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Find HEAL’s latest publications from all of our activity areas here, we update this page weekly.

The publications are listed chronologically, but you can also search but subject area in the box on the right.

Date Title
10/07/2018 HEAL Balkan jul 2018
02/07/2018 HEAL Balkan jul 2018
28/06/2018 HEAL Balkan June 2018
25/06/2018 HEAL Balkan June 2018
20/06/2018 HEAL Balkan June 2018
15/06/2018 HEAL Balkan June 2018
12/06/2018 HEAL Balkan june 2018
07/06/2018 HEAL’s vision on Europe leading the way to a non-toxic environment
28/05/2018 HEAL Briefing - Healthy Buildings, Healthier People
24/05/2018 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 3, May 2018
17/05/2018 Infographic - HEAL’s Eight demands for clean air in the European Region
16/05/2018 HEAL Balkan maj 2018
25/04/2018 HEAL Balkan april 2018
16/04/2018 HEAL Balkan april 2018
10/04/2018 HEAL Balkan april 2018
09/04/2018 HEAL Balkan april 2018
03/04/2018 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 2, April 2018
22/03/2018 HEAL Balkan mart 2018
13/03/2018 HEAL BALKAN MART 2018
05/03/2018 Keine Schadstoffe in Teppichböden - Wege zu recyclelbaren Teppichen ohne schädliche Chemikalien und einer funktionsfähigen Kreislaufwirtschaft
05/03/2018 Tapijt detoxen - Wegen naar veilig en recyclebaar tapijt in een werkelijk circulaire economie
05/03/2018 Des moquettes sans toxiques - Vers des moquettes sûres et recyclables dans une économie véritablement circulaire
05/03/2018 Detoxing Carpets - Pathways towards safe and recyclable carpet in a truly circular economy
23/02/2018 Toolkit: Coal Power Generation and Health in Three Regions of Turkey; Çanakkale, İzmİr and Tekİrdağ
23/02/2018 İLETİŞİM KİTİ: Çanakkale, İzmİr ve Tekİrdağ’da Kömürden Elektrİk Üretİmİ ve Sağlık
14/02/2018 HEAL’s eight demands for clean air in the European Region
01/02/2018 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 1, January 2018
31/01/2018 HEAL Balkan januar 2018
11/01/2018 HEAL Balkan januar 2018
09/01/2018 Building 4 People: People-Centric Buildings for European Citizens
08/01/2018 HEAL Balkan januar 2018
18/12/2017 HEAL Balkan decembar 2017
18/12/2017 HEAL Balkan decembar 2017
13/12/2017 Boosting Health by Improving Air Quality in the Balkans
29/11/2017 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 5, November 2017
24/11/2017 HEAL BALKAN NOVEMBAR 2017
22/11/2017 HEAL BALKAN NOVEMBAR 2017
27/09/2017 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 4, September 2017
27/07/2017 Hidden Price Tags: How ending fossil fuel subsidies would benefit our health
29/06/2017 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 3, June 2017
13/06/2017 How do we calculate health impacts and costs from coal? Here’s a handy visual guide!
05/05/2017 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 2, May 2017
03/05/2017 Annual Review 2016
28/02/2017 HEAL Newsletter - Edition 1, February 2017
31/01/2017 Q&A on Fossil Fuel Subsidies and their consequences for health and climate
31/01/2017 Joint CETA booklet – The unhealthy side effects of CETA
20/12/2016 HEAL Newsflash - Winter Edition
28/10/2016 HEAL Newsflash - October 2016
29/09/2016 HEAL Newsflash - September 2016
27/07/2016 HEAL Newsflash - Summer 2016
07/07/2016 A Compliance Check of the European Parliament’s TTIP Resolution
04/07/2016 HEAL Newsflash - June 2016
27/05/2016 HEAL Newsflash - May 2016
25/05/2016 Climate mitigation is win-win for public health
19/05/2016 Joint statement: More than 300,000 health professionals call on G7 nations to phase out coal
03/05/2016 Annual Review 2015
28/04/2016 The Unpaid Health Bill: How coal power plants in KOSOVO make us sick (EN)
