Over 100 synthetic chemicals may be found in our blood stream
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In recent years, the use of chemicals in everyday products has increased dramatically. The laws that aim to protect us from health harm often lag behind the knowledge on the hazards. Minimising chemical exposure and encouraging non-chemical alternatives remain priorities.

News on our policy work

Public hearing in the European Parliament on EDCs, public health and the environment
HEAL’s Natacha Cingotti spoke at a joint Environment/Petitions committee hearing on the impact of EDCs on public health - and the major – yet untapped – public health and economic benefits regulating them would bring. Read more…

Swept under the rug: EPHA-HEAL briefing on hazardous toxics in European carpets
A new briefing shows over 59 hazardous chemicals can be found in carpets produced and sold in the European Union, including endocrine disruptors and carcinogens – available in English, Dutch, French, and German. Read more…

US study confirms bisphenol A is linked to development of ADHD
A systematic review published by US researchers shows bisphenol A - a known endocrine disrupting chemical - has effects on brain development and is a presumed a human hazard for ADHD. Read more...

HEAL calls for Europe’s leadership on international chemical framework at SAICM meeting
A European non-toxic environment strategy could lead the way towards an ambitious international chemical framework beyond 2020, HEAL stressed at a global intergovernmental meeting on the Strategic Approach for International Chemical Management in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more...

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- Detoxing Carpets - Pathways towards safe and recyclable carpet in a truly circular economy (Also available in French, German and Dutch)

- Infographic - The European Carpet Market (available in English, French, Dutchand German)

- Infographic - What are the health impacts of toxic chemicals possibly present in carpets? (available in English, French, Dutchand German)

- HEAL’s response to public consultation: European Commission roadmap on the review of the food contact materials legislation, December 2017

- Letter to Dutch Members of European Parliament: reject EC plans for BPA in food contact materials, January 2018

- HEAL urges MEPs to reject European Commission plans for Bisphenol A in food contact materials, January 2018

- Joint publication: The Unhealthy Side Effects of CETA

- Open letter to Members of REACH Committee on D4D5, phthalates, and nanoforms

- Letter to the EP Environment Committee - EDCs: One more way CETA endangers public health and the environment

- HEAL supports joint EU-Canada statement on CETA

- HEAL Technical Briefing EDC Criteria for Member States

- EPHA leaflet ’The Unhealthy Side Effects of CETA (Contribution by HEAL and CIEL)

ISDE Italy conference on EDCs in Milan - presentation and audio by Lisette van Vliet

- HEAL Activity Report 2015

- NGOs express support for restriction of chemical PFOA to REACH committee

- HEAL submissions to public consultation on pesticides and biocides

- Summary of EP workshop on glyphosate

- IPEN and the Endocrine Society’s Introduction to EDCs – available in new languages!

- A compliance check of the European Parliament’s TTIP Resolution – A preliminary analysis by CIEL, Client and HEAL, 7 July 2016

- Evaluation of studies that quantified socio-economic costs of EDC-associated health effects (HEAL as reviewer)

- HEAL guest article in German journal Environment and Health

- Resource pack: Advice on impacts of EDCs pesticides on pregnant women

Health costs in the EU - How much is related to EDCs? - Available in Spanish - El coste sanitario en la unión europea - ¿Cuánto corresponde a los disruptores endocrinos?

- Chemical cocktail leaflet now available in Maltese

- CHM materials: Bookmark ENDE, Poster ENDE


- Listen to the MP3 recording from CHE Partnership Call - A High Price to Pay: Obesity, Diabetes, and Associated Costs of Exposure to EDCs in the EU, 28 April 2015

- Listen to the MP3 recording from CHE Partnership Call - Perinatal Exposure to a Mixture of Common Low-Dose Phthalates and Flame Retardants Leads to Autistic Features in Rats, 15 April 2015

- Breakfast television, TVAM, Malta public television
4 Feb 2015, available on Facebook

- Exclusive interview with highly acclaimed biologist & author Sandra Steingraber

- HEAL in Stephane Horel’s documentary film ‘Endoc(t)rinement‘ [FR]

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