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Find HEAL’s latest letters on chemicals and health here, we update this page regularly.

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Date Title
07/06/2018 Letter to European Commission on the non-toxic environment strategy
05/06/2018 ECHA favouring microplastics industry opinion over scientific evidence of environmental damage
16/04/2018 HEAL urges French President to act in favour of European transition towards a non-toxic environment
11/01/2018 Letter to Dutch Members of European Parliament: reject EC plans for BPA in food contact materials
09/01/2018 HEAL urges MEPs to reject European Commission plans for Bisphenol A in food contact materials
17/10/2017 NGOs express concerns surrounding EU actions on the evaluation of PFOA
28/09/2017 Letter to Dutch Members of European Parliament: EU Criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals will not protect health
06/07/2017 HEAL’s view on the Parliament resolution on glyphosate
22/06/2017 Open letter to Nicolas Hulot, French Minister responsible for the environment
09/05/2017 Health and cancer groups want enquiry on Monsanto’s influence
21/03/2017 16 Health and environment NGOs ask ECHA for a stricter implementation of REACH chemicals legislation
13/03/2017 Open letter on the independence and transparency of ECHA’s Risk Assessment Committee
13/02/2017 Open letter to Commission President: Improved EU decision-making in the area of health and consumer protection
08/02/2017 Open letter to Members of REACH Committee on D4D5, phthalates, and nanoforms
10/01/2017 Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals — One more way CETA endangers public health and the environment
15/12/2016 EDC-Free Europe urges Member States to reject Commission’s 3rd revised proposal on EDC criteria
14/11/2016 EDC-Free Europe letter to EU Ministers on revised EDC criteria
08/09/2016 NGOs express support for restriction of chemical PFOA to REACH Committee
07/07/2016 European Commission crosses Parliament’s red lines on TTIP, say over 65 organisations in open letter
17/06/2016 EDC-Free Coalition asks Environment Ministers to say NO to hormone disruptors
10/06/2016 31 NGOs ask EU President Juncker to phase out glyphosate
13/05/2016 NGOs warn European Regulators: Scientists expect increased cases of cancer if glyphosate would be re-authorised
13/05/2016 Non-REACH Chemicals REFIT process fails to comply with Better Regulation guidelines
25/04/2016 Call to exclude the ‘Good Regulatory Practices’ chapter from TTIP
19/04/2016 Twelve Public Health and Environment NGOs Share Concerns On BPA and DEHP Ahead Of REACH Committee
11/04/2016 Glyphosate – Your request for publication of confidential industry studies
17/03/2016 Open Letter on Glyphosate to National Representatives on the Standing Committee on Plant Animal Food and Feed (PAFF)
15/03/2016 Open Letter to Member States Ahead of ECHA’s REACH Committee
02/03/2016 Conflict of Interest at the European Food Safety Authority: Enough is enough!
04/02/2016 Open letter to national cancer organisations on World Cancer Day 2016
04/02/2016 Open letter to national cancer organisations on World Cancer Day 2016
08/01/2016 Joint Open letter on ECJ Ruling on EDC Criteria
13/11/2015 18 NGOs Co-Sign Letter to MEP regarding Upcoming Medical Device Regulation Negotiations
13/11/2015 30 NGOs call for partial glyphosate ban
08/09/2015 Open letter to Commissioner Vella to ban the recycling of materials containing toxic flame retardants
08/04/2015 Joint letter to Commissioner Andriukaitis: EU response to WHO cancer determination of glyphosate
21/11/2014 Open letter to EC President Juncker: Protecting public health from EDCs
16/09/2014 Joint open Letter to President-elect Juncker on the move of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
19/08/2014 New joint letter on the position of Chief Scientific Adviser to EU-Commission President
22/07/2014 NGO letter on ECHA consumers right to know video
10/07/2014 Joint letter on regulating chemicals in TTIP
08/05/2013 Joint NGO letter to President Barroso and Commissioners: Call to reduce our exposure to EDCs
02/10/2012 Joint NGO letter to Commissioners on EDCs
31/08/2012 NGO comments on the RAC and SEAC opinion on the Danish phthalate dossier
05/04/2012 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Joint NGO letter on the 7th EAP to EU environment ministers
23/06/2010 To: EFSA
Re: Potential adverse health effects associated with BPA exposures
20/05/2010 To: MEPs
Re: Call for restriction of BFRs and PVC in electrical and electronic equipment in the RoHS revision
26/01/2010 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Report on the proposed regulation on food information to consumers
02/04/2009 To: Minister of Health for France
Re: Response to statement about BPA
22/05/2007 To: European Commission
Re: Consultation regarding the Review of RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
26/03/2007 To: Commissioners Dimas & Verheugen
Re: Ensure REACH is not vulnerable to weakening in future
26/02/2007 To: MEPs
RE: Ulmer Report on the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC)
12/12/2006 To: MEPs
Re: Ensure the strength of REACH in the EP plenary vote
09/10/2006 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Protect children’s health with REACH
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