28/04/2016 Fatura e papaguar shëndetësore: Si na sëmurin neve termocentralet me qymyr në KOSOVË (ALB)
28/04/2016 The Unpaid Health Bill: How coal power plants in MONTENEGRO make us sick (EN)
28/04/2016 Neplaćeni zdravstveni račun: Kako nas termoelektrane na ugalj U CRNOJ GORI čine bolesnima (MNE)
28/04/2016 The Unpaid Health Bill: How coal power plants in MACEDONIA make us sick (EN)
28/04/2016 Неплатената сметка за здравство - На кој начин не разболуваат термоелектраните на јаглен во МАКЕДОНИЈА (MK)
22/04/2016 HEAL Newsflash - April 2016
18/03/2016 The Unpaid Health Bill: How coal plants in SERBIA make us sick (EN)
18/03/2016 Neplaćeni zdravstveni račun: Kako nas termoelektrane na ugalj U SRBiJi čine bolesnima (SER)
17/03/2016 HEAL Newsflash - March 2016
15/03/2016 The Unpaid Health Bill: How coal power plants in BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA make us sick (EN)
15/03/2016 Neplaćeni zdravstveni račun: Kako nas termoelektrane na ugalj U BOSNI I HERCEGOVINI čine bolesnima (BOS)
15/03/2016 The Unpaid Health Bill: How coal power plants in the WESTERN BALKANS make us sick (EN)
15/03/2016 Neplaćeni zdravstveni račun: Kako nas termoelektrane na ugalj na ZAPADNOM BALKANU čine bolesnima (SER)
15/03/2016 Technical report: Health Impacts of Coal Fired Power Stations in the Western Balkans (EN)
15/03/2016 Tehnièki izveštaj Uticaji termoelektrana na ugalj na zdravlje na Zapadnom Balkanu (SER)
16/02/2016 Food Contact Materials and Chemical Contamination
15/02/2016 Toolkit: Coal power generation and health in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey
12/02/2016 Toolkit: Coal power generation and health in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey (TK)
27/01/2016 HEAL Newsflash - January 2016
17/12/2015 HEAL Newsflash - December 2015
23/11/2015 HEAL Newsflash - November 2015
20/10/2015 Poland: High health costs from public financing for coal power (PL)
16/10/2015 HEAL Newsflash - October 2015
17/09/2015 HEAL Newsflash - September 2015
15/07/2015 HEAL Newsflash - Summer 2015
11/06/2015 HEAL Newsflash - June 2015
20/05/2015 The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants in Turkey make us sick (TK)
20/05/2015 The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants in Turkey make us sick (EN)
08/05/2015 HEAL Newsflash - May 2015
03/05/2015 Annual Review 2014
09/04/2015 HEAL Newsflash - April 2015
24/03/2015 Pesticide Action Week resources: Health impacts of EDCs and pesticides on pregant women and children
12/03/2015 HEAL Newsflash - March 2015
26/02/2015 Health costs in the European Union - How much is related to EDC? (ES)
23/02/2015 Air Pollution and Health in Turkey - Facts, Figures and Recommendations (EN)
23/02/2015 Air Pollution and Health in Turkey - Facts, Figures and Recommendations (TK)
13/02/2015 HEAL Newsflash - February 2015
18/12/2014 HEAL Newsflash - December 2014
15/12/2014 Cleaner air would offer major health benefits in the Balkans
15/12/2014 Ranking of premature deaths from air pollution in Europe
14/11/2014 HEAL Newsflash - November 2014
22/10/2014 HEAL Newsflash - October 2014
03/10/2014 Annual Review 2013
02/10/2014 Joint HEAL/MIO ECSDE report: Endocrine disrupting chemicals - A lurking threat
29/09/2014 HEAL Newsflash - September 2014
10/09/2014 Poster on air pollution sources and health problems (PL)
02/09/2014 Air pollution factsheets
25/07/2014 HEAL Newsflash - Summer 2014
22/07/2014 Europe’s dirty 30: How the EU’s coal-fired power plants are undermining its climate efforts
08/07/2014 Chemical Cocktails: harmful mixtures upset our hormones (Leaflet)
27/06/2014 HEAL Newsflash - June 2014
26/06/2014 Brochure on domestic coal combustion in Poland
18/06/2014 Health costs in the European Union - How much is related to EDC?
