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Find HEAL’s latest press releases from all of our air quality work here, we update this page regularly.

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Date Title
31/05/2018 Doctors and patient groups launch Unmask My City initiative to clean up Sofia’s air
26/02/2018 Health professionals demand clean air for Tuzla and Lukavac in Bosnia
22/02/2018 EU Court of Justice ruling on air quality in Poland
31/01/2018 HEAL reaction to today’s air quality summit
13/12/2017 Reducing air pollution from coal power plants in the Western Balkans would save thousands of lives annually
29/11/2017 Chinese run for the investments in Balkan: Construction of a new coal power plant unit in Bosnia means affecting health of many people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and more
31/07/2017 New rules hasten end for Europe’s dirtiest power plants
31/07/2017 National governments must not use legal loopholes to hide failure on air quality
28/06/2017 Health groups criticise government report on diesel emissions for denying health impacts
15/06/2017 How does your real-time air quality rate?
01/06/2017 Serbian Ministry of Health supports HEAL’s Unmask My City campaign
03/05/2017 Unmask my City: Anti-air pollution campaign launched in Europe
28/04/2017 EU limits permission to pollute for dirty coal
21/04/2017 Health groups call for positive vote on BREF
04/04/2017 European petition demands government action to slash toxic coal deaths
23/11/2016 HEAL supports written Declaration on Chronic Respiratory Diseases
01/07/2016 EU member states fail Europeans health in air quality agreement, says HEAL
15/03/2016 €8.5 billion in health costs from Balkan coal plants prompt call for EU policy rethink
15/03/2016 Coal’s unpaid health bill in Bosnia & Herzegovina estimated at €3.1 billion
15/02/2016 HEAL launches toolkit for a “healthy energy” future
29/10/2015 MEPs stand up for citizens’ health in air quality vote, says HEAL
03/06/2015 Clean air would promote better health in Serbia
20/05/2015 Turkey’s coal expansion plans cause alarm as health costs quantified
31/03/2015 HEAL reaction: Rankings of European cities’ actions for cleaner air
23/02/2015 Turkish doctors say cleaner air would offer major health benefits
15/12/2014 Cleaner air would offer major health benefits in the Balkans
18/11/2014 AIM calls on the EU to act on air quality
06/11/2014 Air quality research suggests major benefits for children
07/10/2014 Joint press release: Flexibility mechanism on air pollutants will undermine drive towards better regulation
06/05/2014 Info release: “Know your air for health” aims to help us breathe more easily
19/02/2014 Information release: EU decision to allow greater pollution of Polish power plants puts health of citizens at risk
18/02/2014 Information release: New patient information leaflets: Air quality and heart and lung health
19/12/2013 HEAL welcomes health objective in EU air quality strategy but regrets much else
17/12/2013 Joint press release: MEPs call for immediate release of air package
09/12/2013 How coal power plants make us sick – Romanian version of HEAL report launched today
02/12/2013 UK parliament urged to recognise health costs of coal
03/07/2013 WHO report underlines need for stronger EU action on air pollution, says HEAL
07/03/2013 Coal’s health bill reaches €43 billion a year
14/12/2012 Air pollution ranked as top health risk factor in Europe
01/03/2012 HEAL backs 10 guiding principles and call to tackle an invisible killer
04/03/2011 Research quantifies increased life and wealth from cleaner air
14/07/2010 European and International Health Organisations unite to call for European action to combat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
02/07/2010 European Commission delays air pollution legislation, yet again
10/03/2010 Lung health under threat from climate change and deteriorating air quality
01/02/2010 European Launch of the Year of the Lung 2010 held in Marseille
25/11/2009 Health impact of climate change recognised in EP resolution
01/08/2009 Respiratory doctors call for EU action on climate change
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