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HEAL, together with CPME, EFA, AIM, EPHA and Mutualites Libres, has today sent a joint letter to EU environment ministers who are currently considering the proposal to revise the EU’s ambient air quality directives (AAQD), a cornerstone for the protection of people’s health and the environment from air pollution.

The organisations, representing the European health sector, including medical doctors, healthcare professionals, patient groups and health insurers, urge ministers to step up on the Commission’s proposal, to reduce ill-health and health cost swiftly and significantly.

Air pollution is the top environmental risk to health in Europe and everyone is vulnerable to its impacts. People’s level of vulnerability is outside of individual control, as it evolves with age, health condition, socio-economic status, as well as where people live, study or work. The revision of the EU’s clean air standards is a unique and not-to-be missed opportunity for preventing premature death, heart attacks and strokes, cancer, asthma attacks and more.

Full letter here

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