15/05/2014 HEAL Newsflash - May 2014
15/04/2014 HEAL Newsflash - April 2014
31/03/2014 Leaflet: Chemicals in our food and consumer products (German)
06/03/2014 HEAL Newsflash - March 2014
18/02/2014 Information for patients with lung disease
18/02/2014 Information for patients with cardiovascular disease
18/02/2014 Information for individuals and families concerned about lung cancer
18/02/2014 Information for parents of children with asthma and allergies
07/02/2014 HEAL Newsflash - February 2014
17/12/2013 HEAL Newsflash - December 2013
28/11/2013 HEAL Newsflash - November 2013
21/10/2013 Coal and health postcard
09/10/2013 HEAL Newsflash - October 2013
24/09/2013 Annual Review 2012
29/08/2013 Joint publication: Non-Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants
23/07/2013 HEAL Newsflash - Summer 2013
10/06/2013 HEAL Newsflash - June 2013
30/05/2013 HEAL Newsflash - May 2013
11/04/2013 HEAL Newsflash - April 2013
02/04/2013 Shale gas: Unconventional and unwanted: the case against shale gas
18/03/2013 HEAL Newsflash - March 2013
07/03/2013 Report: The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants make us sick
08/02/2013 HEAL Newsflash - February 2013
28/01/2013 Health and Environment Film Prize brochure
13/12/2012 HEAL Newsflash - December 2012
11/10/2012 Background Paper: Health impacts of lignite-fired power plants: The German-Polish region Lusatia
11/10/2012 Background Paper: Health impacts of lignite-fired power plants: The German-Polish region Lusatia (German)
10/10/2012 HEAL Newsflash - October 2012
05/09/2012 HEAL Newsflash - September 2012
05/09/2012 HEAL Annual Review 2011
10/07/2012 HEAL Newsflash - Summer 2012
03/07/2012 Report: Environmental Track Record for the 2010-2012 European Commission - Off Their Game
21/06/2012 HEAL Newsflash - June 2012
04/06/2012 The European Example: What Have We Learned about Health and the Environment?
10/05/2012 HEAL Newsflash - May 2012
11/04/2012 A CHEM Trust and HEAL briefing: Regulating chemicals with endocrine disrupting properties
06/04/2012 HEAL Newsflash - April 2012
28/03/2012 Questions & Answers: Moving Beyond 20% - How reducing greenhouse gas emissions benefits people’s health in the EU
27/03/2012 Briefing for policy makers: The health benefits of greenhouse gas reduction policies
20/03/2012 Chemicals in our food and consumer products – A missing link in the epidemics of obesity and diabetes? (Leaflet and Conclusions & Summaries)
09/03/2012 HEAL Newsflash - February - March 2012
02/02/2012 Cut emissions, boost health
01/02/2012 HEAL Newsflash - January 2012
25/11/2011 Acting now for a better Health - 30 % Reduction Target for EU Climate Policy (Informational Postcard)
13/10/2011 HEAL Annual Review 2010
26/09/2011 The Parliament Magazine: Health Non-communicable diseases - Environmental factors
13/09/2011 HEAL fact sheet - Chronic disease and environment
31/08/2011 Hydraulic fracturing of shale gas: a real scandal!
14/03/2011 Resources on cancer and the environment - compiled by HEAL (Document)
24/12/2010 Six steps to pesticide reduction: A HEAL toolkit for communities and individuals wishing to reduce local pesticide use
10/12/2010 Cancun Climate and Health Statement (Report)
25/11/2010 Health and fiscal co-benefits of emissions reductions: a summary for negotiators (Briefing)
24/09/2010 Acting now for a better Health - 30 % Reduction Target for EU Climate Policy (Report)
30/06/2010 EU Health Forum Workshop: Policy Recommendations Integrating Environment and Health policy towards better health outcomes (Report)
11/06/2010 The EU Environment and Health Action Plan (EHAP): Assessment and Outlook for future action
17/05/2010 Quiet please: Better health through strong EU regulation of road and rail traffic noise (Brochure)
21/04/2010 Which pesticides are used in my School? (Survey)
10/04/2010 CEHAPE Awards 2010: Environmental measures to improve children’s health
03/03/2010 HEAL Annual Review 2009
17/02/2010 Better health through a healthy environment
21/01/2010 Pesticides - a toxic education? A survey of pesticides in UK schools (Report)
15/11/2009 Postcard: What’s good for climate is good for health
18/10/2009 Damp Mould: Directory of Agencies In the European Region Providing Information on Damp and Mould to the Public
10/10/2009 Nature & Health: Green 10 Briefing for the European Parliament
08/10/2009 Green 10 Briefing for the European Parliament - Climate change
24/09/2009 Pesticides in schools (Leaflet)
10/09/2009 Pesticides in schools (Guide)
27/06/2009 Healthy hospitals, healthy planet, healthy people
27/06/2009 Climate change may be hazardous to your health
18/06/2009 Damp and Mould: Health risks, prevention and remedial actions (Brochure)
10/06/2009 Green 10 - Off Target: European Commission 2004-2009 Environmental Progress Report & Lessons for the next Commission
23/05/2009 Male Reproductive Health Disorders and the Potential Role of Exposure to Environmental Chemicals (Sharpe report)
23/05/2009 Men Under Threat: How the decline in male reproductive health may be linked to exposure to chemicals
20/05/2009 Men under threat Report: The decline in male reproductive health
01/03/2009 Climate change and the lungs - Fact Sheet for Adults & Children
11/02/2009 Harmful chemicals in products you buy? Your right to know
17/01/2009 Invisible burden - Good reasons to get rid of PBT chemicals
02/12/2008 Choosing our future - For a healthier life, consume chemicals in moderation!
