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Find HEAL's latest press releases from all of our activity areas here, we update this page weekly.

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Date Title
17/07/2018 Endocrine disruptors – Put exposure reduction at the centre of EU action now, urge health groups
27/06/2018 Health groups call for phasing out of diesel cars as a public health imperative
07/06/2018 HEAL’s vision for Europe leading the way towards a non-toxic environment
31/05/2018 Doctors and patient groups launch Unmask My City initiative to clean up Sofia’s air
17/05/2018 EU Commission refers 6 countries to EU court for failure to keep EU air quality standards
15/05/2018 EDC-Free Europe coalition urges European Commission to protect people and environment from hormone disruptors
13/04/2018 HEAL’s reaction to European Commission’s legislative initiative on transparency in the risk assessment in the food chain: “Too little, too late and not to the point”
13/03/2018 Europe’s non-toxic environment strategy could lead the way towards an ambitious international chemical framework beyond 2020
07/03/2018 Early life exposure to bisphenol A linked to the development of hyperactivity
05/03/2018 Moquettes : une détox s’impose ! Un rapport révèle la présence de substances toxiques pour la santé et l’environnement dans les moquettes vendues dans l’UE, incompatible avec l’économie circulaire
05/03/2018 Swept under the rug: new report reveals toxics in European carpets threatening health, environment and circular economy
26/02/2018 Health professionals demand clean air for Tuzla and Lukavac in Bosnia
23/02/2018 New toolkit puts spotlight on coal and health in three Turkish cities
22/02/2018 EU Court of Justice ruling on air quality in Poland
16/02/2018 Basın Bülteni: Ölü Termik Santrallere Suni Teneffüs
13/02/2018 Health community demands new urgency on air pollution
31/01/2018 Health protective identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals - A challenge under current implementation plans
30/01/2018 HEAL reaction to today’s air quality summit
11/01/2018 Europeans will remain exposed to BPA in food packaging
13/12/2017 Smanjenje zagađenja vazduha iz termoelektrana na Zapadnom Balkanu bi spasilo hiljade života godišnje
13/12/2017 Reducing air pollution from coal power plants in the Western Balkans would save thousands of lives annually
13/12/2017 EU Member States adopt revised EDC proposal – A step in the right direction, but not enough
05/12/2017 Human exposure to preventable environmental chemicals is resulting in health costs of 10% of global GDP
29/11/2017 Chinese run for investments in the Balkans: Construction of new coal power plants affects health of citizens
27/11/2017 Glyphosate: future generations to pay the price of reauthorisation of health-harming herbicide
24/11/2017 Gizli Maliyetler Can Yakıyor
21/11/2017 Constructing a new coal power plant in Serbia means putting the health and lives of thousands of people on the line
17/11/2017 20 Organisations sign declaration expressing serious concern about pharmaceuticals in the environment in the EU
11/11/2017 Making the health arguments heard in climate negotiations - HEAL at COP23
09/11/2017 European Commission fails again to gather support for glyphosate renewal
07/11/2017 TV documentary shows how EDCs are affecting our brains
02/11/2017 Challenge to EU leaders: Time to move Europe Beyond Coal
25/10/2017 Çevre Kirliliği 9 milyon insanın erken ölümünden sorumlu
25/10/2017 Member states fail to agree on glyphosate: Phase out is the only option to protect health
24/10/2017 HEAL welcomes European Parliament vote on glyphosate
20/10/2017 HEAL joins German NGOs to call for fast-track action programme on climate
20/10/2017 Pollution causes nine million deaths per year worldwide reveals new and first of its kind Lancet report
04/10/2017 European Parliament demands ambitious proposal to reduce citizens’ exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals
14/09/2017 Générations Futures’ investigation: 53.3% of food samples analysed on French market contained glyphosate residues
31/07/2017 New rules hasten end for Europe’s dirtiest power plants
31/07/2017 National governments must not use legal loopholes to hide failure on air quality
27/07/2017 Rządy na całym świecie wydają miliardy na niszczenie zdrowia obywateli
27/07/2017 World governments make citizens pay billions to destroy their own health
27/07/2017 Wie mit Steuergeldern gesundheitsschädliche Industrien gefördert werden
26/07/2017 New Meta-analysis finds that among men from North America, Europe and Australia, sperm concentration has declined more than 50% in less than 40 years
19/07/2017 Giant weedkiller bottle torn down as Europe debates future of glyphosate
04/07/2017 NGOs acknowledge vote on first ever EDC criteria - Call on European Parliament to reject flawed criteria for sake of health
28/06/2017 Health groups criticise government report on diesel emissions for denying health impacts
20/06/2017 Over 250 non-government organisations launch alternative vision for Europe
16/06/2017 EU finally recognises Bisphenol A as an endocrine disruptor for human health
16/06/2017 More than one million Europeans stand up against glyphosate
15/06/2017 How does your real-time air quality rate?
