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At the REACH Committee meeting scheduled on 22-23 September, EU Member States will discuss and possibly vote on a European Commission proposal to identify the substance Resorcinol as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) due to endocrine disrupting properties for health. Eight health and environment groups are calling on European governments to support the Commission’s proposal, in order to ensure that public authorities, actors in the supply chain, workers and citizens have adequate knowledge of the hazardous properties of this substance. 

Resorcinol impacts the functioning of the thyroid system, which is essential for brain development, in particular for unborn children. Exposure to Resorcinol has been shown to affect thyroid hormone levels in experimental rodent studies and to lead to a series of severe developmental effects related to such hormone level changes in humans as documented by case reports, including hypothyroidism, goiter, neurological impacts in the child. The latter effects can be considered irreversible because they strongly affect the wellbeing and quality of life of an individual over the long-term.

Read our letter to the German authorities. 

Read our letter to the Finnish authorities.

Read our letter to the Polish authorities. 

Read our letter to the Italian authorities. A translated version of this letter has kindly been provided by HEAL member ISDE Italy.

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