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Aishwarya Sudhir is HEAL’s programme lead for Bangalore, India. She is working on the engagement of the health sector for clean air, as part of the Unmask My City initiative.

Aishwarya has been working as a researcher and a campaigner on energy and environmental policy since 2010. In the past five years, she has worked extensively on environmental pollution and improving air quality in various parts of India. She has focused her research and work on influencing policy and advocacy by bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders working towards the cause for clean air in the cities of Delhi, Varanasi and Bangalore, and in India’s critically polluted hot spots such as Sonbadhra in Uttar Pradesh.

Aishwarya has worked and represented organisations affiliated to the European Climate Foundation in the capacity of a senior researcher in her most recent role before joining HEAL.

Her recent publications –  Varanasi Chokes and Bengaluru’s rising air quality crisis (2018) – received widespread coverage in the national and the international media.