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Find HEAL’s press releases on climate change and health here, we update this page regularly.

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Date Title
13/12/2017 Reducing air pollution from coal power plants in the Western Balkans would save thousands of lives annually
21/11/2017 Constructing a new coal power plant in Serbia means putting the health and lives of thousands of people on the line
13/11/2017 Making the health arguments heard in climate negotiations - HEAL at COP23
02/11/2017 Challenge to EU leaders: Time to move Europe Beyond Coal
25/10/2017 Çevre Kirliliği 9 milyon insanın erken ölümünden sorumlu
20/10/2017 HEAL joins German NGOs to call for fast-track action programme on climate
31/07/2017 New rules hasten end for Europe’s dirtiest power plants
28/06/2017 Health groups criticise government report on diesel emissions for denying health impacts
17/05/2017 Medical groups call for climate to be in G20 Health Ministers’ declaration
28/04/2017 EU limits permission to pollute for dirty coal
21/04/2017 Health groups call for positive vote on BREF
07/04/2017 Closing Italy’s coal power plants would lead to better health
04/04/2017 European petition demands government action to slash toxic coal deaths
14/03/2017 Medical award given to HEAL for fighting coal in Bursa, Turkey
11/10/2016 Effective coal regulation could slash deaths from toxic fumes by 85%
19/07/2016 New campaign to accelerate the end of fossil fuel subsidies to benefit health
05/07/2016 Press release: Coal­ burning EU countries make their neighbours sick
28/06/2016 Civil society organisations join forces to call for G20 to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020
28/06/2016 Civil society organisations join forces to call for G20 to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2020
18/03/2016 Coal’s unpaid health bill in Serbia estimated at €4 billion a year
15/03/2016 Coal’s unpaid health bill in Bosnia & Herzegovina estimated at €3.1 billion
15/03/2016 €8.5 billion in health costs from Balkan coal plants prompt call for EU policy rethink
15/02/2016 HEAL launches toolkit for a “healthy energy” future
14/12/2015 Strong climate agreement sets positive context for future health action
03/12/2015 COP21 Press release: World’s doctors tackle climate and energy pollution
12/10/2015 Vor Pariser Klimakonferenz: Gesundheitsexperten fordern Bundesregierung zum Ausstieg aus Kohleverstromung auf
23/06/2015 HEAL Reaction: Medics offer a healthy boost for a stronger Paris climate agreement
23/06/2015 Neuer Lancet-Report: Gesundheitsschutz ist zentraler Aspekt beim Klimaschutz
09/12/2014 HEAL delegation brings health focus to COP20
22/07/2014 Climate efforts undermined by EU’s coal addiction, new report reveals
04/06/2014 US-EU moratorium on fracking is essential to protect public health
14/04/2014 Press release: EU extends life of Europe’s biggest polluter while IPCC calls for coal phase out
03/04/2014 Health organisations call for climate action on IPCC WG2 report’s publication
09/12/2013 How coal power plants make us sick – Romanian version of HEAL report launched today
15/11/2013 Joint press release: COP19: The road towards addressing the greatest global health threat
02/11/2013 UK parliament urged to recognise health costs of coal
07/03/2013 Coal’s health bill reaches €43 billion a year
05/12/2012 Doha health declaration wins major support from European groups
01/03/2012 HEAL backs 10 guiding principles and call to tackle an invisible killer
30/01/2012 Commission’s good news on health benefits should tip balance for higher EU climate target
16/12/2011 Durban climate outcomes and health gains
16/12/2011 Health mobilisation in Durban
16/12/2011 Highlights from Durban
05/12/2011 Media Advisory - COP17 Press Conf.: Health Leaders Call for Urgent Action on Climate
05/12/2011 Press Release: European doctor launches warning of “grave health consequences”
04/12/2011 Irish NGO health leader describes first-ever global Climate and Health Summit
30/11/2011 On the road to Durban and beyond: are you with us?
21/11/2011 UNFCCC COP17/CMP7 HEAL Delegation & Partners
17/10/2011 HEAL signs up for urgent action on climate change
14/10/2011 Info Release - First Global Climate and Health Summit
19/09/2011 Fewer carbon emissions means better health and greater productivity
22/06/2011 Statement following the EU environment Council meeting
24/05/2011 ENVI Committee vote cheered by two major health groups
18/05/2011 Commissioner presented with health community’s "Prescription" on climate change
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Slovakia could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Portugal could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Romania could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Greece could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Article published Climate report: How Hungary could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Czech Republic could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Austria could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Climate report: How Bulgaria could improve health and save money
06/12/2010 Message to EU delegation: Don’t forget the health dividend
06/12/2010 Doctors say: Don’t forget the health dividend
14/09/2010 30% emissions reduction target could save public health billions
06/09/2010 Evidence of huge boost to public health from stronger climate policy
10/03/2010 Lung health under threat from climate change and deteriorating air quality
01/02/2010 Health groups call for 40% target on carbon emissions
16/12/2009 Tackling the twin threats of climate change and the global health gap
10/12/2009 Article published HEAL and HCWH announce top-level delegation and daily briefings at COP15 Negotiations (14 - 17 December)
25/11/2009 Health impact of climate change recognised in EP resolution
18/11/2009 Negociaciones sobre Cambio Climático en Barcelona, 2-6 Noviembre 2009 Líderes del Sector Salud solicitan medidas decisorias sobre el cambio climático
04/11/2009 Health leaders call for strong measures on climate change
20/10/2009 Health impact of climate change not recognised in Parliamentary resolution
06/10/2009 Vassiliou welcomes health community’s "Prescription" on climate change
01/08/2009 Respiratory doctors call for EU action on climate change
10/06/2009 Call for "health check" at climate change talks
26/05/2009 Health Care Can Help Lead the Fight Against Climate Change
02/04/2009 EU Plan targets health problems related to climate change
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