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HEAL Newsflash - Summer 2013

Better health through a healthier environment – celebrating 10 years of HEAL

Since its founding in 2003, HEAL has brought the unique voice of the health and environment community into the decision-making process in Europe and beyond. Join us on 25 September to hear about new horizons for better health and environment-friendly lives. Read more…

Priority given to health in 7th EU Environmental Action Programme

HEAL commends both the Irish EU presidency and the EU- Parliament on the recent agreement to give priority to health in the new Programme, strengthening health prevention measures on hazardous chemicals and air quality. Read more…

Opportunities for health prevention through Croatia’s EU membership

HEAL welcomes Croatia as the 28th member of the EU. Their membership offers many opportunities to increase the health and well-being of Croatian citizens through environmental measures. Read more…

Network on environmental health economics launched

Health economic evidence is not used to its full potential in decisions on environment and health in Europe. This is why the World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe has initiated the Environmental Health Economics Network (EHEN). Read more…

France should maintain its leadership on endocrine disruptors

HEAL recently joined 27 French civil society organisations calling on France to adopt an ambitious national strategy to reduce exposure of populations and ecosystems to EDCs. The public interest organisations launched a manifesto and public petition as negotiations appeared to be stalling. Read more…

HEAL participates in committee deciding on six harmful chemicals including EDCs

Earlier in June, HEAL participated in the committee of Europe’s Chemical Agency which identified six chemicals, including endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) to be placed on Europe’s list of most harmful chemicals and to be strictly controlled in the REACH system. Read more…

Collegium Ramazzini position on EDCs and chemicals safety policy in the EU

With the release of their official position on EDCs and chemicals safety policy in the EU, the Collegium Ramazzini urged the EU Commission to have a stringent hazard-based evaluation criteria for EDCs and a precautionary approach to protect the public against these hazards. Read more…

Member states show little effort for cutting pesticide use for better health

EU member states have submitted national action plans to use pesticides more sustainably which show a variety of approaches, and seven countries are even running late. Read more…

What’s in your strawberries?

Testing of French and Spanish strawberries showed that 70% of fruits contained pesticides which are endocrine disruptors, and two samples even contained a banned pesticide. The results underline the need for an ambitious policy on endocrine disruptors. Read more...

Glyphosate found in our bodies across Europe

Traces of the most commonly used herbicide glyphosate have been found in humans across Europe. The findings of this first ever testing raise concerns about increasing levels of exposure to this weed killer. Read more...

The seed for a Global Power Shift in Istanbul

HEAL was invited to speak on coal-fired power plants and health during a recent Summit on the Global Power Shift in Istanbul. The conference brought together organisations from around the world to build new alliances and share skills and resources for a strengthened climate movement. Read more…

HEAL at EU Sustainable Energy week

HEALer Anne Stauffer participated in a panel debate on the EU’s energy policies after 2020 and highlighted the external health costs of our energy decisions. Read more…

New toolkit on health costs of climate adaptation and report on preventing health effects of flooding

The World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe has launched a new tool for national authorities to help estimate the health costs of climate change adaptation measures in various sectors as well as a report on flooding and health. Read more…

HEAL the first health champion to demand: End the age of coal

When organisations from around the world declared 29th June the global day of action to End the Age of Coal HEAL was the first health organisation to join the pledge. Read more…

New health evidence underlines need for stronger EU action on air pollution

The scientific review by the World Health Organisation of evidence on health effects of air pollution is a wake-up call for decision-makers. The REVIHAAP analysis shows that health effects occur at lower concentrations and that effects are greater than previously thought. Read more…

Triple wins for climate, air quality and health highlighted at EU Green Week

HEAL gave a presentation at EU Green Week to showcase strategies and measures that will protect the climate, improve air quality and boost our health. Read more…

HEAL features in latest edition of Europe’s World on air quality

In the latest edition of Europe’s World HEAL Executive Director Genon Jensen outlined that the key to effective policymaking on air quality is to find synergies between policy areas. Read more…

Members’ news



  • 1 – 7 – World Breastfeeding Week - This year’s theme ‘Breastfeeding support: Close to mothers’ highlights Breastfeeding Peer counselling. More information available here
  • 20-23 – Basel, Switzerland: ISES-ISEE-ISIAQ 2013: Environment and Health – Bridging North, South, East and West - More information here


  • 4 – 5 – Brussels, Belgium: Brave New World: Inclusive Growth and Well-Being or Vested Interests and Lost Generations? - This is an opportunity to look at how we can foster an EU that is coherent in its decisions, in terms of fostering the health and well-being of people living in Europe. More information available here
  • 9 – 11 – Manchester, UK: 9th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring - More information available here
  • 17 – 19 – Oxford, UK: Clean Med Europe 2013 - Clean Med Europe is the only European conference on sustainability within the health care sector, addressing the environmental impact of the sector on a local, regional, and global level. - More information available here
  • 25 – 26 – Brussels, Belgium: HEAL Annual General Assembly - _ This year HEAL celebrates its 10th anniversary on the occasion of its Annual General Assembly in Brussels. More information will be available shortly.


  • 18 – Lyon, France: RES co-organises Chemistry and Environmental Health Forum - More information and the programme are available here and to register please send an email to before 7 October


  • 22 – Jerusalem, Israel: 7th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment - More information here


  • 18 – Beit Hel HaAvir, Israel: Exposure to Environmental Pollutants, Diabetes and Obesity - More information here

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The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) is a leading European not-for-profit organisation addressing how the environment affects health in the European Union (EU). We demonstrate how policy changes can help protect health and enhance people’s quality of life. Read more »


HEAL has over 70 member organisations, representing health professionals, not-for-profit health insurers, doctors, nurses, cancer and asthma groups, citizens, women’s groups, youth groups, environmental NGOs, scientists and public health institutes. Members include international and Europe-wide organisations, as well as national and local groups. Read more »

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