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Date Title
07/07/2016 A Compliance Check of the European Parliament’s TTIP Resolution
03/10/2014 Annual Review 2013
28/01/2013 Health and Environment Film Prize brochure
03/07/2012 Report: Environmental Track Record for the 2010-2012 European Commission - Off Their Game
05/06/2012 The European Example: What Have We Learned about Health and the Environment?
26/09/2011 The Parliament Magazine: Health Non-communicable diseases - Environmental factors
13/09/2011 HEAL fact sheet - Chronic disease and environment
27/05/2011 Quiet please: Better health through strong EU regulation of road and rail traffic noise
14/03/2011 Resources on cancer and the environment - compiled by HEAL
14/03/2011 Reducing cancer through environmental policy change
30/06/2010 EU Health Forum Workshop: Policy Recommendations Integrating Environment and Health policy towards better health outcomes
11/06/2010 The EU Environment and Health Action Plan (EHAP): Assessment and Outlook for future action
10/04/2010 CEHAPE Awards 2010: Environmental measures to improve children’s health
01/03/2010 Children’s Environment Health Award – Best Practice Entry Form
17/02/2010 Better health through a healthy environment
14/02/2010 G10 - 10 simple steps to help halt biodiversity loss by 2010
10/10/2009 Nature & Health: Green 10 Briefing for the European Parliament
10/06/2009 Green 10 - Off Target: European Commission 2004-2009 Environmental Progress Report & Lessons for the next Commission
15/09/2008 Green 10: The role of the European Parliament 2009 - 2014
14/09/2008 Green 10 Environment at the heart of Europe: An environmental roadmap for 2009-2014 the role of the European Parliament
14/07/2007 Making the case for environmental justice in Europe
20/06/2007 CEHAPE Awards 2007: Environmental-friendly measures that improve child health
15/06/2007 HEAL activities on Youth Participation and CEHAPE 2004-2007
14/06/2007 Green 10 Face the Future
27/04/2007 ‘Could Try Harder’ A mid-term report on the European Commission’s environmental record
20/03/2007 Environmental Justice: Listening to women and children Brochure
04/03/2007 Health and Environment Primer
14/09/2006 REACH Economic facts and figures
19/03/2006 Green 10: A programme for the Sustainable Development of the European Union
14/12/2005 Final Report on capacity building workshops on EU and Pan European environment and health policies
14/07/2005 Introducing the GREEN 9 group of environmental NGOs active at EU level
14/03/2005 Electromagnetic fields – worries and uncertainties
14/02/2005 Towards Healthy Environments for Children: Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about breastfeeding in a contaminated environment
10/02/2005 Environment and Health in Europe - Advocacy and Capacity Building Training Programme Report
14/12/2004 Response to ‘The European Environment & Health Action Plan 2004-2010’ COM (2004) 416 final
14/12/2004 NGO Strategy Workshop: Taking the environment and health agenda forward in Europe
14/10/2004 It’s our world, our future too: Young people’s voices on environment and health priorities
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