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Date Title
20/12/2017 New commentary ‘Low-level chemical toxicity: no safe level? ‘ challenges current regulatory system and sets out public health implications
23/10/2015 HEAL Technical Briefing: Towards comprehensive economic valuation of health impacts from EDCs
23/10/2013 Breast Cancer UK Manifesto: 5 pledges for 2015 and beyond towards the prevention of breast cancer
22/10/2013 Endocrinologists’ editorial: media unveil conflict of interest
18/06/2013 The 2013 Berlaymont Declaration on Endocrine Disrupters
18/06/2013 Collegium Ramazzini position on EDCs and chemicals safety policy in the EU
18/06/2013 Endocrine Society open letter to EU Commissioners on better EDC laws
19/02/2013 WHO/UNEP Report ’State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals 2012’
17/05/2012 Consensus Paper: Developmental Origins of Non-Communicable Diseases and Dysfunctions: Implications for Research and Public Health
14/06/2011 Professor Andreas Kortenkamp - The Prague Declaration on Endocrine Disruption
14/10/2010 World Medical Association
Statement on Environmental Degradation and Sound Management of Chemicals
14/06/2009 Prof. Dr. Andreas Kortenkamp
State of the Art Report on Mixture Toxicity
01/05/2009 Professor Richard Sharpe
Male Reproductive Health Disorders and the Potential Role of Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
02/02/2009 Endocrine Society
Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement
23/06/2008 Professor Andreas Kortenkamp
Breast cancer and exposure to hormonally active chemicals: An appraisal of the scientific evidence
14/06/2008 World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA)
Resolution on “Safer Chemical Policies”
01/11/2007 California Medication Association
Resolution on Chemicals Policy for California
30/07/2007 The Faroes Statement
Human Health Effects of Developmental Exposure to Chemicals in Our Environment
14/06/2007 Chapel Hill BPA Expert Panel Consensus Statement
Integration of Mechanisms, Effects in Animals and Potential to Impact Human Health
10/11/2006 Helsinki Statement: Is endocrine disruption within REACH?
14/06/2006 Our Stolen Future
14/02/2006 International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)
Declaration for a Toxics-Free Future
14/10/2005 Collaborative on Health and the Environment
Vallombrosa Consensus Statement on Environmental contaminants and human fertility compromise
14/06/2005 Standing Committee of European Doctors
Health and environment (REACH)
07/03/2005 Various scientists
Prague Declaration on endocrine disruptors
14/06/2004 Paris Appeal
the International Declaration on Diseases due to chemical pollution
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