health Organization Director General
Re: Call for diseases and risk factors to be considered
29/06/2011 To: Jose Manuel D. Barroso, President of the European Commission,
Commissioners and services of the European Commission,
Members of the European Parliament,
Representatives of Member States
Re: Groups call for public research to benefit society, not big business
21/06/2011 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Input to Environment Council meeting 24 June
15/06/2011 To: Members of the European Parliament
Re: Plenary Vote on the “Analysis of options to move beyond 20% greenhouse gas emission reductions and assessing the risk of carbon leakage”
14/06/2011 To: Ministre de l’Ecologie du Développement durable, du Transport et du Logement
Re: Contribution des médecins et ONGs en amont du Conseil européen des Ministres de l’environnement du 21 juin 2011
27/04/2011 To: IMCO Committee
Re: NGO vote recommendations in view of the vote in the IMCO-Committee on the amendments to the Commission’s proposal for a biocide regulation (COM 0267)
14/03/2011 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Exchange of views on the draft report on the “Analysis of options to move beyond 20% greenhouse gas emission reductions and assessing the risk of carbon leakage”
28/02/2011 To: President Barroso
Re: The Roadmap for a low carbon economy must include the 30% GHG target and stress health benefits and healthcare savings
19/01/2011 To: MEPs
Re: MEPs called upon to protect EU transparency
12/01/2011 To: President Barroso and the EU Commissioners
Re: Your upcoming College discussion on further measures to reduce air pollution in the EU
29/12/2010 To: UNFCCC National focal points
Re: Input to international climate talks in Cancun
14/12/2010 To: Commissioner Dalli.
Re: EU Commission priority for pesticide reduction and better guidance for EU Member States implementation of National Action Plans
12/10/2010 To: Members of the Council Working Group for Environment.
Re. Joint NGO recommendations for the forthcoming considerations of Council Working Group for Environment concerning the biocide regulation (COM (2009) 267)
12/10/2010 To: Commissioner Potocnik
Re: Upcoming Commission decision on the revision of the National Emissions Ceilings Directive (NEC)
21/09/2010 To: MEPs
Re: NGO recommendations for the EP vote on ENVI report (Biocide Regulation)
01/09/2010 To: President Barroso
Re: EU should support the stricter IMO regulation of the sulphur content in marine fuels in European ECAs
23/06/2010 To: EFSA
Re: Potential adverse health effects associated with BPA exposures
15/06/2010 To: President van Rompuy
Re: Stepping up the EU’s climate ambition could be a green way out of Europe’s economic blues
09/06/2010 To: Commissioner Potocnik
Re: NGO call for a prioritisation of air quality action (revision of the National Emission Ceilings and the Sulphur Content of Marine Fuels Directives)
20/05/2010 To: MEPs
Re: Call for restriction of BFRs and PVC in electrical and electronic equipment in the RoHS revision
14/04/2010 To: MEPs
Re: Strengthen health protection and include health co-benefits in adaptation policy
07/04/2010 To: ITRE Committee
Re: NGO vote recommendations in view of the vote in the ITRE-Committee on the amendments to the Commission’s proposal for a biocidal regulation (COM 0267)
29/03/2010 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Please ensure the recognition of the role of environmental and occupational factors in cancer and the primary prevention of cancer
08/03/2010 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Proposals to amend the European Parliament draft report on the “Commission White Paper: ‘Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action’ (2009/2152 (INI))
23/02/2010 To: ENVI Committee
Re: NGO position on the draft Klaß report concerning the biocide regulation
26/01/2010 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Report on the proposed regulation on food information to consumers
22/01/2010 To: Spanish Presidency of the EU
Re: Europe’s emissions reduction target to the UNFCCC Secretariat
22/01/2010 To: President Barroso
Re: Europe’s emissions reduction target to the UNFCCC Secretariat, 31 January 2010
20/01/2010 To: The European Commission
Re: The Commission consultation on the Green Paper on a European Citizens’ Initiative
22/12/2009 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Issue for Commission Designate Hearings - Weakening of DG Environment
23/11/2009 To: MEPs
Re: Plenary vote on the “Motion for a Resolution on the EU strategy for the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change (COP 15)”, 25 November
04/11/2009 To: ENVI
Re: ENVI Exchange of Views on Biocides Regulation
20/10/2009 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Input to Environment Council meeting 21 October Council conclusions on the Preparation of the EU Position for COP 15
14/10/2009 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Proposals for amendment of the “European Parliament Resolution on the EU strategy for the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change (COP 15)