01/06/2017 Serbian Ministry of Health supports HEAL’s Unmask My City campaign
25/05/2017 Chemical regulation is “best buy” in cancer prevention
24/05/2017 Unmask My City launch in Adana - Havamızı Bozmayın Çanakkale’deki Kömür Santrali Projelerinden Vazgeçin!
18/05/2017 Further delay on flawed EDC criteria maintains unnecessary risks on human health and the environment
17/05/2017 Medical groups call for climate to be in G20 Health Ministers’ declaration
02/05/2017 Unmask my City: Anti-air pollution campaign launched in Europe
28/04/2017 EU limits permission to pollute for dirty coal
26/04/2017 Dentists urged to stop using mercury in children’s fillings
21/04/2017 Health groups call for positive vote on BREF
07/04/2017 Closing Italy’s coal power plants would lead to better health
06/04/2017 To what extent are the French exposed to glyphosate - the world’s best-selling herbicide?
04/04/2017 European petition demands government action to slash toxic coal deaths
15/03/2017 ECHA’s opinion on glyphosate greeted with concern
14/03/2017 Medical award given to HEAL for fighting coal in Bursa, Turkey
14/03/2017 ECHA opinion on glyphosate expected on Wednesday
07/03/2017 Exposing frog embryos to a chemical cocktail causes thyroid hormone disruption
07/03/2017 Review builds compelling evidence that chemical exposure harms children’s brains
24/02/2017 French celebrities discover their bodies contain unwanted chemicals
20/02/2017 Leading non-profit health insurer alerts EU health ministers on EDCs
17/02/2017 Europe finally recognises four phthalates as human endocrine disruptors
15/02/2017 JOINT STATEMENT: CETA is an unhealthy deal: lessons to be learnt for future EU trade policy
08/02/2017 European citizens’ initiative to #StopGlyphosate
08/02/2017 Environmental and health organisations launch European citizens’ initiative to ban glyphosate
31/01/2017 HEAL supports letter on environmental taxes to drive a sustainable EU budget
19/01/2017 The European Commission must fulfil their obligation to reduce pharmaceutical pollution
13/01/2017 Endocrine disrupting pesticides in tap and surface water
12/01/2017 Vote on EU-Canada deal disappoints health groups
09/01/2017 Low-dose, long-term exposure to Roundup causes disease in rats
22/12/2016 EU’s never-ending story on protective criteria to identify hormone disruptors continues
09/12/2016 EU agrees dental amalgam ban in children, pregnant and breastfeeding women
29/11/2016 Civil society calls on EU decision makers to phase out dental amalgam
08/11/2016 NGOs’ verdict to Commission’s revised proposal on EDC criteria: not right again!
21/10/2016 EU-Canada Trade and Investment Deal Fails its First Democratic Test
11/10/2016 Do breakfast cereals contain endocrine-disrupting pesticides?
