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Find HEAL’s latest letters on air quality and health here, we update this page regularly.

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Date Title
04/04/2018 Letter to commissioner Vella and commissioner Andriukatis on human health and preventive action in BREFs
27/02/2018 Letter to commissioner Hahn on climate and air quality issues in the Balkans
14/02/2018 Letter to health ministers WHO European region outside EU 28 to take decisive action for clean air
14/02/2018 Letter to EU 28 health ministers to take decisive action for clean air in the EU by multiplying health sector engagement
11/09/2017 HEAL joins German NGOs to call for swift implementation of pollution control regulation
31/07/2017 Joint NGO letter to Commissioner Vella on air quality adjustment requests
21/04/2017 HEAL and others seek positive stance on BREF for health
20/06/2016 Need for increased engagement with the Western Balkans on their pathway to low-carbon transformation
23/02/2016 Joint Call For Clean Air
27/01/2016 Call on EP to reject real-world driving emissions proposal
14/12/2015 Joint letter: Public Health recommendations for strong National Emission Ceiling (NEC) Directive
11/12/2015 Joint letter: MEPs urged to reject new test on real-world driving emissions
23/10/2015 Open letter to MEPs - Call for clean air
04/09/2015 Civil society organisations ask G20 Finance Ministers to phase-out fossil fuel subsidies
11/06/2015 Letter to Commissioner Šefčovič: Health benefits of Serbia’s climate mitigation ambition
20/04/2015 Achieving better air quality with the NEC
13/01/2015 Call to MEPs to continue air quality negotiations
18/11/2014 Health groups express dismay at potential withdrawal of EU Clean Air Policy Package
17/11/2014 Joint letter to EU Commission on air package withdrawal
01/10/2014 Open letter to Polish PM Ewa Kopacz on air pollution in Poland (PL)
14/05/2014 Request for internal review of the Bulgarian Transitional National Plan
01/04/2014 Request for internal review of the Polish Transitional National Plan
13/12/2013 Joint letter on proposed Non Road Mobile Machinery legislation
28/10/2013 Joint letter to EU Commissioners: Revision of Thematic Strategy on air pollution
24/04/2013 HEAL response to EURACOAL statement
12/04/2013 To: EU Environment Ministers
Re: Informal Environment Council: your exchange on air quality and urban environment, 22 April
24/04/2012 NGOs call for EU air quality limit values to be enforced by the European Commission
28/02/2012 G10 EU directors letter: Call for EU leaders to ensure a high ambition level in the revised Gothenburg Protocol on air pollution to Mr. Janez Potocnik and Mrs. Ida Auken
03/02/2012 Joint NGO letter: Comments to DG ENV on the analysis underpinning the review of EU air quality policy
29/11/2011 To: The Members of the European Parliament
Committee for Environment, Health and Public Safety
Committee for Transport and Tourism
Re: Amendment of Directive 1999/32/EC: The EU should fully transpose IMO Marpol Annex VI and support the implementation of stricter standards on the sulphur content of marine fuels
21/11/2011 HEAL letter on ENVI discussion on Energy Efficiency – Indoor air quality and health concerns
12/01/2011 To: President Barroso and the EU Commissioners
Re: Your upcoming College discussion on further measures to reduce air pollution in the EU
12/10/2010 To: Commissioner Potocnik
Re: Upcoming Commission decision on the revision of the National Emissions Ceilings Directive (NEC)
09/06/2010 To: Commissioner Potocnik
Re: NGO call for a prioritisation of air quality action (revision of the National Emission Ceilings and the Sulphur Content of Marine Fuels Directives)
06/07/2009 To: President Barroso
Re: Unacceptable move on Euro VI air pollution standards heavy goods vehicles
11/10/2006 To: EU Environment & Health Ministers
Re: EU air quality standards
21/06/2006 To: ENVI Committee
Re: Call for defending existing health standards on air pollution (Krahmer report)
23/05/2006 To: Jose Barroso, President of the European Commission
Re: Midterm review of the 2001 Common Transport Policy white paper
16/03/2006 To: MEPs Corbey and Krahmer
EU thematic stategy on air quality and ambient air quality legislation
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