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Heritage Fight: le combat pour demain by Eugenie Dumont - 105’

Screening: Wednesday 20 February at 19.15 and Tuesday 26 Tuesday at 22.30

‘In one of the last remaining untouched areas of Australia, the little village of Broome is fighting against the installation of the second largest gas plant on the planet.’

Watch the trailer here:

Por un Pedacito de Tierra / For a piece of land by Maria van Munster and Cyril Crusson - 66’

Screening: Thursday 21 February at 10.15 and Friday 22 February at 19.45

‘What are the consequences for the land and for the inhabitants in Argentina of a massive cultivation of genetically-modified soya?’

Watch the trailer here:

The carbon rush by Amy Miller and Anne Miller - 54’

Screening: Monday 25 February at 18.00 and Tuesday 26 February at 12.00

‘What is a “Carbon credit”? What happens when the markets are called upon to sort out the climate crisis? Who gains and who suffers?’

Watch the trailer here:

Sacrificed to the waves by Jean-Yves Bilen - 70’

Screening: Wednesday 20 February at 15.45 and Thursday 21 at 21.15

‘We are all sensitive electrons. We are all beings sensitive to electromagnetic waves in our environment.’

Watch the trailer here:

Les Sacrifiés des Ondes - Nouveau film de Jean... par JaneBurgermeister

Unacceptable levels by Ed Brown - 76’

Screening: Friday, 22 February at 13.30 and Saturday, 23 February at 21.15.

‘Exposed constantly to over 80,000 chemicals in products all around us, our bodies contain about 200 synthetic industrial compounds that are interacting in our cells.’

Watch the trailer here:

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