11/10/2016 Effective coal regulation could slash deaths from toxic fumes by 85%
26/09/2016 Trade Ministers Discuss Halting or Reforming the US-EU Trade Talks
22/09/2016 Civil society groups call on European governments to reject CETA
16/09/2016 Europe must put people and planet first
14/09/2016 European NGOs call on EU Commission to follow through on their promise to address the problem of pharmaceuticals in the environment
18/07/2016 New campaign to accelerate the end of fossil fuel subsidies to benefit health
07/07/2016 European Commission crosses Parliament’s red lines on TTIP, say over 65 organisations
05/07/2016 Press release: Coal­ burning EU countries make their neighbours sick
01/07/2016 EU member states fail Europeans health in air quality agreement, says HEAL
28/06/2016 Civil society organisations join forces to call for G20 to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020
15/06/2016 Europe’s opportunity to stop hormone disruption crushed
19/05/2016 Reaction on postponement of glyphosate vote
04/05/2016 HEAL responds to BFR breakthrough on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
27/04/2016 MEPs Against Cancer consider relicensing glyphosate for 10 years "inappropriate" and “unacceptable”
25/04/2016 A new campaign to protect EU chemical laws
31/03/2016 Two-thirds of food-can linings contain BPA
24/03/2016 Women’s reproductive problems from hormone disrupting chemicals costs Europe 1.4 billion Euros per year
18/03/2016 Coal’s unpaid health bill in Serbia estimated at €4 billion a year
15/03/2016 €8.5 billion in health costs from Balkan coal plants prompt call for EU policy rethink
15/03/2016 Coal’s unpaid health bill in Bosnia & Herzegovina estimated at €3.1 billion
04/03/2016 Over 174,000 people call for ban on glyphosate
03/03/2016 Dutch public health institute RIVM advices Dutch government to reduce exposure to Bisphenol A
01/03/2016 Press Release - Survey findings show those living near pesticide spraying exposed to EDCs
17/02/2016 Scientists say regulation of glyphosate weed killer is “out of date”
15/02/2016 HEAL launches toolkit for a “healthy energy” future
05/02/2016 Eight year olds found out why “organic uncle” may not be so crazy
04/02/2016 European cancer groups urged to take action against glyphosate
03/02/2016 HEAL Press Reaction: Commission plans to present EDC criteria before the Summer 2016
26/01/2016 HEAL calls for coherent regulation of food packaging materials
16/12/2015 Commission breached EU law by delaying criteria on EDCs
14/12/2015 Strong climate agreement sets positive context for future health action
03/12/2015 COP21 Press release: World’s doctors tackle climate and energy pollution
18/11/2015 EU court hearing puts spotlight on Commission delay over hormone disrupting chemicals
02/11/2015 Press statement: Environmental organisations deplore ‘lost year’ for environmental protection
29/10/2015 MEPs stand up for citizens’ health in air quality vote, says HEAL
12/10/2015 Vor Pariser Klimakonferenz: Gesundheitsexperten fordern Bundesregierung zum Ausstieg aus Kohleverstromung auf
01/10/2015 Global Obstetrics and Gynaecology group warn of harm to babies from toxic chemicals in consumer products
29/09/2015 HEAL Reaction to Endocrine Society Second Scientific Statement on EDCs
23/06/2015 HEAL Reaction: Medics offer a healthy boost for a stronger Paris climate agreement
23/06/2015 Neuer Lancet-Report: Gesundheitsschutz ist zentraler Aspekt beim Klimaschutz
03/06/2015 Clean air would promote better health in Serbia
20/05/2015 Turkey’s coal expansion plans cause alarm as health costs quantified
31/03/2015 HEAL reaction: Rankings of European cities’ actions for cleaner air
25/03/2015 Media advisory - Mums and parents-to-be call for reductions in pesticide use
12/03/2015 Nineteen endocrine disrupting pesticides found in samples of women’s hair
06/03/2015 Massive health costs from EDCs prompt further calls from HEAL for regulation
26/02/2015 Endocrine disrupting chemicals: a public health problem in your shopping bag
23/02/2015 Turkish doctors say cleaner air would offer major health benefits
04/02/2015 Malta backs action on environmental pollutants to close gap in cancer prevention
15/01/2015 Green 10: Parliament support for Juncker on environment eroding over attack on green legislation
07/01/2015 MEPs discuss cancer prevention through better regulation of hormone disrupting chemicals
16/12/2014 Health groups dismayed over lack of clarity on air package
16/12/2014 Green 10: Axing of waste proposals and uncertainty about air a colossal , strategic blunder
15/12/2014 Cleaner air would offer major health benefits in the Balkans
09/12/2014 New resource by the Endocrine Society and IPEN on health threats posed by EDCs
04/12/2014 NGOs offer easy way for citizens to tell EU to stop exposures to hormone disrupting chemicals
02/12/2014 HEAL delegation brings health focus to COP20
18/11/2014 AIM calls on the EU to act on air quality
17/11/2014 Nordic countries estimate high costs from chemical exposure
06/11/2014 Air quality research suggests major benefits for children
22/10/2014 Green10 press statement: Concerns remain over Juncker Commission’s commitment to environment
22/10/2014 Joint press release : European Health Community welcomes Juncker’s decision to regulate health for the public good
08/10/2014 Press release - “SIN List” advance will contribute to reducing chronic disease
07/10/2014 Joint press release: Flexibility mechanism on air pollutants will undermine drive towards better regulation
07/10/2014 Green10 press statement: European Parliament should reject Juncker’s environmentally unsustainable Commission
01/10/2014 Blog: MEPs prioritise EDCs in the Commissioner-designate hearings
15/09/2014 Green10 press release: Why the European Parliament should block Jean-Claude Juncker’s attempt to undermine the EU’s environmental policies
22/07/2014 Climate efforts undermined by EU’s coal addiction, new report reveals
18/06/2014 €31 billion per year in EU health savings possible from reducing exposures to hormone disrupting chemicals
04/06/2014 US-EU moratorium on fracking is essential to protect public health
06/05/2014 Info release: “Know your air for health” aims to help us breathe more easily
29/04/2014 21 residues of endocrine disrupting pesticides found in samples of children’s hair
14/04/2014 Press release: EU extends life of Europe’s biggest polluter while IPCC calls for coal phase out
03/04/2014 Press release: Health organisations call for climate action on IPCC WG2 report’s publication
26/03/2014 Farmers who are “victims of pesticides” call for EU action
26/03/2014 Information release – HEAL re-launches the Chemicals Health Monitor
27/02/2014 Endocrine disruptors: a report that marks an important moment!
