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HEAL Newsflash - Winter Edition

Sixth meeting of the European Environment and Health Task Force (EHTF)
HEAL participated in the European Environment and Health Task meeting in Vienna, where negotiations began on the draft Declaration and annex for the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health to be held in Ostava, Czech Republic 13-15 June 2017. Read more…

HEAL participates in European Cities in the 21st century - Utrecht
HEAL Deputy Director Roberta Savli gave a short presentation on HEAL and its active role in the European environment and health process at the conference “Environment and Health for European Cities in the 21st century: making a difference”. Read more…

EU Human Bio-Monitoring initiative launched
The “European Human Biomonitoring Initiative" (HBM4EU) was launched at a conference and stakeholder meeting in Brussels on 8-9 December 2016. HEAL was present both days and gave a presentation on “Human biomonitoring to inform and empower citizens” at the stakeholder meeting. Read more…

HEAL president shares the European NGO experience in Korea
HEAL president, Peter van den Hazel, was the keynote speaker at South Korea’s 2016 International symposium on environmental health, on 7-8 December 2016 in Seoul. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Environment with the objective of moving ahead the country’s agenda in environment and health. HEAL was invited to present due to our long-standing and unique involvement in the European environment and health process and policy making. Read more…

Written Declaration on Chronic Respiratory Diseases
HEAL joins a coalition of European chronic respiratory patients, doctors, public health advocates and health and environmental organisations to ask MEPs to take action on chronic respiratory diseases. HEAL welcomes this declaration which includes environmental aspects as a way to increase prevention and protect health. Read more…

Le Monde gives another story on EU’s EDC criteria
Leading French national newspaper, Le Monde, published a commentary in November signed by nearly 100 scientists critical of the EU’s unsatisfactory plans for regulatory action on endocrine disrupting chemicals, and a series of articles revealing the forces at play behind the decisions being taken. Here, we provide here the link to the open letter and the three-part series in English. Read more...

HEAL and members participate at 2016 IPEN Global Meeting and Toxic-Free Future Forum
HEAL joined more than 120 environmental, health and human rights leaders from over 50 countries working locally and globally to ensure a just and healthy future for everyone by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals gathered during the IPEN Global Meeting and Toxic-Free Future Forum from 14 – 18 November in San Francisco. Read more...

All I want for Christmas is … EDC-Free gifts!
With the festive season approaching fast, many of us are stacking up on presents for our loved ones. Cosmetics and gaming consoles are surely a hit this year. But beware, the Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals reports that these products contain a number of substances which are suspected to be endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Read more...

NGOs urge Member States to reject Commission’s 3rd revised proposal on EDC criteria on Dec 21st
On December 15th, EDC-Free Europe sent a letter to EU Environment, Health and Agriculture ministers urging them to reject the 3rd revision which is to be discussed and possibly voted on in a meeting on 21 December. Read more...

Save the date: Pesticide Action Week 2017
The 12th edition Pesticide Action week to which HEAL is a partner, takes place from 20 – 30 March 2017. This annual and international event aims to promote alternatives to pesticides to improve the environment and health. Read more...

HEAL at the Marrakesh UN climate change negotiations COP22 for health
As the world still rejoiced over the strong COP21 Paris climate agreement, HEAL and its delegation engaged with the health community to keep up the strong call for health in climate negotiations at COP22 in Marrakesh. Read more…

Lancet Countdown sets out its indicators
HEAL is an enthusiastic supporter of the Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change. This international research initiative brings together leading experts to track and analyse the impacts of climate change on public health. Read more…

Which energy options for a healthy energy future?
Access to affordable and clean energy is essential for human health and well-being. Our brand new position paper on Healthy Energy outlines HEAL’s recommendations and goals for a healthy energy future in Europe, and provides a clear overview of the public health and climate risks of major energy sources. Read more…

HEAL supports open letter to European Parliament on EU ETS revision
HEAL joined 30 organisations to call on the European Parliament Environment Committee to vote for a meaningful revision of the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU ETS). This revision should support the rapid decarbonisation of Europe’s energy systems and transition away from coal in line with the Paris agreement. Read more…

Putting science on air pollution and health into practice – health sector mobilisation on coal issue
HEAL participated in a unique conference organized by the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), which saw both academics and experts from the field discussing in-depth the future of environmental health after the Paris Agreement. Read more…

