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Air pollution is the number one environmental threat to health, in the EU and globally. HEAL works for good air quality indoors and outside that does not harm health, and to protect those that are particularly vulnerable. Our vision is clean air for all, across the European continent, and reaching WHO’s air quality guidelines by 2030.

Protect our health: Clean air now!

2021 and beyond present us with ample opportunities to make the EU a clean air champion in the region and internationally, which can lead to significant improvement in people’s health and reduced rates of cancer, heart and lung disease among others, strengthened clean air efforts will also support climate mitigation.

The EU’s legally binding limits for air pollutants should be based on science, and be at least as strict as the World Health Organization’s regularly updated guidelines. But the current standards from 2008 are based on an outdated political compromise, while the evidence-base on health harm has greatly increased in the last decade.

We call on the European Union to urgently, finally and fully align EU air quality standards with the latest available science to protect our health. 

Our Clean Air petition calls for full alignment with science-based air quality standards. Over 70,000 Europeans have already signed our appeal. 

The petition is running all year and is available in a variety of languages:









Newsletter: science for healthy air quality 

Air pollution can cause a variety of health effects. It impacts people’s health in the short term (cough, shortness of breath, asthma attacks) and in the long term (chronic asthma and other lung diseases, heart diseases and cancers). It can even lead to early death.

There is no scientific doubt that air pollutants such as particulate matter PM2.5 or nitrogen dioxideNO2 harm our health and new studies are emerging every month further proving this link. Simultaneously, researchers are increasingly looking at the health benefits of particular air pollution solutions. 

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Webinar series

Stay tuned for our webinar series on air quality connecting people working on health and air quality from across Europe. Issues to be discussed include the new WHO air quality guidelines, exchanges between Eastern and Western Europe and good practices and healthy interventions for clean air, air quality in cities and a spotlight on selected science.