06/07/2009 To: President Barroso
Re: Unacceptable move on Euro VI air pollution standards heavy goods vehicles
02/07/2009 To: UNFCCC National focal points
Re: Input to Intersessional informal consultations on climate change, 10 – 14 August
06/06/2009 To: President Barroso
Re: Improving health representation in climate change discussions and outcomes
02/04/2009 To: Minister of Health for France
Re: Response to statement about BPA
23/09/2008 To: European Commission
Re: Commission review of the availability of safer alternatives to Measuring Devices containing mercury
03/07/2008 To: Energy & Environment Ministers
Re: Turning EU Effort Sharing Proposal into EU Benefit Sharing Agreement “Climate Action and Renewable Energy Package”
05/06/2008 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Effort Sharing Proposal of the “Climate Action and Renewable Energy Package” 5th June 2008 Council Meeting Dear EU
31/03/2008 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Supporting a broad export ban and safe storage of mercury
18/12/2007 To: EU Environment & Health Ministers
Re: Council Conclusions on the Mid Term Review of the EU Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010
25/05/2007 To: Commissioners Dimas & Verheugen
Re: Ensure REACH is not vulnerable to weakening in future
22/05/2007 To: European Commission
Re: Consultation regarding the Review of RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
24/04/2007 To: EU Members States’ experts
Re: Calling for a wide mercury export ban and safe temporary storage of surplus mercury
05/04/2007 To: ITRE Committee
Re: Better protection of vulnerable groups, in particular children, is needed against the hazardous health effects of pesticides
05/04/2007 To: IMCO Committee
Re: Better protection of vulnerable groups, in particular children, is needed against the hazardous health effects of pesticides
05/04/2007 To: AGRI Committee
Re: Better protection of vulnerable groups, in particular children, is needed against the hazardous health effects of pesticides
26/03/2007 To: MEPs
RE: Ulmer Report on the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC)
16/02/2007 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (COM(2006)372)
31/01/2007 To: MEPs
Re: Calling for a robust mercury export ban and safe surplus storage regulation
12/12/2006 To: MEPs
Re: Ensure the strength of REACH in the EP plenary vote
13/11/2006 To: MEPs
Re: Support the compromise amendments, eliminate mercury from consumer mersuring devices
31/10/2006 To: Lidl Supermarket
Re: Pesticides reduction standards in all Lidl countries
11/10/2006 To: EU Environment & Health Ministers
Re: EU air quality standards
09/10/2006 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Protect children’s health with REACH
19/09/2006 To: Ministers of Agriculture, Environment & Health
Re: Call to reject EU authorisation of 6 unacceptable pesticides
21/06/2006 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Call for defending existing health standards on airpollution (Krahmer report)
19/06/2006 To: Commissioner Dimas
Re: Concerns about the current status and future challenges in implementing the EU Action Plan on Environment and Health
23/05/2006 To: Jose Barroso, President of the European Commission
Re: Midterm review of the 2001 Common Transport Policy white paper
24/04/2006 To: ECOFIN
Re: Council debate on the EU’s Sustainable Development Strategy, 5 May
16/03/2006 To: MEPs Corbey and Krahmer
EU thematic stategy on air quality and ambient air quality legislation
13/03/2006 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Better protection of vulnerable groups, in particular children, is needed against the health effects of pesticides
16/02/2006 To: Ministers of Environment, Agriculture & Consumers
Re: Rejection of authorisation of 8 unacceptable pesticides under Council Directive 91/414/EEC
07/02/2006 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Matsakis Mercury Report
02/01/2006 To: MEPs
Re: Plenary Vote, Second Reading on Report-KORHOLA on Aarhus Convention and EU Institutions, EP January session
16/11/2005 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Vote on Report-KORHOLA on Aarhus Convention and EU Institutions, next week.
22/09/2005 To: EU Commissioners
Re: Commission communication ‘Reducing the climate change impact of aviation’
14/07/2005 To: EU Health Ministers
Re: Brominated Flame Retardants: Rising Levels of Concern
12/07/2005 To: EU Commissioners
Re: Thematic Environmental Strategies
30/06/2005 To: Jose Barroso, President of the European Commission
Re: Thematic strategy on air quality
24/06/2005 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Council discussion on DECA-BDE exemption
06/06/2005 To: Environment & Health Ministers
Re: WHO Budapest conference - Our future and our children’s future needs you
26/05/2005 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Council conclusions for action towards phasing out releases and uses of mercury
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