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HEAL Newsflash - May 2016

World Health Assembly weighs in on air quality, chemicals and sustainable development goals
HEAL welcomes the World Health Organization’s roadmap for tackling air pollution to be discussed at this week’s World Health Assembly, WHO’s highest health policy setting body. Read more…

More than 300,000 health professionals call on G7 nations to phase out coal
Doctors, nurses, public health professionals and advocates call on G7 nations to accelerate the transition away from coal to save lives, with 82 organisations signing a Global Health Statement outlining the huge benefits to both human health and economies from cleaner energy. Read more…

Non-REACH Chemicals REFIT process fails to comply with Better Regulation guidelines
A coalition of ten health and environmental NGOs express their deep concern with the way the EU Commission is carrying out a Fitness Check of non-REACH chemicals law in an open letter. Read more…

Endocrine disrupters: the secret history of a scandal
HEAL has translated an article in Le Monde by French investigative journalist Stéphane Horel entitled ’Perturbateurs endocriniens: l’histoire secrète d’un scandale on endocrine disrupters. The article also reveals that June 15 is when Commissioners will sign off on the EDC criteria. Read more...

A new campaign to protect EU chemical laws
HEAL and the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) have launched a campaign to ensure that the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) between the EU-US does not undermine EU chemicals law, nor public health. Read more...

HEAL response to scientific consensus breakthrough on EDCs
HEAL reacts positively to the outcome of an international expert meeting organised by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). Read more...

Reaction on postponement of glyphosate vote
The vote on re-authorisation of glyphosate on 19 May in the Standing Committee on Plant Animal Food and Feed (PAFF) was postponed. It appears that the EU Commission (DG Sante) could not achieve the required "qualified majority" needed for giving a renewal. Read more...

Health impacts of glyphosate highlighted at EU Parliament workshop
On 24 May HEAL’s Executive Director Genon K. Jensen outlined health concerns about the potential re-authorisation of glyphosate at a workshop on the EU’s pesticide risk assessment system: the case of glyphosate. Read more...

Book launch: Why women will save the planet
On the occasion of a book launch of ‘Why Women Will Save the Planet’ by Friends of the Earth Europe, HEAL’s Executive Director was invited to speak about the importance of health in the climate debate and how to build awareness of the links between gender equality and environmental protection. Read more…

Germany: Climate mitigation is win-win for public health
HEAL co-organised a workshop on climate change and adapation at the annual meeting of the German Society of Hygiene, Environmental and Public Health Sciences (GHUP). HEAL’s Julia Huscher spoke on the policy opportunities for the German health sector to engage in, and shared a new HEAL publication on health co-benefits of climate action. Read more…

Call to European ministers to ensure EU’s largest climate instrument is fit for purpose
Health and environmental groups call on European ministers to maintain the momentum created in Paris by ensuring that the upcoming 2030 Effort Sharing Decision results in effective climate action in the transport, buildings, agriculture, small industry and waste sectors. Read more…

HEAL in Turkey: Break free from fossil fuels
At the beginning of May, thousands of people all across the world joined the call to break free from our fossil fuel addition. In Turkey, HEAL supported a gathering to end Turkey’s coal rush which brought together over 2,000 people.Read more…

HEAL in Poland: Scientific conference on economic costs of air pollution
During a conference on 21 April at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, HEAL’s Weronika Piestrzyńska talked about the economic costs of air pollution. The conference is the most important annual scientific event on the impact of air quality on public health in Poland. Read more…

New WHO/Europe tool on health impacts of air pollution
The AirQ+ tool aims to support experts, policy-makers, health groups and others in quantifying health impacts of air pollution, in a city, region or at national level. HEAL hopes this tool will help to increase the understanding of the need to take further action for cleaner air. Read more…

Call to European Parliament to phase out dental amalgam
Health and environmental organisations have sent a letter to Environment Attaches and Member State experts on mercury to phase out dental amalgam. The Commission’s proposed regulation updates existing EU law to conform to the Minamata Convention but falls short in several key areas. Read more...

Members’ news

- BCUK - Become an ambassador to spread the breast cancer prevention measure

- FNE - Brussels should bury this herbicide

- EFA- World Asthma Day - Young patients have something to say about their asthma!

- AWHHE - Protecting women from EDCs

- EFA - Successful allergy testing in European Parliament


- 18 May, CHE EDC Strategies group series (HEAL co-chairs), CHE call on signaling mechanisms recording

- 18 May, Recording of HEAL participation in Tree call: Let’s talk about coal, climate and health

- The Unpaid Health Bill – How coal power plants in the Western Balkans make us sick

- Climate mitigation is win-win for public health (DE)



- 17 - 19, Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Assembly

- 25: Start of European Week Against Cancer

- 30 - 3 June, Brussels, Belgium: Green Week 2016

- 30, Gent, Belgium: EU webinar on pesticide free towns, organised by the City of Gent and Pan-E

- 31: AirPROM final conference


- 5: World Environment Day

- 6 - 9, Strasbourg, France: EP Plenary

- 8 - 9, Brussels, Belgium: EC workshop for a ’roadmap to a non-toxic environment’ - HEAL participating

- 9, Paris, France: WECF International Symposium - HEAL speaking

- 15, Brussels, Belgium: College of Commissioners debate on EDC criteria

- 20: EU Environment Council

- 23 - 27, EP, Brussels, Belgium: EU Sustainable Energy Week


- 1: Start of the Slovak Presidency of the EU

- 4 - 7, Strasbourg, France: EP Plenary

- 11 - 13: 14th TTIP negotiation round (TBC)

Take Action

- WeMove.EU - Petition to EU to ban glyphosate

- Climate change calls to action

- Become a EDC-Free Europe campaign supporter!

HEAL in the media

- AMR set to kill 10 million people per year by 2050: Cameron-commissioned report, EU Business, 19 May 2016

- Glyphosate ‘unlikely to pose risk to humans’ – WHO, ENDS Europe (subscription), 17 May 2016

- Health experts call for more public awareness of European Code against Cancer, Parliament magazine, 11 May 2016

- Zanieczyszczenie powietrza odpowiedzialne za nowotwory płuc, Gazeta Wyborcza, 10 May 2016

- Health and consumer groups say TTIP leak confirms fears, Euractiv, 2 May 2016

HEAL tweets
- "Approving #glyphosate" is against EU law & against public will", explains @GenonHEAL @EP_Environment event

- MEPs agreed to protect our kids from chemicals in #TTIP— time 4 @MalmstromEU to do the same!

- Ambitious #NEC #airquality vote gives a boost to our #health & relieves #asthma patients!

Originally posted on 27 May 2016

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HEAL has over 70 member organisations, representing health professionals, not-for-profit health insurers, doctors, nurses, cancer and asthma groups, citizens, women’s groups, youth groups, environmental NGOs, scientists and public health institutes. Members include international and Europe-wide organisations, as well as national and local groups. Read more »

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