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Find HEAL’s publications on climate change and health here, we update this page regularly.

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Date Title
13/12/2017 Boosting Health by Improving Air Quality in the Balkans
13/06/2017 How do we calculate health impacts and costs from coal? Here’s a handy visual guide!
25/05/2016 Climate mitigation is win-win for public health
19/05/2016 Joint statement: 300,000 health professionals call on G7 nations to phase out coal
15/02/2016 Toolkit: Coal power generation and health in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey
12/02/2016 Toolkit: Coal power generation and health in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey (TK)
20/05/2015 The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants in Turkey make us sick (TK)
20/05/2015 The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants in Turkey make us sick (EN)
22/07/2014 Europe’s dirty 30: How the EU’s coal-fired power plants are undermining its climate efforts
26/06/2014 Brochure on domestic coal combustion in Poland
21/10/2013 Coal and health postcard
13/03/2013 Report: The Unpaid Health Bill - How coal power plants make us sick
28/03/2012 Questions & Answers: Moving Beyond 20% - How reducing greenhouse gas emissions benefits people’s health in the EU
27/03/2012 Briefing for policy makers: The health benefits of greenhouse gas reduction policies
02/02/2012 Cut emissions, boost health
29/06/2010 Cancun Climate and Health Statement
29/06/2010 Health and fiscal co-benefits of emissions reductions: a summary for negotiators
27/06/2010 Acting now for a better Health - 30 % Reduction Target for EU Climate Policy
27/06/2009 Healthy hospitals, healthy planet, healthy people
27/06/2009 Green 10 Briefing for the European Parliament - Climate change
27/06/2009 What’s good for climate is good for health
27/06/2009 Climate change may be hazardous to your health
27/06/2009 Climate change and the lungs - Fact Sheet for Adults & Children
29/06/2008 The co-benefits to health of a strong EU climate change policy
27/06/2008 Public Health & Climate change
27/06/2008 Climate Change and Health Good Practice Award: Competition Entries
27/06/2007 Climate change and Health : Protecting the most vulnerable
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