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The long-neglected health impacts of fossil gas

While much of the public and political attention has been on coal power generation and its impacts on climate and health, the health threats from burning fossil gas have not been part of the discussion on future-proof energy production and deserve greater attention.

Joint letter to ENVI MEPs: Health organisations’ recommendations to step up on clean air for health with science-based air quality standards

The European Parliament's Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety is currently considering the proposal to revise the EU’s ambient air quality directives (AAQD), a cornerstone for the protection of people’s health and the environment from air pollution. Today, HEAL, together with six more health organisations, has written to members of the committee, urging them tostep up on the European Commission’s proposal, to reduce ill-health and health cost swiftly and significantly.

Letter from Europe’s environmental NGOs on the cars CO2 deal

HEAL and others have written to German chancellor Scholz and vice-chancellor Habeck with concern regarding the recent political backpedalling and confusion created by the German government that has led to the postponement of the Council vote on the new CO2 standards for cars and vans. The NGOs have called on them to stand firm and confirm the support of your government for the existing agreement without further delay.

Video: HEAL’s six demands for a health-first reform of REACH

The European Commission has announced an overhaul of REACH, Europe’s flagship legislation on chemicals. A new video from the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) spells out how the current system allows dangerous chemicals to slip through the cracks, and our six demands to help get REACH back on track to better protect health and the environment.

Q&A on animal testing and chemical safety assessments

We are exposed to a wide mix of potentially harmful chemicals on a daily basis. To assess whether and how exposure to chemical substances can impact our health and the environment, European and national regulatory authorities rely on the results from several testing methods, including animal testing, when performing their safety assessment. In this Q&A, HEAL answers several key questions about the use of animal testing in the European Union.

Gesundheitsverbände fordern stärkere Anstrengungen zur Verbesserung der Luftqualität

Die Bundesärztekammer und die Gesundheitsverbände Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) und Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit (KLUG) fordern dringende Maβnahmen, um die unterschätzte Krankheitslast durch Luftverschmutzung und insbesondere Feinstaub zu senken. Bei der aktuellen Überarbeitung der Luftqualitätsgrenzwerte auf EU-Ebene sollte sich die Bundesregierung für die vollständige Angleichung der Grenzwerte mit Empfehlungen der Weltgesundheitsorganisation bis 2030 einsetzen, damit Deutschland und die EU Vorreiter beim Gesundheitsschutz werden.
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