HEAL in Germany: How the German climate plan can benefit health
The German government has adopted a climate action plan which details reduction targets for six sectors until 2030 as well as economy-wide reduction targets until 2030, 2040 and 2050. Transforming the energy, transport and buildings sectors to meet their respective targets is destined to bring significant improvements in air quality over the next decades, thus benefiting public health. Read more…

COP22, Turkey’s Air Pollution Problem and Energy Policies
The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) attended COP22, the 22th Conference of Parties, in Marrakesh between 7 - 18 November. Joining the HEAL delegation from Turkey were Dr. Kayihan Pala, from Uludag University and Funda Gacal, from HEAL Turkey, who were able to give essential input and feedback on all major developments during COP22 from a Turkish perspective. Read more…

HEAL Poland raising University students’ awareness on health impacts of burning coal
During a two-day event organized by the Association of Students of European Technical Universities on the topic of energy sources and their development, HEAL Poland gave a speech and led a workshop on health and climate consequences of burning coal. Read more…

EU agrees dental amalgam ban in children, pregnant and breastfeeding women
European civil society has endorsed the provisional agreement by the three EU institutions (European Parliament, European Commission and the Council of the European Union) to ban dental amalgam fillings for children under 15 and for pregnant and breastfeeding women as of 1 July 2018 Read more...

Civil society calls on EU decision makers to phase out dental amalgam
The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) together with the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, HCWH, WECF, and EEB calls on EU decision makers to phase out dental amalgam. Read more...

Members’ news

- MedAct - Healthy Planet Better World - MedAct Annual Conference

- Breast Cancer UK - Top tips to #ReduceYourRisk of breast cancer

- RES - Lecture in Belgium on ending the breast cancer epidemic and Breast cancer book review

- Wemos - TV programme Radar about EDCs exposure in Dutch MEPs

- Generations Cobayes - Climate Change Summit at COP22

- EPHA - EPHA leaflet ’The Unhealthy Side Effects of CETA (Contribution by HEAL and CIEL)

- AWWHE - Lead paints for household use in the Republic of Armenia

- FNE - Diesel and air pollution: a state of inaction

- Phyto victims, Generations Futures, PAN Europe - The health scandal behind the use of pesticides in agriculture


- HEAL supports joint EU-Canada statement on CETA

- HEAL Healthy Energy Paper

- HEAL Technical Briefing EDC Criteria for Member States

- EPHA leaflet ’The Unhealthy Side Effects of CETA (Contribution by HEAL and CIEL)

- ISDE Italy conference on EDCs in Milan - presentation and audio by Lisette van Vliet



- 12 - 15, Strasbourg, France: EP Plenary

- 14: CHE call: Acetaminophen and Phthalates: Anti-androgenic Action and Altered Development


- 17 - 18, Brussels, Belgium: International workshop related to the EU Commission study on ’The cumulative health and environment benefits of chemicals legislation’

- 16 - 19, Strasbourg, France: EP Plenary

Take Action

- Clearing the air: Support Client Earth’s Europe-wide campaign on air pollution

- SumOfUs petition to reject Commission proposal on EDCs criteria. Petition is also available in French, Spanish, and in German.

- WeMove.EU - Petition to EU to ban glyphosate

- Become a supporter of the EDC-Free Europe coalition!

HEAL in the media

- Commission’s latest EDC criteria draft to be discussed next week, Chemical Watch, 15 December 2016

- Les agriculteurs se rebiffent (Farmers rebel), Paris Match, 10-16 November 2016 (French weekly magazine)

- Yıldız Savaşları, Yeni Bir Umut: Sağlık (Star Wars - A new Hope: Health),, 16 November 2016

- Gefahrliche Grenzwerte (Hazardous ingredients), Public Ausgabe, October 2016 (German city magazine)

- Vijesti TV – HEAL interview on air pollution and coal, 2 November 2016 (television in Macedonia)

HEAL tweets
- With #CETA the EP could ratify a deal illegal under EU law & hurts #health. Make sure it doesn’t happen, support B8-1220/2016!

- 100 Scientists ask the EU to act against #EndocrineDisruptors via @lemondefr #EUEDC

- Success stories in Poland & Turkey show how the medical community can make a big difference in fight against #AirPollution, says @Vijoleta_G

- Civil society calls on EU decision makers to phase out #dental amalgam, to protect our children & pregnant women

- Today Germany takes the #G20 presidency. We demand #climateaction that contributes to better #health!

Last updated on 24 February 2017

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