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Coal phase out for health overdue

  • 10th December 2018
A new briefing by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) (also available in German and and Turkish) demonstrates that 50% of the global lignite mining and use is taking place in Europe. Lignite coal – also called brown coal – is a form of coal that is highly inefficient and polluting. Assessing lignite and hard coal over their life cycles shows that lignite is the most health harming form of coal and should be abolished as soon as possible.

Health groups call for greater EU leadership in tackling climate change

  • 29th November 2018
New research published in The Lancet medical journal today shows that emissions, climate change and rising temperatures are already exposing people everywhere to an unacceptably high health risk. The independent, interdisciplinary research collaboration Lancet Countdown identified that last year globally, 157 million more vulnerable people were subjected to a heatwave than in 2000.

Health community demands new urgency on air pollution

  • 13th February 2018
At a Brussels briefing today, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) have called upon policy-makers in the EU and wider European Region to take decisive action to clean up the air for the benefit of citizens.

HEAL reaction to today’s air quality summit

  • 30th January 2018
An air quality summit between Environment Commissioner Vella and nine EU environment ministers whose countries are in breach of EU air quality standards ended with Commissioner Vella declaring ‘it doesn’t get bigger than the loss of life due to air pollution’.