26/11/2008 HEAL Annual Review 2008
02/10/2008 The co-benefits to health of a strong EU climate change policy
15/09/2008 Green 10: The role of the European Parliament 2009 - 2014
14/09/2008 Green 10 Environment at the heart of Europe: An environmental roadmap for 2009-2014 the role of the European Parliament
21/08/2008 Bisphenol A in plastics: It’s making us sick
27/06/2008 Climate Change and Health Good Practice Award: Competition Entries
24/06/2008 Investigating chemicals in your school - toolkit
23/06/2008 CHEMICALS HEALTH MONITOR - Bookmark and poster to address the link between chemicals, health and disease
20/06/2008 Ville Zero Pesticides: Pour que nos enfants ne nous accusent pas
17/06/2008 Public Health & Climate change (Leaflet)
14/05/2008 Indoor air pollution and the lungs – Fact Sheet for Adults & Children
14/04/2008 Breast Cancer: Factors influencing the risk of breast cancer – established and emerging
14/04/2008 Breast Cancer: Preventing the preventable
12/04/2008 Breast Cancer and exposure to hormonally active chemicals: An appraisal of the scientific evidence
10/04/2008 Nanotechnology and Health Risks
16/01/2008 HEAL Annual Review 2006
07/11/2007 REACH Public Briefing: What will the new EU chemicals legislation deliver for public health?
19/10/2007 Climate change and Health : Protecting the most vulnerable
18/08/2007 Navigating REACH: An activists’ guide to using and improving the new EU chemicals legislation
01/08/2007 REACH My voice: how you can demand better protection of human health and the environment from hazardous chemicals
23/06/2007 Neurotox Briefing: Chemicals compromising our children
20/06/2007 CEHAPE Awards 2007: Environmental-friendly measures that improve child health
15/06/2007 HEAL activities on Youth Participation and CEHAPE 2004-2007
14/06/2007 Green 10 Face the Future
06/06/2007 CHEMICALS HEALTH MONITOR - Postcard to address the link between chemicals, health and disease
25/05/2007 Dental sector as a source of Mercury contamination – Conference Report
24/05/2007 Outdoor air pollution and the lungs - Fact Sheet for Adults & Children
14/05/2007 Mercury and Dental Amalgams
27/04/2007 ‘Could Try Harder’ A mid-term report on the European Commission’s environmental record
05/04/2007 A vote for my child’s health - Please do not spray hazardous pesticides where my child eats, plays and learns
30/03/2007 CHEMICALS HEALTH MONITOR - Report to address the link between chemicals, health and disease
20/03/2007 Environmental Justice: Listening to women and children
20/03/2007 HEAL Annual Review 2005
14/03/2007 Making the case for environmental justice in Europe
04/03/2007 Health and Environment Primer
14/02/2007 Mercury: Global burden and risk to childhood skills
10/02/2007 Cut back on Pesticides for healthier lives
14/12/2006 Halting the child brain drain: Why we need to tackle global mercury contamination
14/10/2006 Mercury and Fish Consumption
14/10/2006 Mercury and Vaccines
14/10/2006 Submitting Mercury Sphygmomanometers
14/10/2006 Managing Small Mercury Spills
14/09/2006 REACH Economic facts and figures
23/06/2006 Harmful Plastic Softener (DEHP) in medical devices
14/06/2006 Mercury in Health Care
14/06/2006 Mercury and Health
10/06/2006 Clearing the air: indoor air quality makes all the difference
15/05/2006 Brominated Flame Retardants: Assessing DecaBDE Debromination in the Environment
19/03/2006 Green 10: A programme for the Sustainable Development of the European Union
17/02/2006 Clearing up Misconceptions about Mercury and Health
14/02/2006 G10 - 10 simple steps to help halt biodiversity loss by 2010
14/12/2005 Zero Mercury Key issues and policy recommendations for the EU Strategy on Mercury
14/12/2005 Final Report on capacity building workshops on EU and Pan European environment and health policies
12/09/2005 Chemical substances: invisible and unknown
14/08/2005 Fact sheet: A healthy environment for our children (DE)
14/07/2005 Introducing the GREEN 9 group of environmental NGOs active at EU level
23/06/2005 Breast Cancer - an environmental disease, the case for prevention
14/03/2005 Electromagnetic fields – worries and uncertainties
14/02/2005 Environment and Health in Europe - Advocacy and Capacity Building Training Programme Report
14/02/2005 Towards Healthy Environments for Children: Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about breastfeeding in a contaminated environment
23/01/2005 Sick of Chemicals : A review of the evidence
14/10/2004 It’s our world, our future too: Young people’s voices on environment and health priorities
23/09/2004 Chemicals beyond control ensuring EU chemicals policy protects human health and the environment
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