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Hundreds of companies and local businesses back a green energy future for Europe

Press release, Brussels, 25 January 2011 – Two hundred local businesses and organisations, national and European politicians, and companies from a variety of sectors, including engineering, energy supplies and healthcare, have lent their support to a 100% renewable energy vision for Europe in 2050.

As the EU sets out its own vision for the future of energy in Europe (2050 vision) and as EU leaders prepare to meet in Brussels on 4 February for the first-ever high-level summit on energy, the signatories of the 100% renewables declaration are calling on Europe to “lead by example”. The signatories have committed to promote and economy based on energy efficiency and renewable energy to boost green jobs and economic development, energy independence and to tackle climate change.

The first 200 signatories include technology-developers Danfoss, electronics company Sanyo, engineering group SKF, energy companies Mainstream Renewable Power and La Compagnie du Vent (a subsidiary of GDF Suez), the energy efficiency council ECEE, The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and private equity management company Taiga Mistral. Other signatories include local power utilities, national politicians and civil society organisations from across Europe

Christian Comes, Business Development Manager, Sanyo Component Europe GmbH (Solar Division), said: “Clean technology is at the centre of our company. Through our more than 35 year history in developing solar technology, we’ve always believed in this for the bettering of the world. We are at a critical point now in countering the effects of global warming, so we must all act together and embrace this new wave of technology for the future of our world and our children.”

Dr Pendo Maro, senior climate and energy adviser at the Health and Environment Alliance and Health Care Without Harm Europe, said: “Cleaner sources of energy mean cleaner air with special benefits for those with asthma or other respiratory or cardiac conditions. Each year, 230,000 people in the European Union die prematurely as a result of exposure to air pollution. A move towards renewable sources of energy could help to bring those numbers down.”

Sirpa Pietikäinen, Finnish Member of the European Parliament (EPP), said: “Green energy is now a movement and it’s growing. Businesses, organisations and people across Europe already feel the benefits of green energy and more want to join in.”

Other stakeholders are expected to sign the declaration in the coming weeks and months.


The 100% renewable energy declaration is available on


Josche Muth – deputy secretary-general, EREC , the European Renewable Energy Council: +32 (0)487 393852,

Jan Geiss – secretary-general, Eufores , the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources: +32 (0)2 5461948,

Frauke Thies – EU energy policy adviser, Greenpeace: +32 (0)477 790415,

PRESS: Mark Breddy: +32 (0)496 156229,

Last updated on 16 May 2011

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