19/02/2014 Information release: EU decision to allow greater pollution of Polish power plants puts health of citizens at risk
19/02/2014 WHO report calls endocrine disruptors a ’’global threat’’
18/02/2014 Information release: New patient information leaflets: Air quality and heart and lung health
18/02/2014 Information release: New evidence on chemicals and children’s stunted neurological development
23/01/2014 Information release: HEAL co-hosting health and environment film screenings and debates
23/01/2014 Europe should act on BPA following health cost-tag calculation
19/12/2013 HEAL welcomes health objective in EU air quality strategy but regrets much else
17/12/2013 EU environmental assessment law must include fracking, says HEAL
10/12/2013 Joint press release: MEPs call for immediate release of air package
09/12/2013 How coal power plants make us sick – Romanian version of HEAL report launched today
02/12/2013 UK parliament urged to recognise health costs of coal
15/11/2013 Joint press release: COP19: The road towards addressing the greatest global health threat
13/11/2013 Media photo op: Delays are wasting opportunities for prevention of chronic disease and healthcare savings
23/10/2013 HEAL welcomes manifesto on breast cancer launched in UK
29/08/2013 Joint press release: New Publication on NCDs: Environmental factors one of the main causes of preventable deaths
16/07/2013 Joint letter on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive
03/07/2013 WHO report underlines need for stronger EU action on air pollution, says HEAL
20/06/2013 HEAL welcomes priority given to “health protection” in the 7th EAP
19/06/2013 HEAL joins calls for France to maintain its leadership on endocrine disrupting chemicals
27/05/2013 HEAL responds to Berlaymont Declaration on endocrine disruptors
25/04/2013 HEAL responds to vote on 7th Environment Action Programme
21/03/2013 EFSA opinion on endocrine disruptors problematic
14/03/2013 European Parliament vote on EDCs conveys urgency of protecting health
07/03/2013 Coal’s health bill reaches €43 billion a year
06/03/2013 Winner of “Health and Environment Film Prize” announced
06/02/2013 Beyond disappointment – European lawmakers on the side of automobile industry on traffic noise vote
06/02/2013 European parliament condemns European citizens to noisier cities
23/01/2013 EP Committee tells Commission “the sooner the better” on EDCs
07/01/2013 Global mercury treaty would make Europe’s children brainier
14/12/2012 Air pollution ranked as top health risk factor in Europe
05/12/2012 Doha health declaration wins major support from European groups
09/11/2012 HEAL announces “Health and Environment Film Prize”
25/10/2012 EU bio-monitoring shows mothers and children exposed to harmful chemicals
19/10/2012 Delegates Decision Prolongs Toxic Pollution
03/07/2012 Green 10: Mid-term assessment of the Commission shows poor environmental track record
11/06/2012 HEAL welcomes Environment Ministers’ inclusion of “health protection” in 7th EAP
31/05/2012 Response to European Commission’s position on chemical mixtures released today
16/05/2012 Common diseases linked to chemical exposures before birth
25/04/2012 EU citizens call for quick action to curb traffic noise
24/04/2012 Shale gas: A dangerous experiment on the environment and human health
20/03/2012 Daily chemical exposure adds to obesity and diabetes risk
01/03/2012 HEAL backs 10 guiding principles and call to tackle an invisible killer
20/02/2012 Report paves way for ban on "gender bender" hormone-disrupting chemicals