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HEAL Newsflash - February 2015

Parliament support for Juncker on environment eroding over attack on green legislation
Five out of seven political groups, representing over 60 per cent of MEPs in the European Parliament have shown they are against the EU Commission’s proposal to withdraw environmental legislation from its 2015 Work Programme through group resolutions. Read more…

TTIP trade talks continue - regulatory cooperation hot public health issue
Over 160 civil society groups from 23 countries denounce “regulatory cooperation” in the TTIP negotiations as a threat to democracy and an attempt to put the interests of big business before the protection of citizens, workers, and the environment. Read more…

World Cancer Day: Action on environmental pollutants to close gap in cancer prevention
HEAL collaborated with its member organisation Action for Breast Cancer Foundation in Malta who organised two events for World Cancer Day. HEAL’s Executive Director gave the keynote speech at the conference which focused on environmental policy as a lever for cancer prevention. Read more…

WHO Environmental Health Economics Network
Members of the network including HEAL recently met to discuss an upcoming joint WHO/OECD publication on health economics and air pollution. Read more…

FIFE film festival screens Endocrination and Zone Blanche
For the third year running, HEAL co-hosted a programme of health and environment documentaries and debates at the International Environmental Film Festival (FIFE) in Paris. Read more…

HEAL to EU Commission: protect public health - use scientific rigor to identify EDCs
HEAL made its official submission to the EU public consultation on the criteria to identify hormone disrupting chemicals which closed on 16 January 2015. Read more…

Over 20,000 individuals say ‘NO’ to hormone disrupting chemicals
The majority of submissions to the EU Commission’s public consultation came from ’Say NO to hormone disrupting chemicals’ online platform launched by the EDC-Free coalition. Read more...

Top policy makers support curbing EDC exposure to prevent cancer
MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) addressed a well-attended meeting on preventing cancer through reductions in exposure to EDCs. Read more…

EU Council joins EDC court case
The EU Council of Ministers is now supporting a court case against the EU Commission regarding the delay in delivering the criteria for EDCs. The European Parliament is also set to join. The lawsuit was started by Sweden last year. Read more…

EFSA’s conclusions on BPA
The European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded in their final scientific opinion that current levels of exposure to BPA via food contact material, flavourings, cosmetics and toys for example, would not post a risk to health, despite BPA having endocrine disrupting properties. Read more…

Pesticide Action Week 2015
The 10th edition of Pesticide Action Week takes place from 20 – 30 March 2015, an annual event informing the public about the impacts of pesticides on health and the environment and to promote alternatives. Read more…

NGOs call for ending of public export credits for coal
HEAL teamed up with climate and environmental groups to express concerns about a recent EU Commission proposal on export credits for coal. With the COP in Paris coming up, the EU Commission should show credibility and consistency on climate mitigation. Read more…

Scotland agrees moratorium on fracking, UK steams ahead
Scotland’s moratorium on fracking and Wales’ motion not to agree to fracking until its safety is proven are steps in the right direction to prevent the environmental and health impacts of shale gas. However a majority of MPs refused to back proposals for a UK-wide moratorium.Read more…

EU negotiations continue for air quality improvements
HEAL, its members and health partners welcome the confirmation that negotiations on reducing air pollution emissions under the National Emissions Ceilings Directive will continue. Read more…

HEAL in Poland highlights air quality problems on Polish TV
HEAL’s coal and health adviser in Poland and a pulmonologist from the Polish Society of Lung Disease were recently interviewed about air pollution on the biggest Polish TV news channel, TVN24. Read more…

Health impacts of air pollution breakfast meeting
HEAL co-organised a breakfast briefing in the European Parliament on the health impacts of cross-border air pollution and the need for efficient regulation. Read more…

HEAL in Poland at 25th meeting of Polish European Respiratory Society
In January HEAL in Poland attended the 25th meeting of the Polish European Respiratory Society (ERS), an annual event bringing together the most well-known pulmonologists and other health and medical experts in Poland. Read more...

Members’ news

14: World Federation of Public Health Associations Annual meeting

18: CHE Call: EDCs, Oil and Gas Development, & Groundwater with Dr. Susan Nagel

27, Madrid, Spain: HEAL and Alborada Foundation Roundtable on EDCs and health costs, Spanish Parliament

March 2015

4: Launch of the EEA’s State of the Environment Report 2015

5, Munich, Germany: HEAL and WECF meeting on chemicals and diseases

5- 6, Brussels, Belgium: ATOPICA conference

6, Brussels, Belgium: EU Environment Council

20 – 30: Pesticide Action Week

April 2015

7: World Health Day

Take Action

REACH Authorisation - Consultation on application for low volumes & extension of transitional arrangements for uses in legacy spare parts - Deadline 30 April 2015 - Tell the G20 to #StopFundingFossils

HEAL in the media

Environmental Policy to Prevent Cancer-Causing Pollutants
Newswire, 6 February 2015

Breakfast television, TVAM, Malta public television
4 Feb 2015, available on Facebook

’Suppressed’ EU report could have banned pesticides worth billions
2 February 2015, Guardian

La Commission européenne s’isole sur les perturbateurs endocriniens
Le Monde, 23 January 2015

Industry, NGOs square up over endocrine disruptors
ENDS Europe, 20 January 2015

Health NGO: ’Endocrine disruptors are one of the biggest public health threats of this century’
Euractiv, 16 January 2015

Europe-wide cancer group calls for action on hormone disruptors
Parliament Magazine, 9 January 2015

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  • @GenonHEAL on #WorldCancerDay #Environmental protection of personal importance to 99% of Maltese
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  • MT @Green_Europe: Why we need to set national limits to #airpollution @GreenKeithMEP
  • Anne Stauffer @HealthandEnv at #EP meeting highlights the need that all polluting sectors should be addressed in #NEC #cleanair
  • @BasEickhout @MicheleRivasi HEAL in @EurActiv: ’#EDCs are one of the biggest public #health threats of this century’

Originally posted on 13 February 2015

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