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HEAL Newsletter - Edition 5, November 2017

Making the health argument heard in climate negotiations - HEAL at COP23
Together with a 16-head strong delegation, HEAL travelled to the yearly UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn to emphasise that measures to bring down CO2 emissions will also improve our health. Read more…

Pollution causes nine million deaths per year worldwide, reveals new and first of its kind Lancet report
HEAL helped launch the ground-breaking new global Lancet report, which shows how pollution in the air, water, soil and in the workplace is linked to one in six (16%) of all deaths, and developed a European Backgrounder to highlight the pollution toll on individual countries’ citizens. Read more...

2017 Report on the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change
The report shows that the impact of climate change is unequivocal and potentially irreversible, inaction has jeopardised lives - but momentum builds to seize unprecedented public health opportunities. A set of 40 indicators across 5 areas track progress. Read more...

HEAL supports position paper - EU research can benefit from greater civil engagement
Research and innovation initiatives in the EU can benefit from greater engagement of citizens and civil society, as outlined by a position paper supported by HEAL. Read more…

European Parliament demands ambitious proposal to reduce citizens’ exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals
We applaud the decision by the European Parliament to reject a controversial proposal on identification criteria for EDCs, which would have failed to protect human health and the environment. Read more…

Guest blog from European Environment Agency (EEA): Human Biomonitoring for Europe
The EEA’s Catherine Ganzleben provides an overview on HBM4EU, a joint human biomonitoring effort of 28 countries, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission, aiming to investigate the harmful effects of exposure to chemicals and identify policy opportunities to reduce them. Read more…

NGOs express concerns surrounding EU actions on the evaluation of PFOA
HEAL joins environment and health NGOs in expressing concerns surrounding EU actions on the evaluation of PFOA, and over the involvement of an industry consultant in the legislative process. Read more…

Glyphosate: future generations to pay the price of reauthorisation of health-harming pesticide
Glyphosate, the world’s most used herbicide, was reauthorized for a period of five years on the EU market. HEAL regrets this decision, and believes EU governments failed our health and future generations. Read more…

HEAL and the European Cancer Leagues urge EU ministers to reject European Commission proposal on glyphosate _HEAL teamed up with the European Cancer Leagues to urge EU ministers to prioritise citizens’ health and cancer prevention in their decision on the reauthorisation of the probable carcinogenic herbicide. Read more…

HEAL welcomes European Parliament vote on glyphosate
We welcome the EU Parliament decision to listen to the 1.3 million citizens demanding a ban on glyphosate, by adopting a resolution objecting to the EU Commission proposal for the reauthorisation. Read more…

Challenge to Europe’s leaders: Time to move Europe Beyond Coal
Health, environment and climate groups are calling on the EU to hasten the move away from coal to save lives and reach climate goals. As ‘Europe Beyond Coal’ launches, Brussels-based groups have set the EU five challenges to become coal-free by 2030. Read more…

Healthy buildings: Civil society and businesses bring health into Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
In a letter to the European Parliament, HEAL was joined by civil society organisations and businesses to demand improvements to healthy indoor environments and energy performance of buildings. Read more…

HEAL urges German policy-makers to phase out coal, fossil fuel subsidies
For the decisive week of coalition talks, HEAL sent an open letter to negotiators of the so-called Jamaica coalition underlining that climate change measures will bring huge health benefits. Read more...

HEAL joins German NGOs to call for fast-track action programme on climate
Signed by over 60 organisations with an environmental, development or health background, a proposal for a fast-tracked climate action programme until 2020 has been shared with the German government ahead of coalition talks. Read more…

Institute of Public Health of Serbia: Heavy metal pollution from mining sites harms public health
The Institute of Public Health of Serbia, a HEAL member, recently published a study focusing on the public health threats of some of the most industrially contaminated areas in Serbia. Read more...

Read our brand new HEAL Balkans newsletter!
We are excited to launch a new HEAL Balkans newsletter, which aims to inform health professionals and the interested public in the region about new science and policy developments on health and environment. Read more…

HEAL at inaugural Clean Air Forum in Paris
To increase awareness and speed up action on tackling air pollution, HEAL participated in the Clean Air Forum that was organised by the European Commission in Paris earlier this month. Read more…

Members’ news

- ALHem - New “Toxic cash receipts” campaign to highlight presence of Bisphenol A in thermal paper

- Breast Cancer UK - Get Your Frock On! And help fund animal free research into breast cancer

- Environment and Health Fund - Register for EHF’s annual conference in Jerusalem, focusing on “Environmental Health in Israel”!

- European Lung Foundation - Could your workplace be affecting your lung health? New European Lung Foundation quiz

- Générations Futures - Victory: suspension of 2 insecticides based on sulfaxaflor following pressure from Generations Futures!

- PAN Europe - New analysis shows one third of European fruits contains 27 potentially harmful endocrine disrupting pesticides (EDPs)

- PAN Europe - Alternative methods in weed management to the use of glyphosate and other herbicides. Published together with the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament. Watch the documentary now.

- Réseau Environnement Santé (RES) - Launch of new fundraising campaign to promote environmental health in 2018


- Europe Beyond Coal: Five EU actions to take Europe Beyond Coal


November 2017

- 29 and 30 November 2017: European Parliament mini plenary session

December 2017

- 3 December 2017: GAHP Annual Meeting, Nairobi

- 4, 5, and 6 December 2017: UNEP Assembly on pollution, Nairobi

- 5 December 2017: Ensuring the right for energy to all Europeans, Brussels

- 11 - 14 December 2017 European Parliament plenary session

January 2018

- 1 January 2017: Start Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council

- 15 - 18 January 2017: European Parliament plenary session

Take Action

- Help us spread the word about fossil fuels subsidies and get involved in ‘Choose Health, End Fossil Fuel Subsidies’

- Become a supporter of the EDC-Free Europe coalition!

- Follow our brand new HEAL Balkan pages on Facebook and Instagram

HEAL in the media

- HEAL’s Vijoleta Gordeljevic discusses the Lancet Report, BBC, 19 October 2017 [video available upon request]

- European Union nations vote to keep using controversial weedkiller glyphosate, Nature, 27 November 2017

- NGO coalition pushes for end of coal in EU by 2030, ENDS Europe, 2 November 2017

- Pollution racks up 9 million deaths a year worldwide, EurActiv, 19 October 2017

- Almost all EU buildings need energy upgrade, ENDS Europe, 6 November 2017

- European Parliament rejects EDC criteria, Chemical Watch, 4 October 2017

HEAL tweets

- NEW report shows #pollution causes 9 MILLION deaths/year worldwide. Read more on @TheLancet report: @HealthPollution

- Fossil fuel subsidies are 425 billion USD annually. This is 13 times larger than the financing gap for reproductive, maternal, new-born, child and adolescent health. #ClimateHealthSummit #COP23 @Vijoleta_G @IISD_news

- Coal-burning countries make their neighbours sick. We need to go #BeyondCoal for our #HealthandClimate #COP23

- TODAY the EU Parliament helped #StopGlyphosate & chose #health by objecting to the EU Commission proposal:

- "If we want to #beatpollution, we need to stop funding it" - Our report on #FossulFuelSubsidies #PollutionCommission

Originally posted on 29 November 2017

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HEAL has over 70 member organisations, representing health professionals, not-for-profit health insurers, doctors, nurses, cancer and asthma groups, citizens, women’s groups, youth groups, environmental NGOs, scientists and public health institutes. Members include international and Europe-wide organisations, as well as national and local groups. Read more »

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