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HEAL Newsflash - Summer 2016

New campaign to accelerate the end of fossil fuel subsidies to benefit health
HEAL’s new campaign will focus on health as a driver to accelerate the end of fossil fuel subsidies. The campaign, which will be officially launch in the Autumn, builds on the knowledge that fossil fuels such as coal largely contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and air pollution which harm health. Read more…

Coal­burning EU countries make their neighbours sick
HEAL together with Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, the WWF European Policy Office and Sandbag launched a report entitled ‘Europe’s Dark Cloud: How coal-burning countries are making their neighbours sick’. This is the first ever analysis of cross border health impacts of all coal power plants in the EU. Read more…

Join the WHO in breathing life back into our cities
The World Health Organization (WHO) together with the Climate & Clean Air Coalition have launched a new global campaign to raise awareness of the impact of air pollution on health and the planet, and to build a network of citizens, leaders, and health professionals to leverage change in communities. Read more…

European Commission crosses Parliament’s red lines on TTIP, say over 65 organisations
Ahead of the 14th round of TTIP negotiations in Brussels (11 July), over 65 civil society organisations warned the European Parliament President that the EU Commission is failing to comply with its 2015 TTIP Resolution. In crossing Parliament’s “red lines”, the Commission’s TTIP proposals endanger public health, the environment, and democracy. Read more...

Public health impact of chemicals – knowns and unknowns
A brand new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.3 million lives and 43 million healthy life-years were lost in 2012 due to exposures to selected chemicals. Read more...

How to choose a sunscreen without problematic chemicals this summer
When you are enjoying the sun and applying sunscreen this summer, don’t forget that your skin is in close contact with the ingredients in the bottle. It is therefore worth considering which substances your sunscreen contains. Are they for example suspected hormone disrupting chemicals? Read more...

EU Commission public consultations on hormone disrupting chemicals
Following its proposed criteria for identifying hormone disrupting chemicals on 15 June, the European Commission has launched two more public consultations, which close on 28 July. HEAL, its members and EDC-Free campaign partners are calling for the proposal to be rectified to ensure a high level of protection for health and the environment. Read more…

A summer read: Six steps for communities and individuals wishing to reduce local pesticide use
As the summer holidays approach, your children and family will most likely want to spend as much time outside as possible. Please be aware of harmful toxics in our environment. Read more…

Open letter to German health minister on benefits of climate action
HEAL recently sent an open letter to the German Health Minister Hermann Groehe highlighting the opportunity for disease prevention from Germany’s Climate Action Plan 2050 which is currently in consultation between ministries. Read more…

WHO working group meeting: Building capacity for climate action to benefit health
On 23-24 June, HEAL’s Health and Climate Change Coordinator attended the fifth meeting of the WHO working group on health in climate change (HIC). HEAL is an active member of this group which acts as a catalyst in promoting the implementation of the climate change and health commitments of the Parma Ministerial declaration. Read more…

Implementation of G20 commitment to phase­out fossil fuel subsidies
A statement, representing over 200 civil society organisations including HEAL, urged G20 governments to establish a deadline for the phase out of fossil fuel subsidies and public finance for fossil fuels at the 2016 G20 summit. Read more…

Tackle air quality for the climate and public health
HEAL participated at the second WHO Global Conference on Health and Climate, which aimed to set the health action agenda for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Participants discussed a range of topics such as the benefits of switching to cleaner energy sources to reduce level of climate and air pollutants. Read more…

EU member states fail Europeans health in air quality agreement, says HEAL
HEAL has expressed disappointment on the missed opportunity to significantly improve people’s lives in an area that really counts, that is their health, with the agreement reached on the EU National Emissions Ceilings Directive (NEC) on air quality. Read more…

Are you planning a city trip to another European city this summer?
Make sure to read up on how you can protect yourself from bad air quality in cities! Read more…

Members’ news

- INCHES - 8th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment

- EFA - The EU Commission advances on “may contain” allergen labelling

- Initiativ Liewensufank - Activities over the past months

- AWHHE - OSCE Office in Yerevan presents awards to best women entrepreneurs in Armenia

- AIM - Letter sent to Commissioner Malmström on TTIP with ESIP

- EFA- Chemicals on indoor paint

- RES - New newsletter with updates of the past month


- Europe’s Dark Cloud : How coal-burning countries are making their neighbours sick (Joint report by HEAL, CAN E, WWF Europe and Sandbag)

- A compliance check of the European Parliament’s TTIP Resolution – A preliminary analysis by CIEL, Client and HEAL, 7 July 2016

- A briefing on fossil fuel subsidies and health and a Q&A overview on fossil fuel subsidies and their consequences on climate and health



- 28: Deadline for Commission public consultations on EDCs

- 1 - 7 : World Breastfeeding week

- 8 - 26 : HEAL office closure

- 3 - 7, London, UK : ERS Congress

- 8: EPHA 7th Annual Conference_
- 12 - 15, Strasbourg, France: European Parliament plenary

Take Action

- Non à la proposition scandaleuse de la Commission européenne sur les perturbateurs endocriniens!

- WeMove.EU - Petition to EU to ban glyphosate

- Climate change calls to action

- Become a supporter of the EDC-Free Europe coalition!

- Generations Futures – Petition to ask French Agriculture Minister to prohibit pesticide sprayings in strong winds

HEAL in the media

- EU lawmakers back air quality law, Euranet Plus, 14 July 2016

- Strong support for broader mercury restrictionsENDS Europe, 13 July 2016

- Tackle air quality for the climate and public health, HEAL op-ed, Euractiv, 8 July 2016

- EU ignores MEP demands on US free trade deal, NGOs say, EU Observer, 7 July 2016

- Germany suffers more coal-linked deaths than rest of EUEuractiv, 5 July 2016

- Le charbon fait près de 23.000 morts par an dans l’UE, RTL, 5 July 2016

- Polski węgiel zabija. Trujemy siebie i swoich sąsiadów, tvn24bis, 5 July 2016

HEAL tweets
- NEW REPORT: Poland, Germany, Romania, UK, Bulgaria worst in EU for exporting #coal pollution

- .@GenonHEAL on need to tackle #airquality for the climate & public health #ClimateHealth

- European Commission crosses @Europarl_EN red lines on #TTIP, say over 65 organisations

Last updated on 28 July 2016

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